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Are Smart Workout Clothes (Finally) Entering the Mainstream in 2017?

For long, smart workout clothes has been making the right noise in the market creating all the hype and anticipation for the regular buyers. They would be the ‘it’ in the fitness scene, predicted many market pundits and analysts. However, these wears are yet to fit in the mainstream market.

Question is now, could 2017 be their year? Will smart wholesale workout clothing finally enter the mainstream this year? Will the fitness frenzies slip in these rather costly outfits for their regular regimen?

Wholesale Fitness Apparel

Tech advanced workout gears- Are the customers sold?

The smart workout clothes are ‘smart’ in every sense. Tech advanced, they are well adept to track various aspect of your fitness routine and overall performance, including everything from heart rate, stress level and energy output to breathing and muscle activities. And unlike wearable gadgets, these wears are much comfortable to sport and easy to workout in.

But even with high functionality, these wears are yet to charm the end customers, the fitness enthusiasts. Why?

1. Sky-high price– While smart workout gears have come a long way, they are still very costlyaway from the reach of majority of regular consumers. And, in fact, this is one of the biggest problems why they are still lurking behind the spotlight.

2. Limited varieties– Gone are the days when people were still hung up to the performance and utility value of the fitness wears. Fashion is important even at the gym, on track and yoga classes. Given smart workout clothes come in limited varieties, they fail in to achieve this need.

Wholesale Workout Clothing

3. Athleisure wears are still dominating the scene– The world is still under the charm of athleisure wears. And with top brands like Alanic introducing new varieties in their collection every other week, their demand is just as high as it was a year back. Few really are willing to move to smart workout wears.

Of course, in the coming years, smart fitness gears would catch up in the market. However, by the looks of it, the regular fitness enthusiasts are still planning to the affordable and stylish range of workout apparels.

So, if you’re a clothing business owner, relax; no need to jump and purchase smart gears. Keep up with the current mainstream trends, dial a good manufacturer and stash your warehouse with regular wholesale fitness apparel.

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Workout Clothing Trends of 2018 to Add to Your Collection

You can always throw on an old t-shirt and athletic clothes the next time you hit the gym or outdoors for a run or any other physical activities. But most individuals prefer to look and feel great while working out. This gave birth to the athleisure trend in workout apparel that is specifically designed for active individuals and these apparel choices will help to evaporate sweat quickly, minimize the risk of abrasions from fabric and offer several other unique benefits that traditional fitness apparel options like a cotton t-shirt does not provide. If you wish to look your best while going forward with your fitness goals, check out some of the hottest workout clothing trends of 2018.

Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturers

Inclination Towards Neutral Tones

2017 was the year for intensely bold, bright and eye-catching colors and patterns but this trend seems to have shifted considerably in the present year. The new trend for wholesale fitness apparel in 2018 is to have neutral tones. The top contenders are black and grays mixed with white. This includes a top to bottom neutral color scheme but not necessarily a monochromatic look from head to toe. Fashion-forward active individuals usually choose a combination of two or three of these colors in their outfits and shoes. For instance, a lot of people still love wearing neon tank tees but they are seen aired up with black jackets, pants and gray shoes to balance out the poppish nature of the color.

Darker Hues Are Admired

Although the shift is towards colors like black, gray and white but it is next to impossible to wear these colors everyday of the week. To keep things interesting and exciting, a splash of color is required in the workout closet. A lot of individuals and trendsetters are seen leaning more towards darker hues such as navy blue or forest green. These colors go great with a combination of black, gray and white and when matched correctly, it gives great results. The more sophisticated color scheme is in this season!

Wholesale Workout Clothes

Form-fitting, Seamless Athletic Apparel

Great advancements in technology have helped designers and manufacturers to be able to come up with gym apparel featuring innovative designs and styles. One trend to be a big craze in the fitness clothing industry is the ground-breaking seamless technology. Seamless gym apparel is loved by all because it completely does away with those bulky seams, the garment pieces are lightweight and it takes the shape of the body. It gives men and women a great opportunity to show off all the hard work of the gym in these clothes! Seamless wholesale fitness apparel is designed in various colors, prints and styles to appeal to the fashion lovers.


To be able to woo your customers, you will have to stay ahead of the trends. Get in touch with reputed wholesale workout clothing manufacturers and give your product inventory a huge boost. A friendly tip to help you save money – order in bulk!


5 Mistakes You are Doing if You are not Wearing Proper Fitness Apparels

A gym is one of those places where you can witness several fashion disasters. It’s quite funny to see how men and women try to combine their different apparels with several clothing accessories. However, on trying to make a fashion statement many of them make incredible mistakes. So here’s how some wrong gym clothes can sabotage your exercise plans completely.


Hitting gym in pure cotton t-shirts
A genuine cotton t-shirt may appear to be an ideal active wear for its lightweight. But let’s get real. Though cotton is capable of wicking away sweat and moisture, it is unable to release the water through evaporation, causing the wet cloth cling close to your body and making you feel irritated. So you can opt for technologically advanced fibres like Dri-fit, CoolMax and Capilene that can not only soak up the moisture and later evaporate it but also offer flexibility of movements to the body with their stretchable quality.


Wholesale Fitness Apparel


Those business owners who are intending to stock up on wholesale fitness apparel and clothing accessories can contact a top rated online clothing manufacturer and place your order in bulk.


Wearing revealing tank tops
A short tank top may not be a modest choice when you are bending down to do push ups or sit ups. It is very important to check if your t-shirt reveals too much of cleavage as this can be quite distracting for others while too uncomfortable for you. So choose a top that comes with higher neckline to prevent the risk an indecent exposure.


Slipping into baggy sweatpants
Slouchy sweatpants are a strict no-no if you are making your way to the gym. The hems of loose pants can catch on to various exercise machines like stationary bikes and restrict you from performing an activity with dedication. They can also lead a woman to trip over while running on a treadmill and result in serious injury. Instead, you can go for body-fitting capris, shorts or long pants in different colors from your fitness apparel manufacturers online.

 Wholesale Fitness Apparel Suppliers


Considering thong underwear
Though some women consider thongs to be the best options under slim-fitted pants or shorts, they are certainly not the best choice for a working out at the fitness centre. When you sweat during an exercise, the rectal bacteria travel along the thong, causing infections to grow. Thongs can also aggravate an existing irritation. So it is best to slip on seamless, moisture-wicking underwear which makes panty lines invisible through your pants and allow you to move your legs freely.


Tying T-shirts around the waist
Tying a long sleeves t-shirt around the waist has the similar effect that a pair of baggy pants have. Here the sleeves can get caught on to the machines, leading to dangerous consequences such as leg twists and some serious injuries. So even if you are wearing your long sleeves t-shirt to the gym, take it off before exercising and leave it in the locker.


With so many prominent wholesale fitness apparel suppliers offering an exclusive collection, retailers can find amazing choices to extend their stocks without going beyond their budget.


Fitness Clothes According to Your Body Types : No More Hiding Anymore

Gym is also a place where you can flaunt your bodies, accentuate your figure no matter what shape you are. Why hide the body you’ve worked so hard for under baggy pants and tees? Here are great ways to look slim at the gym.


Wholesale workout clothes manufacturers have come up with fancy fitness clothes suitable for all body types. But as the best judge for your body, you too have to consider certain points before dressing up for a warm grilling session. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts for a dressing guide according to your body:

The Best Workout Clothes for Pear Shaped


Wear light colors on top to draw eyes up and away from your thighs. Choose flared pants to balance and lengthen your shape.



Wear bottoms with stripes down the sides of the legs. They’ll make your hips seem fuller.

Wholesale Workout Clothes

The Best Workout Clothes for Rectangle Shapes


Create the illusion of curves with tops that have pleats along the sides and pants that have a pop of color at the hips. A sports bra available at any retail store selling wholesale fitness apparel will look best for your body type. Just choose one with a little padding and a tank with a low neckline will play up your assets.



Sport one color from head to toe. It will make you look blocky.

The Best Workout Clothes for Apple Shapes


Opt for a loose top that ties or cinches, which will define your middle and conceal your tummy. Fitted capris or tights flatter your toned legs.



Wear flared bottoms. They’ll throw off your proportions by adding bulk.

The Best Workout Clothes for Hourglass Shapes


Pick tops with a V or scoop neck and detailing near your midsection to show off your trim waist. Swag your fit quads in a skort, which is a skirt with shorts attached to it, instead of plain running shorts.



Hide behind high necks and loose clothes. You’ll only look larger if you cover up.


With this guide, you are sure to flaunt your bodies even in a gym or plans after the workout session. Just add a little color and look your best with suitable wholesale fitness apparel.


Get Your Customers Run in Style with the Designer Wholesale Workout Apparel

Contrary to popular belief, fitness apparel is not at all about tight body fits, elastic waistbands and black color track pants. There’s so much more to it. In fact, fitness clothing is an all expansive dimension by itself. And in the recent times this dimension is being constantly fuelled in by fashion and new style trends, that are expressed in the form of stunning color combinations, great fits or a slim body look. Therefore, if you are a health club owner or a retailer selling fitness apparels, then investing in the latest wholesale fitness clothing is a smart choice you can make.



Types of designer fitness apparel to invest on

The leading wholesale fitness clothing suppliers are available at the convenience of online. Therefore, you can browse through their websites and choose the fitness apparel types from their catalogue and place bulk orders. The new apparel line comprises of:


>> Men’s running clothes – Made from a premium blend of cotton and nylon fabric, the collection of men’s fitness clothing boasts a fascinating range of short sleeve T-shirts, clock series long sleeve T-shirts, polo shirts, sleeveless vests, cloak jackets and hoodies, shorts and pants in a wide range of vibrant colours.


>> Women’s running clothes – Available in a combination of perky pinks, classy velvet and other vibrant shades, this collection comprises of tight fitting sports bra, capris, tank tops, yoga pants, shorts and jackets. The fabric comes in high-quality and does not become coarse with subsequent washes and even the colour does not fade.

>> Compression clothing – This is a revolutionary one that makes men and women like Hollywood celebs working out in the gym. Compression wholesale fitness apparel is mostly available in a classic mono-shade of black and grey with champagne gold stripes and other such exotic designs.


Compare the costs

Ask each wholesale workout apparel manufacturer to provide you with price quotes, so that you can make a list of all the quotes and check which ones are offering the most affordable rates. Although price should not be the be all and end all of your criteria of choice, you need to consider it in order to avoid unnecessary spending. Even a 5% reduction in pricing can mean significant savings when you are purchasing fitness apparel wholesale from fitness apparel manufacturers. Along with price and designs, these manufacturers, suppliers and distributors must be reputed, well established and have a good name in the market.


How to End the Quest for Good Wholesale Fitness Apparel

People in today’s world already have mountain of reasons for why they ‘can’t workout’. Reasons, which range from something as absurd as ‘I sweat a lot!’. While others are as legit as ‘I don’t have decent workout cloths’. Yes, not having a proper workout outfit is one big (if not the biggest) de-motivating reason for the people to work out. At least that is what a niche website’s recent poll suggested.


WHITE SPAGHETTI FITNESS TEEWhen it comes to workout clothes, some people are way too reluctant to what ‘type’ they are buying. On the other hand, there are many who are very choosy- as in trying to ‘pick needle from the haystack’. This awkward balance opens a lucrative opportunity for the wholesale workout clothes’ business ownerstobuild a long term relationship with their customers by providing them only high quality and long-lasting cloths.


How to choose the right workout apparel


1. Good material-
When it comes to exercise, ‘cotton’ is a no-no! Now some may argue against that, while others couldn’t care less. But you have to be careful of what kind of material you’re buying or selling. Performance fabrics, that are either made of polyester or lycra, are without any doubt the comfiest, flexible and most recommended when it comes to workout.


2. Price-
There are many types and varieties of workout wear, ranging from very high to low prices. Now high prices might be ‘fine’ for some people, but there are many who will not want to spend TOO much in an apparel which they’re going to wear only for just few hours, on a given selected days. A competitive and consenting price range is equally important.


Workout includes many different exercises. From running and cardio to Yoga. Some people do the selected ones, others mixes everything up. With so many different needs to cater of so many diverse age of people and their varying sizes, it is very crucial to avail options of different sizes. And also choosing the right fabric that blends in well with different sizes is just as important, since majority like skin-fitting outfit, but not too tight either.


Although the above mentioned pointers are the most important ones when it comes to choosing the best and most efficient workout cloth, there are few other things that some people look for. Fabrics that contain body odour within and also protects from UV rays from the sun, is a much appreciable feature. Along with the add-ons like glowing-edges-when-dark is just a deal-sealer.


So if you are one of those planning on to venture this wholesale fitness apparel industry, take a step ahead, get in contact with the manufacturers and the fitness apparel wholesale distributors, and get the quality stock. For customers’ comfort and their satisfaction is the sole way to build life-long beneficial relationships with them.