5 Unique Ways To Style a Pencil Skirt

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A pencil skirt is such a clothing piece that has always been considered chic and classy. It is a staple of working ladies all around the world. Be it summers or winters or any other season, you can wear it without any fear, all throughout the year. But, partnering it with the right outfit to let your persona shine can be truly tricky sometimes.

Don’t worry! These styling tips given below will help you get all the attention that you want.

Crop top + pencil skirt

Wish to dress for a girl’s night out or have a simple date night? A lovely pencil skirt with a cute crop top will help you get the desired look. Make sure you get a cropped puff sleeves solid black top and as for the pencil skirt, go for something sleek yet simple like a leather pencil skirt. The light luster of leather will give off sexy vibes. Wear a loose crop top if you don’t want to show your belly.

Denim shirt with pencil skirt

One of the versatile pieces that go with almost anything is a denim shirt. To get an awesome look, consider a snug denim shirt and club it with a printed pencil skirt or plain black skirt. This style is just perfect for women who want to show off not only their lower body but their whole attractive figure. Just make sure that if you are thinking of wearing a printed pencil skirt then the denim shirt should have static shades. One of the most reputable wholesale clothing vendors provides mind-gripping printed pencil skirts that are worth a sight!

With the blazer

In mild winters, a smart piece such as a pencil skirt can be paired wisely with a turtle neck top and a blazer. This will offer you the ideal look for parties and offices. Consider going with skin or nude color stocking along with the pencil skirt to get the perfect sophisticated look for the occasion.

Peplum top and a pencil skirt

Have a rectangular or round body shape and you think a pencil skirt won’t look good on you? Think again! All you have to do is try the perfect style for your body. Consider partnering the pencil skirt with a wonderful peplum top and it will offer you the appearance of a curvy body. Just remember these two things:

  • To get the perfect look, the ruffle should be there right at your waistline.
  • The length of the top should neither be too long nor too short.

Printed shirt with plain pencil skirt

Printed shirts are really something, particularly the checkered ones! To stand out in the crowd, think about teaming your plain pencil skirt with your favorite shirt. Never ever consider going for a double print look, in other words, a printed shirt with a printed skirt! It will be nothing less than a fashion disaster!

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