5 Kinds Of Bags That Every Guy Should Own


Forget the times when men didn’t have much option when it came to bags. Today, with a change in times, the bag manufacturers work day and night and bring top quality bags to you in best prices. Depending on what you are carrying, where you are going and whom you are meeting, you need different types of men’s bags, a few most popular of which are listed below! Come on! Take a look.

A nice laptop bag

A laptop usually happens to be the most luxurious piece that you need to carry around with you while going to work so keeping it safe and secure is not to be taken lightly. A men’s laptop bag is not only essential for protecting your device but it also serves as an extension of your look. Choosing a great laptop bag to house your laptop can also add some fun to an otherwise dull boring office outfit or can just help to complement your outfit.

Beauty of a messenger bag

Until recently the messenger bags were identified to be synonymous with sloppy, middle aged commuters and paperboys. But designers now are working on them to give them a refreshing, cool look and so it happens that the modern messenger bag gets some beauty added to it while still keeping its utility intact. They are great for the odd lunchbox, paperwork, transporting laptops, keeping your hands free.

The sturdy duffel bag

Whether you are a spin-class first timer or a seasoned lifter, it can be pretty easy to make up excuses for not to go to workout. Stuff as trivial as not having sufficient battery in your phone, unable to find matching socks can feel like an encouragement enough to quit. So whatever you do, just don’t let a patchy, tattered duffel bag be another excuse to stay under the roof. A hard duffel bag is important for getting your trainers, towel and protein shake to lift weights and bulk up.

Your versatile tote bag

Coming in the middle between a backpack and a briefcase on the sliding scale of formality is a tote bag. It is spacious enough to keep all your essentials or stow your gym gear and at the same time sleek enough that you might get clicked by a street style photographer. Being an easy-access design, versatile accessory, you can use one as your shopping bag, beach bag, work bag etc.

Cute crossbody bag

The most practical everyday men’s bag in this list is probably a crossbody bag. Unless you carry gym equipment or a laptop with you, it is actually perfect for carrying wallet, keys and phone. These bags add a touch of unexpectedness to an outfit.

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