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National Brands Vs Private Label: What are Consumers Buying?

A change in consumer behavior can be noticed as popular notions such as higher price meaning high quality is fading. Previously, consumers had this lackluster attitude towards private label or store brands. But the recent reports suggest that there has been a rise in the purchase of private label brands and has increased the competition for national brands. National brands only had to fight it out amongst themselves but now they even have to compete with local brands to maintain their hold on the market share.


In the US retail landscape, private label brands are playing a significant role. Back in 2013, it reached a whooping $112 billion out of the total $643 billion in retail sales. In 2015, private label brand sales reached $118.4 billion. For the year 2016, the growth rate is estimated to be 5%. Not just USA, but the whole world is fascinated by the idea of private label brands and various e-commerce giants and high-end fashion houses are rolling out their own brands to fight it out. One of the main reasons for retailers increasing their % of private label brands is the fact that consumers prefer these over national brands due to the huge difference in price.Private Label Clothing Suppliers USA

Do you want to start your own clothing line? Let us help you get started.


• Look for reputed manufacturers and private label clothing suppliers. Teaming up with the right manufacturer is important because even though consumers are letting go of ‘national brands’, they are not willing to compromise on quality of the products.


• Decide upon what you want to sell and your target audience. Sell clothes that are trending and add your own twist to it to make it unique. Find out if the manufacturer offers custom clothing options.


• Place your order in bulk so that you get the products at wholesale prices and sell the products at a retail price that keeps your profit margin high.


Opting to choose for selling private label clothing is going to give you a lot of freedom. It would help to create a brand image and identity. You would not just selling clothes but creating a legacy. Choosing the right manufacturer plays a huge role in the success of your private label brand.


Get in touch with private label clothing wholesalers and work towards turning your apparel dreams to reality. Don’t forget to do your share of market research and study of consumer buying habits.


Add Support System to Your Business with Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

Clothing business is a great field to be in. those who’ve been working in this industry since long would certainly know how the industry works. The foremost factor that helps you to work in this industry productively is by having the right contacts and building relationships with your clients, suppliers and colleagues in the same industry. So, if you are a retailer or store owner dealing in clothing items, then you must have great contact and relationship with private label clothing manufacturers. They reduce your work load by helping you in several aspects of your business.


CASUAL PRIVATE LABEL T-SHIRTSupply you the clothes you looking for
Most private labels especially those who have made a big name for themselves and operate on corporate basis. Thus, they concentrate on the marketing part of their business and outsource the manufacturing part to another business partner. This has led to the growth of private label clothing manufacturers usa who have been actively contributing to the prosperity of business of these private labels by giving them unparalleled support. These manufacturers work highly professionally and are consistent with the quality, designs and timing of the orders.


Bringing in desired changes and newer technologies
These reputed manufacturers keep themselves updated with the upcoming technologies and incorporate these desired changes in their clothing. Thus, the private labels don’t have to make extra effort to get these clothes made from modern technologies. So, compression track pants, shorts and shirts, sublimated sportswear and dri-fit garments are readily available with these private label clothing wholesalers.


In any business, the prices play the key role. You cannot possibly run a successful business without generating adequate profits. The private label wholesale clothing ensure they sell their products at the best possible prices so that the retailer can earn profits through them. Since their manufacturing unit takes up bulk orders for many clients, much of the cost in their production is reduced. This reduced cost gives them as well as the retailers to earn marginal profits by doing joint business.


So, next time you need a whole range of clothing for your reputed brand, get in touch with these leading private label clothing manufacturers usa. They have the best ways and means to provide you with only the best style of clothing.


Top 3 Advantages of Selling Private Label Clothing and Accessories

Private label is a concept that has gained immense popularity over the past few years. Private labeling is when a retailer purchases products from various manufacturers and then markets those products under its own brand. These products are often referred to as ‘store brands’ as opposed to ‘name brands’ that are sold under the name of the manufacturer. Private label products tend to be less expensive than competing name brands due to reduced advertising expenditures. These goods are considered by many as second-class alternative, but this gap can be bridged by delivering quality comparable with any national or international brand.


Private labels offers retailers and business owners complete control over factors such as pricing, packaging, size, design, production and distribution. Retailers can create innovative strategies to gain market share over brands and they also have the flexibility and freedom to make adjustments to the clothing-line based on the changing and evolving preferences of the customers. It is not very difficult to win over the trust of the consumers since most will want value for their money over brand loyalty. Leading private label clothing suppliers can surely help in this quest to create clothing and accessories that are unique, one-of-a-kind and reflect the contemporary fashion trends.


Outstanding Shopping Experience to Customers
Consumers today want to wear clothes that reflect their personalities and are worth the money that are paying for it. Brand comes second to that! If as a retailer you choose to sell private label clothing and accessories, then you have the freedom to provide your customers with a customized shopping experience and a range of unbelievable options that they might not find in branded stores. Purchasing wholesale private label clothing from top manufacturers will place you in a position where you can offer your customers the best products at the best price. As people do not like to wear the same piece of clothing item for more than a few months, they would be relieved to find a reasonable alternative and you can enjoy the adoration and high profits.


Retailers who choose to sell private label apparel and accessories do not have to fear competition since the clothing-line is entirely their own and created out of their own design ideas. The brand created cannot be sold by anybody else without legal permission. If you are a business owner and want to truly be extraordinary, then get in touch with private label clothing wholesalers and be able to set-up your business anywhere – from home, online or a physical store.


If you desire complete control over your business, then private label is the ideal solution for you. There are a number of designer, manufacturers and suppliers offering their expert services to all those who do not want to take on the headache of manufacturing clothes but just want to take care of the marketing and selling part.


Launch Private Label Clothing for Your Brand and Take It Forward

It is not a very easy task to start a clothing brand! You have to find your tailors, explain to them what you want and wait for them to deliver your products, right? But now just a few clicks can reach you to the clothing manufacturers who will offer you private label apparels that you can launch to embark on your enterprise. Yes, it is that easy!


BOLD & BRIGHT PRIVATE LABEL HOODIEHowever, there are few steps that you have to follow when you are on your way to have a huge start up. First and foremost, you have to consider the budget and fix an amount that will not push you into irreparable loss.And what else? Read below to know more about starting a business in clothing line with private label clothes.


# 1 – Choosing The Right Manufacturer Is Crucial:
When it is about your own brand, you certainly need to make sure that the quality of the clothes you are going to bring in the market are supreme. Otherwise, these will fail to make its first impression on your target audience. It is a tendency among the customers to find flaws in new products and they will not spare yours too. So, be careful and only choose reputed private label clothing wholesalers and manufacturers who will take extra care of your requirements.


PRIVATE LABEL SPORTS VEST# 2 – Bring Your Imaginations Into Reality:
The companies that offer private label clothes are usually backed by a group of expert fashion designers who with their professional skills can bring your dream designs on your bunch of clothes. Whether you want graphics or sublimation, whatever it is, just let them know about your requisites and they will cater to them individually.With the help of these top-notch manufacturing companies, you can also get your logo and brand name printed on your clothes. It just takes an email which you need to send to the company and they will start working on your order.


# 3 – Always Go For Bulk Orders And Save More:
Those who are placing their order for private label clothes to launch their new brand must opt for bulk buying. It will not only help you keep the stock filled but also be easy on your budget.The private label wholesale clothing manufacturers offer the minimum wholesale prices when you are going for the larger amount of clothes. This will help you get a better concession on the rates. Keep a check on their regular discount offers which you can use t make bigger profit in your business.


So, if you chalking out your plan to have a grand inauguration of your clothing brand, then it is time to surf the internet to find out the topmost manufacturing companies that will help you beat your competitors with quality and style.


Have You Landed with the Right Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

The demand for private label clothing is in its all time high. This is the main reason behind the launch, growth and expansion of thousands of private label clothing wholesalers across the world. Each of these manufacturers have their way of putting it across the potential buyers that it is them and only them that can offer the best deals in private label clothing and associated products. However, it is not unknown to the enlightened buyers that it is not possible for any wholesaler / manufacturer to be complete and all inclusive. Basically, pros and cons exist in each which the buyers need to weigh before hiring their services.


Here are 4 ways you can check if the manufacturer / wholesaler you have landed with, is in fact, the right one…


Are their catalogues supportive of their claims?

The first evidence of how good or otherwise a certain private label clothing manufacturer / wholesaler lies in the completeness of their catalogues. If a certain wholesaler claims to have a ‘plethora of ramp ready designs’ of which on 2 or a few are displayed in the catalogue, you can be certain that they are yet to live up to their claims.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Do they deliver in difficult places?

Secondly, the scope / reach of wholesalers claiming to be the best, really makes a difference when it comes to judging their worth. Private label clothing manufacturers USA, for example, keep their delivery options open in each and every part of the world, making it easy for a larger section of buyers to make the most of their quality services.


Do they offer the same price benefits?

When manufacturers offer their services across a wide area, especially beyond the borders, it is seldom possible for them to maintain rather equalize the matter of cost in favor of overseas buyers. However, there are certain manufacturers who have somehow managed to achieve this rather difficult harmony and have managed to offer price benefits to all their clients irrespective of their location. A little homework can land you with these mini geniuses.


Are they accommodative of fresh ideas?

Last but certainly not the least, the accommodative nature of private label clothing wholesalers makes all the difference in making them score over their counterparts in terms of trend-dependability. Besides being complete in their own styles and designs upon which the buyers can introduce individual touches, quality wholesale manufacturers must also possess the means to manufacture in details suggested entirely by the clients.


What Role Does Your Private Label Clothing Wholesalers Play in Your Branding!

The moment you conceive the idea of creating your own apparel brand, what comes in your mind is the right clothes manufacturer and designer. You start browsing through the internet and strutting through the streets in order to find the expert tailor who can create your brand clothes just according to your requirements.


It is true that your private label clothing wholesalers influence your brand identity in many ways. Do you want to know how? Here is something that you must take a look at.

Quality Matters:

When you are going to launch your own apparel business, remember that the quality of your clothes will determine its popularity. If the private label clothing manufacturer you have chosen does not produce clothes of high quality, then your trademark will be affected. People will trust your brand depending upon the smoothness, durability, color, prints and designs of your clothes. But, if your manufacturer fails to produce the right clothes, you will certainly have to bear the loss. So, choose the top-notch private label clothing manufacturers USA who have the reputation for setting a high-standard.

Private Label Clothing Wholesalers USA

Higher Rate of Savings:

Choosing the right online private label clothing wholesalers will also help you save more without worrying about the deterioration of the quality. Being the wholesalers, they will charge you the minimum amount for their products and thus you will be able to stay within your budget. isn’t it a great opportunity? This is why; you should always select the reputed manufacturers who have already earned the trust of their customers.

On Time Delivery:

You might have faced such situations where your tailor gave you a date of delivery and then postponed it, right? It creates a lot of inconvenience when you are about to start a new business. In case of these virtual manufacturers, it is quite rare. They are well-known for their timely delivery and sometimes before time as well. All you have to do is mention your date in their online shopping portals and place your order. They will reach your place, just in time!

Bulk Manufacturing:

Launching a new brand requires you to get hold of a large amount of clothes. However, when you visit the tailor shop, you certainly can’t expect that a single dressmaker can deliver you bulk clothes and that too within the given period. Therefore, you will have to get in touch with the clothes manufacturing companies where they produce bulk clothes using latest technologies.