Buying High Quality Fitness Apparels- 6 Performance Fabrics to Choose from

While for many bulk buyers the focus, when buying fitness wears, has shifted to the looks and style, if you want to stay ahead in the market, prioritize the quality of the fitness apparels at the top.


Today there are many top wholesale fitness apparel suppliers who offer plenty of options in the fabrics department. Not only do they use the finest of fabrics but also provide the small businesses with number of different fabric types to choose from. Here we provide you with 6 different types of performance fabrics that you should consider the next time when customizing your wholesale.


Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

6 Types of high performance fabrics


1. Polyester Polyester made fitness wears are the default choice of the manufacturers, as well as the bulk buyers. One of the most popular in the consumer market, these wears are very light in weight and durable with high breathability.


2. Cotton Cotton is other favorite and popular choice in the fitness wear industry. Cotton-made workout clothing absorbs moisture well, and is highly preferable for light activities.


3. Nylon If you’re buying from top wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers, expect to see lot of nylon-made wears. These clothes, light in weight with high ventilation properties, offer active wicking and the moisture evaporate very fast. This is very important for professional athletes and people who get involved in heavy workout activities.


Wholesale Fitness Clothing


4. Polypropylene Unlike what many believe, Polypropylene and polyester are not interchangeable. Although they are both made from plastic, polypropylene is water-resistant. Its inner surface forces the moisture to outside, keeping the inner layer very dry. The moisture gets evaporated just as quick.


5. Spandex Spandex is one of the most preferable fabrics for yoga pants and leggings. Aside from being very light in weight with high ventilation properties, spandex-made fitness wears are also very stretchable.


6. Wool– Wool-made fitness wears are not very popular, but their demands jump high during winter. If you live in city whose temperature always stays dip, you should seriously consider buying these varieties. They are also light in weight and wicks moisture decently.


These are the six common types of performance fabric options that top wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers offer. So the next time when you’re buying your fitness wears bulk, don’t simply go with the polyester or cotton made ones. Understand your customers’ needs and customize your wholesale with any of these fabrics accordingly.