6 Women’s Outfits That Will be the Big Hit in 2017

It’s that time of the year already when we look back at all that happened in the past 12 months and talk about stuffs that we are likely to see in the coming ones. On the women’s fashion scene, some outfits outperformed others. Long vests, culottes, joggers and trucker jackets made the most noise. And then of course there were some wears that are done for good.


Looking ahead in 2017, a lot is expected from selected women fashion clothing items. In fact there are few outfits that are likely to steal all the spotlight. Know which? Wholesale Women Fashion Apparel

Here are 5 women’s outfits that clothing retailers and fashion forward crowd must look forward to in 2017-


1. Print joggers Casual street joggers were already a big hit in women’s clothing department this year. In the coming days, their refined and bold variations would be in spotlight. In fact, sublimated joggers already boast a huge market following, which will only grow in 2017.


2. Flannel Shirt Dresses Flannel shirt dresses headlined 2016’s spring, and they are going to continue their dominance even next year. Exuding a perfect blend of formal and street feel, they are perfect for every occasion.


3. Athletic jackets Athletic look won the fashion scene this year and we have no reason to believe they won’t woo the customers in 2017. With laid back feel to them, these casual trousers and hoodies offer a rather cleaner look.


Women Fashion Clothing

4. A-line skirts Broomstick, circular and flared skirts have had quite a run in the market. A-line skirts are taking over wardrobes the coming seasons. Small at the waist and then widens evenly as it reaches the ground, it offers a casual but standard look.


5. All floral appearance Fanned by top models and celebrities, all-floral appearance is what the fashion forward women are going to rally behind in 2017. From floral print t-shirts and pants to outwears, skirts and what not, top wholesale women fashion apparel manufacturers are already on their toes, offering a wide custom collection.


6. Pantsuits While Hilary Clinton might not have managed to win the US Presidential Election, she sure have paved way for cool and formal pantsuits in the lives of urban outfitters. Team them up with crop tops for a beach-look, or pair up with formal blazer to pull a smart appearance.


These are 6 women’s outfits that are likely to get the most attention in 2017. Whether you call yourself a “fashionista”, or are a clothing business owner, expect these trends and wardrobe or wholesale accordingly.