Beginners Guide to Choosing the Best Bath Towels

bath towel

Shopping for towels is can be a little complicated process. There are so many things that you need to consider. From the gram count to the type of fabric?

But you don’t have to worry anymore, because we have listed a guide below that will help you to make the correct choices, when it comes to choosing the best bath towels. Retailers can find wholesale towels that are designed in the coolest patterns with premium raw materials. So, let’s find out in the blog below to know more!

Determine The Size

Towels come in a variety of sizes therefore, look for them before making the purchase. A normal bath towel can be anywhere around 25” x 47”, while a bath sheet can be a little larger. The bath sheet offers more coverage as well. These are actually super luxurious too.

The Weight

When you are looking for weight, the bath towel density is measured in GSM, and this number varies according to the type of towel you choose to buy. . A 300-500 gram towel will be super thin and light and if designed with microfiber, these can work well for gym too. These are quick dry towels and can be used for the kitchen in the home or the restaurant business.

Choose The Cotton

Generally, the everyday towels are made of standard quality cotton. But if you are looking for towels with premium fabric like Turkish, these are designed with longer fabric. In fact the Egyptian cotton scores high as well, when it comes to choosing a super-premium option that can be used for hotel purposes.

The Construction

Towels designed with combed cotton means the fibers are combed to remove shorter threads in this the longer threads are combined to design the bath sheet. This process ensures durability and prevents pilling as well. Whereas, the Ringspun cotton is made with long and short fibers both which has a smooth yarn. These towels are also stitched with bandage edges to reduce the possibility of fraying as well.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier to invest in custom towels for your store? Get in touch with one of the popular customized clothing vendors and communicate your requirements for such wholesale towels to the help team. The creative experts will help you with the wholesale requirements as well.

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