Are Smart Workout Clothes (Finally) Entering the Mainstream in 2019?

For long, smart workout clothes has been making the right noise in the market creating all the hype and anticipation for the regular buyers. They would be the ‘it’ in the fitness scene, predicted many market pundits and analysts. However, these wears are yet to fit in the mainstream market.


Question is now, could 2019 be their year? Will smart wholesale workout clothing finally enter the mainstream this year? Will the fitness frenzies slip in these rather costly outfits for their regular regimen?


Wholesale Workout Clothing USA

Tech advanced workout gears- Are the customers sold?

The smart workout clothes are ‘smart’ in every sense. Tech advanced, they are well adept to track various aspect of your fitness routine and overall performance, including everything from heart rate, stress level and energy output to breathing and muscle activities. And unlike wearable gadgets, these wears are much comfortable to sport and easy to workout in.


But even with high functionality, these wears are yet to charm the end customers, the fitness enthusiasts. Why?


  1. Sky-high price– While smart workout gears have come a long way, they are still very costly-away from the reach of majority of regular consumers. And, in fact, this is one of the biggest problems why they are still lurking behind the spotlight.
  2. Limited varieties– Gone are the days when people were still hung up to the performance and utility value of the fitness wears. Fashion is important even at the gym, on track and yoga classes. Given smart workout clothes come in limited varieties, they fail in to achieve this need.
  3. Athleisure wears are still dominating the scene– The world is still under the charm of athleisure wears. And with top brands like Alanic introducing new varieties in their collection every other week, their demand is just as high as it was a year back. Few really are willing to move to smart workout wears.


Of course, in the coming years, smart fitness gears would catch up in the market. However, by the looks of it, the regular fitness enthusiasts are still planning to the affordable and stylish range of workout apparels.


So, if you’re a clothing business owner, relax; no need to jump and purchase smart gears. Keep up with the current mainstream trends, dial a good manufacturer and stash your warehouse with regular wholesale fitness apparel.