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Know About Various Dance Forms Before Placing Bulk Order of Wholesale Dance Apparel

In a dancing profession, the deal maker is aesthetics and artistry and your outfit can play a major role in how others see you and your potential. Therefore, investing in a flattering as well as functional outfit is very important. Dance wear that suits these demands are manufactured by the best wholesale clothing suppliers USA who put up with the outfit needs of various dance forms, some of which are given below:


Wholesale Dance Clothing


Ballet: Ballet dancing is the most difficult genre of dance to master and is also considered to be the core of all dance types. The movements are mostly set to orchestrated music and is a style dance that involves a lot of poise and grace. Ballet is often the first dance style a child will learn as they begin their dance training. Ballet shoes are worn until the feet have developed enough strength to progress into the pointed shoes.


Hip-Hop: It is an urban dance technique that is also known by the name street style. It has an intense edgy and raw vibe to it. This dance is performed in hip-hop, rap and urban genre of music. What sets hip-hop apart from other type of dance forms is that it involves free-style movement and does not follow a fixed vocabulary. A dance that is rooted in individualistic expression and involves personally-styled movements.


Dance Clothing Manufacturers


Tap: Tap dancing has an infusion of several ethnic backgrounds. While performing this dance form, the feet are used as a tool to produce percussion music. The shoes are fitted with metal plates on the toe and heels which produce a tapping sound hence the dance form is dubbed as tap dance. Mostly performed without a music in the background as the feet performs the dual job of dancing and producing music.


Contemporary: Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and lyrical. It uses techniques of ballet dance as its fundamentals and creates greater movements that do not adhere to the strict rules of ballet and modern dance but are a lot more varied from it. There are different categories of contemporary dance like Contemporary Ballet and Contemporary Jazz. This dance form is often performed to all types of music in proper -fitting costumes.


High quality dance apparel is available with the best wholesale clothing manufacturers at reasonable deals. Retailers can sent a mail to the concerned brand to know the MOQ and speak about their bulk needs to cater to their end customers in a seamless way!


4 Must Have Qualities to Look for in Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers USA!

When looking for apparel manufacturers in USA, you need to look for some qualities that will help you trust the producer. Now, these qualities range over large departments and it is hard for a new retailer to know what to look for.


This is why we have brought together a list to make your job easier and help you get hold of one of the best wholesale clothing manufacturers USA. Let’s take a look now –

1. A Trustworthy Vibe

It is said that intuition happens when our brain processes information way too fast and we are consciously unable to keep track of that train of thought. That is what happens when you get a gut feeling or vibe – and if you are feeling like a manufacturer seems trustworthy, then in most cases, they do turn out to be. Trust yourself and get to the next quality check!


Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in Las Vegas

2. An Inexhaustible Inventory

Whether you are looking for wholesale clothing manufacturers in Las Vegas or otherwise, an inexhaustible inventory is an absolute necessity for you as a retailer. This is because your stocks will end, and you will need to bring in new collections – it will make things a lot easier if your manufacturer keeps adding more to their inventory.

3. Speedy Delivery System

When it comes to delivery, you need to focus on manufacturers that give you speedy delivery before deadline. This is something you need to have, because when the seasonal apparel rotations near, the ones with the newest collections always capitalize the customer frenzy – and that is something you could definitely use to up your sales.


Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

4. A Quick-Response Customer Service Team

This is extremely important, since a lot of manufacturers maintain contact before your place contact and then procrastinate once orders are placed. While delays might happen in rarest cases, it is important that the producer has a quick response customer service team that will make sure that clients remain assured that everything is alright and don’t get paranoid. One of the things that come in handy during these situations is order tracking and if your manufacturer has the feature, things are going to be a lot easier for you.


These are the 4 qualities you need to check for in an apparel manufacturer before you make a deal and ensure that all the boxes on your checklist are ticked!


4 Menswear Pieces That Have Humble Starts in the Military

When wars are taken into consideration, the first thing that comes to our mind is annihilation and destruction. The 20th-century wars were completely undesirable but maybe without them, men would still be wearing frocks and sailor jackets. Crew necks, chinos, bomber jackets and many more came into existence because someone decided to make give the military men a deserved fashion upgrade. It was really great of them to do such a noble thing.


Today, even after years have passed, we are still hung-over with these pieces, incorporating them into our daily wear. As mentioned there are many such pieces which have humble starts in the military, however, a few noticeable ones have been summarized here. Keep reading to find out more.

wholesale clothing suppliers USA

Bomber jacket

A military utility wear, a bomber jacket can be everything you want it to be. The basic idea behind the design of bomber jackets was to keep the pilots warm in the cockpits. Constructed mainly using heavy-duty leather jackets, the bombers were earlier lined with sheepskin for an extra bit of insulation. Today, with the entry of bomber jackets in the mainstream clothing circuit, has turned the tables and it is mostly leather and nylon. A key piece for the last few seasons, bombers are considered to be a flawless casual pick. For a more conventional interpretation, you can look for versions which come with leather trims and velvet. Wholesale clothing suppliers USA based have these featured in their already massive inventory.

White t-shirt

Can you imagine life without a white t-shirt? The answer will be no. because life without the most iconic men’s wear seems improbable. A white t-shirt is ubiquitous. A white t-shirt is perennial. And a white t-shirt was first introduced in the US Navy during the 1910s. It was later then used by the army, but a classic short-sleeves white cotton crew-neck was essential for them. However, even after the war ended, the popularity of these pieces didn’t cease to fade. They kept continuing their journey in the fashion world. From James Dean to Marlon Brando, David Beckham to Ryan Gosling, everyone loves a classic white t-shirt. So do us!

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers


A pair of trousers that sits bang in the middle of smart and casual, chinos is hard to miss. Before becoming a college campus staple or a Friday meeting essential, chinos were constructed greatly for battles. They were built for the British troops stationed in India and were highly inspired by the khaki. The basic construction was done using twill cotton and featured a sandy, light brown shade to provide a comfortable wear during the war. Also, the low-profile was meant to camouflage the dusty terrain. Nowadays, chinos are still the hardy wear but with a soft touch to the appeal which complements the Ivy League style. Stick to the basic shades in order to look the part.

Combat trousers

It was during the rough battles of the Second World War that cargo pants came into focus. The numerous patch pockets on the trousers were helpful for the British soldiers to hold field dressings. A slow-burning trend, combat trousers now come in tailored versions to complement the street style of modern world. The slimmed down version looks cool, ideal for casual gatherings on a hot summer day. But stick to the basic shades in order to give these an authentic appeal. Popular wholesale clothing manufacturers have combat trousers displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk.


Surprised? Astonished? Whatever it is, now that you know where these pieces come from, make sure you actually wear these with some respect.


If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase of the above-mentioned clothes, then register with leading manufacturers. Massive discounts are available for bulk buyers.


Up-Town & Chic Fitness Apparels for Women by Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

Size zero or not, women prefer aesthetics when it comes to fitness wear. Whether they have that perfect washboard ab or are nearing towards it, they would prefer their fitness clothes to make them look completely sporty and trendy. Besides, with a good percentage of them toiling their sweat out on the treadmill, twister or ab crunch machines, women need clothes that drapes their body well and doesn’t come in the way if a comfortable workout session. Thanks to the leading wholesale clothing suppliers in USA that have come up with an exclusive range of hip and modish workout clothes for women.


Wholesale Fitness Clothing Suppliers


If you are a gym owner or a retailer selling fitness clothes, then purchasing this collection would increase your profits and given your customers something new to sport. The apparel collection includes:


1. Fitness workout and yoga clothes – This includes slim fit track pants in full length, tight fit capris, sports bra, body hugging tops and shirts. Made from a premium quality raw material these clothes allow the required comfort during posture changes and also makes the body look in complete shape and well toned. Since the materials carry “easy to stretch” fabric they help to practice different yoga postures seamlessly.
2. Dance clothes – Regular exercise becomes a bit boring. To pep it up women today go in for aerobics or dance workouts. Zumba and pole dance are common dance exercise forms that has gained popularity. The clothes here need to be lightweight, tight and trendy in design. Fitness clothing distributors in USA have come up with shorts, capris, sleeveless jackets, attractive tops and bodysuits for women. If yours is a fitness dance school then you can fill in your shelves with such designer options to motivate your women candidates to practice their dance sessions with increase vigour. This will also increase your student headcount.
3. Running gear – This includes body fit tops, tights and pants that are body hugging as running is a brisk activity. The clothes also contain anti-sweat lock and anti-microbial products that helps in preventing excess sweat and its odour. For women who occasionally love to gaze at their curves and cuts whilst running on the treadmill, this is a perfect dress.


Most leading fitness wholesale clothing manufacturers today are available online. If you are a fitness apparel store owner, a renowned center for yoga or an individual business owner, you can place a bulk order. Email is the best way to share your requirements and to receive the final price quotes. On confirmation of the deal, the manufacturers offer lucrative offers as well.


5 Casual Outfits’ Ensembles Which are Not Boring

Spring is here, which means that there will be an abundance of color and pop of prints here and there. But when dressing casual, we usually fall into the same trap. We either fall for over-the-top loud fashion trends or go too simple that doesn’t complement the season at all. Spring is meant to be a celebration. So why not pick clothes and wear ensembles that reflect this idea? Why not wear clothing ensembles that are fun? Here is a list of casual clothing ensembles that are not boring. Keep reading to know more.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors

A pair of blue plaid flannel pants (yes that is a thing) and a graphic t-shirt in white is that spontaneous clothing combination you absolutely need to wear this spring. For a dash of color, wear a pair of red block heels. Easy yet effective, this clothing combination will up your fashion game. Quirky graphic tees showcasing bold slogans are available at large with wholesale clothing distributors.


Though pencil skirts are associated with business, you can take a casual route by opting to style it differently. Team a red pencil skirt with a white graphic tee for a fun-infused casual look. A pair of red ballerinas and you will be the center of attention out there.


Right at this moment, red has been doing pretty well. So don’t shy away from wearing an all-red outfit this spring. A red graphic t-shirt, a pair of red track pant and white trainers will give your style the required boost. To ensure that the look doesn’t go overboard, keep the tone, from head to toe, similar.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

A graphic tee is a girl’s go-to staple. They are equal parts stylish and equal parts casual, so wearing them will help you balance the look. A graphic tee in dark grey tucked into a denim mini skirt looks fun, elegant and classy, all at the same time. Opt for a pair of trainers or ballerinas to maintain the simplicity of the ensemble.


Nothing can scream more casual than a floral printed t-shirt. Pick a tropical printed shirt and pair it with relaxed fit jeans. To keep the cool theme on, wear a pair of sneakers. Ideal for a casual get-together, you can pile up junk jewelry to give it a dressier effect.


Each of the ensembles mentioned here is high on style and is everything but boring. They bring freshness to the appearance and are definitely worth the try. Wholesale clothing manufacturers have the pieces displayed in their catalog that represent the idea of exciting casual dressing. Interested retailers, who want to get the same garments as a part of their store collection, can register with the manufacturer today. Special offers and discounts are available for bulk purchase.


3 More Clothing Myths You Need to Break Immediately (Part 2)

In the last article, we discussed on how certain myths exist in the fashion circuits and how to break them. We also pondered upon the idea that they are doing no good to anyone, making their existence forced, cogged up. We discussed three myths that already exist, and in the following article, we will touch upon another three such ideas which need to be changed, immediately. So to find out more about them, read on.

Clothing Suppliers USA

Myth #4: T-shirts can’t be worn with suits

Layering is always a good idea for it adds to the stature in volumes. However, the key is to keep it simple and minimalistic. While the tailoring of the suit should lean more towards being casual, the tee should be modest. Be mindful of not going for overly done patterns and prints for that is going to look flashy. Choose a texture that is subtle and easy on the eyes. Make sure that the tone of the t-shirt should complement the texture of the suit. It will help you look classically elegant. Stripes for the t-shirt can be a great variation, which can render it perfect for a variety of occasions, from formal to casual.

Myth #5: White is only for Labour Day

One of the most absurd rules to exist in the fashion circuit is that you can’t wear a particular colour after a particular festival. Though the colour white is associated with Labour Day in large, it is a colour that can be worn all year long, especially during the summer (it keeps you cool). Until you want to sweat your buttocks off in all-black, be your guest. From white t-shirts to oxford shirts, white pants to trainers, the colour is ubiquitous and omnipresent. Whether you are planning to rough it up or wear it the dapper style, this pristine colour works always. Clothing suppliers USA have a vast inventory of clothes that showcase the shade in all its glory.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

Myth #6: Single patterns work the best, no clashing them

And that is the most outrageous myth of all. This archaic rule has been put to rest too many times by designers for years, yet it seems to come back every time. Combining two patterns has always created a stylish result. They should not work together, but they do and oh so splendidly. If you are confident and willing to experiment with your look, you can juxtapose them together. From paisley prints to bright floral, stripes to checks, they all have a spectacular outcome when blend together. If you, however, are not up for something hard, the keep it simple and modest like a striped shirt with check tie. That is principally elegant.


To conclude, break the superstitions that have been existing for way too long. The fashion industry seldom follows rules which make it easier to go ahead just break the shackles forever. Till you are well in your comfort zone (in terms of clothes though), everything works just fine. Wholesale clothing manufacturers are constructing clothes that have found a balance between trends and exclusivity. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase, can register with them today and get discounts. So break the myth and make distinct appearances every time you step out of your house.


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Fashion Activism will Headline 2017—Are Retailers Prepared?

For long, top designers and brands have been toying around with the idea of blending fashion with activism. And, in fact, many Fashion Weeks, over the course, took the initiative to bring this idea into the mainstream and into the wardrobes of the consumers—but with little success. However, if the market pundits and top bloggers are to be believed, fashion activism is about to make a big mark on the clothing scene in 2017. And the retailers better be prepared for it!

Wholesale Clothing Distributors USA

What is Fashion Activism?

Simply put, it is fashion as activism; or using fashion as a mean to deliver political, social and humanitarian message to bring about a change, or its idea into the spotlight. And contrary to what many critics claim, given style has become an integral part of our lives, fashion activism has been more than effective in the past, bringing issues like feminism, equal pay and environmental conservation right into everyone’s attention.


Top clothing manufacturers playing a big role

And while activism through fashion is making its big mark on the global scene, top wholesale clothing manufacturers are at its anchor. Few of them have introduced some rather exceptional range of fashion, fitness and lifestyle wears throughout 2016 with social messages at their centre. Plain t-shirts with texts in the middle are the most common staple in this niche. However, new varieties of organic fabric-made custom hoodies, joggers and dresses too made the right noise this past year, still going strong with a targeted section of consumers. Global Wholesale Clothing

What the retailers should do?

The trend of fashion activism is still at its initial stage. And the retailers can easily keep up with it with good wholesale clothing distributors USA based by their side. Being smart is a key here when it comes to personalizing their global wholesale clothing collection. The retailers must have a decent knowledge about their target audience, their social and online behavior, and the right strategy to leverage on social media to make the most of this emerging global craze.


Are you a clothing business owner?


If you’re an apparel retailer, stay toe-to-toe with the trends of fashion activism in 2017. First, dial a good global wholesale clothing manufacturer.


8 Popular Types of Cotton Clothing

As a material for the construction of clothes, cotton is very popular. It has a unique texture and feeling, and is also super soft in form. Unlike many other materials, it is also highly breathable and allows the skin to stay comfortable and dry. It is a perfect material for the construction of shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, underwear, sweaters and other items to wear. If you have set up an apparel store online, following are 8 of the popular types of cotton clothing you should order from wholesale clothing manufacturers USA.


Organic Cotton clothing
It cannot be found very easily, but is growing more and more popular due to its eco-friendliness. It is reared without the use of any toxic chemicals or pesticides which are generally used for the production of cotton. Naturally there are no allergies or other skin problems to be encountered with this kind of cotton.


Bamboo cotton clothing
Such type of cotton is around 30% organic in form, and is also extremely soft in nature. It is actually made by combining crushed bamboo with organic cotton. It is free of chemicals and is completely natural, which makes it better for nature as well as the skin.

 Wholesale Organic Cotton Clothing

Canton cotton clothing
This is a heavier type of cotton which is used by wholesale clothing manufacturers for the manufacturing of sweaters to be used during winter and fall seasons. This is soft cotton and cannot be torn easily, which makes it last for many years. This kind of cotton is very popular and offers a feel slightly similar to flannel.


Egyptian cotton
This is a luxurious form of cotton which has thinner and longer fibers. As it has strong yarn, Egyptian cotton can be used for making smooth and attractive fabrics.


Cotton twill
It is lighter in weight, and offers a feel similar to flannel. As it is lighter in weight as compared to canton cotton, it is perfect for making clothing for fall season.


Honeycomb cotton
This kind of cotton is light in weight and can dry very fast, which makes it ideal for people living in countries with hot weather conditions.


Oxford Chambray
It is one more kind of cotton which is used for the production of shirts. It is medium in weight.


French Terry cotton
It is a little heavy and its bulkiness lies somewhere between cotton twill and Canton cotton. It happens to be extremely soft in form. Its texture is short and fuzzy.


Fashion Business is in Full Rage: Choose to Become a Clothing Distributor

Fashion clothing is becoming very popular these days not only amongst celebrities but also amongst common people. Everyone wants to flaunt their designer wear at special occasions. Because of this huge demand across people of all age groups, it has become a very profitable option to enter into the business of fashion clothing. However, huge demand is not the only reason which is driving entrepreneurs to enter into the said business. Other reasons like preference in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, helping people choose fashion clothes, etc are also adding to the already high levels of competition prevailing in the industry.


Dual Magic Men’s Shirt and Tee

Becoming one of the wholesale clothing distributors can be advantageous for you if you have less investment to open a retail store. You can still definitely be in the business by buying fashion clothing in bulk from the manufacturers and distribute the same in small lots to the retailers. It is more of business to business sales. You can also sell the clothing directly to the customers.


How to become a distributor for fashion clothing business?


Choose your role
The first step in becoming a fashion clothing distributor is choosing a role for yourself depending upon various factors. You can either become a wholesale fashion clothing distributor or retail fashion clothing distributor or both at the same time. Various factors shall be compared before taking this decision. Whether you want to deal in business to business or business to customer’s sale will also affect your decision.


Casual White TopChoose a supplier
If you have chosen to become a wholesale distributor of fashion clothing, your suppliers can be fashion designers or wholesale clothing manufacturers. You can approach them and discuss your proposal with them. You can choose either one or a number of suppliers. The choice of the supplier will depend upon price quoted, quality of material, uniqueness in designs, order delivery time required, credit limit allowed, goodwill in the market, customer preferences, etc.


Understand the cost involved and arrange funds
Like any other business, funds are required in the business of fashion clothing distribution as well. Cost will be incurred in purchasing the material from the supplier, transportation, storage, packaging, getting orders, promotion, delivery, etc. You must estimate the fund requirements based on the credit period allowed by the suppliers and cost incurred on the above. These funds shall be arranged from a suitable source beforehand to avoid any glitches in the smooth running of the business.