A Complete Guide To Wearing Contemporary Shorts For Men

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Shorts are that staple leg wear in men’s wardrobe that most guys love to wear. But to carry them properly, you need to have the know-how as to carrying sport shorts accurately for the particular activity you’re about to engage in. As a private label business owner, looking for men’s shorts, you should associate with one of the high-rated clothing vendors in Australia with a vast menswear collection, including edgy shorts.

When Should You Wear Shorts?

  • When you’ve got a solid reason for doing so

When the temperature, location and environment of your destination is such that you need to wear light and comfy shorts in happening hues, you will definitely benefit from wearing them. Shorts are the perfect bottom wear for guys to enjoy beaches and private parties, practice fitness sessions as well as pursue recreational activities and sports. You can simply wear them for any fun activity and keep yourself cool and relaxed as this is one of the lightest and most comfortable men’s apparel for moving your legs freely.

  • When you’re not attending a business meeting or formal ceremony

Shorts are a trendy athleisure wear to pair with dashing tees and tanks to move around comfortably. Unless you’ve a business meet or a formal occasion, you can wear shorts freely to look cool and feel fresh. Remember that full trousers are ideal for wearing at official events. Apart from that, you can wear soft and breezy shorts for any casual purpose to appear trendy and keep your leg movement flexible.

How can you wear shorts with perfection?

Usually, there are many questions revolving wearing of shorts. Right from their length, bagginess and number of pockets to the query that they can be worn with belt or not, many questions are asked about this specific menswear. Let’s share below some of our thoughts regarding styling with shorts.

How long should be your shorts?

Your shorts should be of such length that your knees are just visible or slightly covered when you stand as these are supposed to touch past your knees. Have a shorts ending at mid-thigh? Then, remember to wear such light, breathable and moisture-wicking shorts to stay cool and dry during workout. These athletic shorts are best for wearing for gyms, courts, running tracks or bicycling to level up your comfort and convenience.

How loose your shorts should be?

This will actually depend on your style and taste. Remember, baggier shorts look thicker than usual shorts. You can avoid baggy shorts if you don’t want your butt or thighs to look big. Close-fitting shorts, also known as military shorts or Bermuda are those classic shorts styles that are a big hit in modern times. You can pair baggy shorts with black boots and leather belts on a golf course to look and perform like a pro.

Exploring pockets, patterns and varieties in men’s shorts

You can choose well-crafted cargo shorts or safari shorts with pockets on all sides to hike or work outside. Baggy shorts with multiple pockets aren’t a good choice for wearing in social settings such as college social events or office parties as these have an ultra-casual look that’s not suitable there.

Go for usual shorts in solid shades such as off-white, navy, khaki, beige, black, olive, etc to pair with your tees or shirts to look dynamic. You can also pair plaid shorts with white t-shirts for a handsome look. Opt for colorful shorts with vibrant prints for a beach environment.

As a retailer, looking for men’s shorts, you should establish acquaintance with one of the eminent clothing manufacturer with a massive menswear catalog to purchase high-quality shorts in cool shades and dapper designs.

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