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4 Ways to Wear Leggings Like a Queen

The fashion industry has evolved much over, but it is actually the fitness industry that surprises us. Leggings are that one fitness-fashion piece which has won much attention over the last few years, owing to its superior make and nifty design. But how do wear it so as to look like a gorgeous diva? Well, here are four ways to do so. Follow the guidelines and you will make jaw-dropping appearances every time.

For the rainy day

Though a pair of shorts works really well for rainy days, you can’t just walk around anywhere wearing a pair of leggings, expecting to get accepted by the people around. There is dress decorum to maintain. But what satisfies the criteria of comfort and style at the same time? Yes, a pair of leggings. And guess what, it works well with rain boots. Pick a colorfully printed pair and team it with a tank top and a scarf to look elegant. For accessories, use an umbrella.

Wholesale Leggings Manufacturers

For office wear

When going to the office, you have to play along with conventionalism. The best way to go for it is by teaming your favorite pair of leggings in any dark shade with a nice flannel shirt. The catch here is that both flannel shirt and leggings work well with each other and look formal enough to pass the office sartorial rulebooks. A pair of pumps for footwear will complement the entire look, whereas, a scarf can be used to amplify the overall impact.

For running the errands

See the thing is, you can always run an errand after you are done with your workout session. Wholesale fitness apparel suppliers have crafted leggings that are easy on the skin and incorporate a number of shades and patterns. If you are the one who combines a sports bra with a pair of leggings, all you need to do is wear a jacket (like a bomber) or hoodie on top to look cool but not lazy. A pair of trainers is already set on your feet, thus walking will not be a major problem.

Wholesale Fitness Leggings

For going to a movie (date)

A movie theatre is a place where you go to relax, to unwind, thus a certain level of laziness works fine. But if you are on a date, dressing up, and precisely dressing up smart is of utmost importance. All you need to do is pick a pair of leggings in mono color and team it with a tank top and a pair of pumps. Throw over a cape for added dramatization and you are good to go. Wholesale workout leggings can be purchased by retailers from the top manufacturers.


Thus, your pair of leggings is all you need to look like a queen. Wear it the right way and you will be winning glares, compliments, and hearts. Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have a plethora of leggings displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers at discounted prices.


Amazing Style Trends Brought in by Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Each year, a number of style trends come and go, but the one that is constant since the last few years would be the athletic fashion stances. With the rise of activewear options in the clothing industry, the workout fanatics are also making it a point to strut in stylishly at the gym or yoga classes in their best outfits, with confidence. The state- of- the- art options that are made available to the fashionable fitness freak men and women, are available in a wide array of varieties. From the sublimated printed leggings, to active onesies, the cut-out tops and funky sports bras, or loose -fitted joggers, you can go to places in these activewear pieces, be it purely to the workout sessions or even to the casual occasions. For both men and women, the galore options are made possible by the leading wholesale manufacturers and designers taking cues from the models and celebs.


If you are wondering on which style trends has been in news this year, here are some of them that are possible in the athletic clothes crafted by leading wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers.Wholesale Workout Leggings

The flashy shimmering gear

From the natural flex patterns to the reflectivity patterns, the flash and shimmering activewear gear is very much in trend today. The clothing pieces and shoes come in multi-colored patterns and glossy prints that reflect a very shiny fashion stance, liked by many. If you are confident enough to wear them, go ahead and try something novel and different from the rest. Go for the flashy shoes, the jackets, and the accessories that add something very funky to your usual workout look.

The primary colors are back

The primary colors that constitute of the red, yellow, and blue shades are back in craze, after replacing the neutrals that reigned for a long time in activewear industry. The most basic of color palettes, the designers from all over the world are drawing their inspiration from these for the different forms of activewear pieces. Though simple, they offer the most striking combinations.

Athleisure is here to stay

The athleisure is a trend here to stay for being so comfortable and easy, and hence the reputed wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers are crafting the workout clothes in sync with this trend. The retailers and private label brands are making it easier for the everyday woman to switch between gym, work or grocery store with ease.

Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Mesh and compressions fabrics are definitely in

The newest range of fabrics are bring introduced as materials for gym gears. The designers are giving way to the fabrics that are lighter, opaque on body, dry faster and breathe better, wicking sweat and moisture easily. The seamless, mesh and compression fabrics are best, and incorporated in the activewear pieces in different areas to give utmost comfort to the wearers.

The conventional tops with contemporary twists

The traditional tanks and tees are constant, with laser cut venting for proper airflow, or open backs, curved drop tail hems or strappy cuts. These look great in different pop of colors, looking best in different occasions, be it to gym, to pool parties or beach outings.

Charming bold prints

The crazy patterns and bold prints or charming colors are very much in, and look absolutely fun for the women who love to carry different attires to gym classes. Get the printed wholesale workout leggings in vibrant colors.


Let’s Revise the Do’s and Don’ts of Styling up the Wholesale Workout Leggings

It is not a new trend to wear the leggings; however, the definition of slipping on to them has changed. There was a time when wearing the leggings only was limited to the shiny, glossy or the fancy ones. Now today, the trend has received a twisted turn and the women are focusing more on the fitness leggings that are flexible, elastic and comfortable. Vouching on the athleisure style statement, the bottom wear essentials have made it to the mainstream clothing industry, pushing women to take up the conventional legging wearing style.


Now, the retailers have come up with a wide array of fitness leggings collection that range from the printed ones, to mesh leggings, the color blocked, capri cut and much more that are versatile enough to be worn to the fitness sessions, yoga classes and also to parties and casual outings.


But you might not be totally sure about the etiquettes to wear the workout leggings, and hence we have brought in some of the do’s and don’t’s to try out the wholesale workout leggings with confidence.Wholesale Workout Leggings

Give a shot to matchy matchy

You might have an idea that doing the matchy matchy style would be something overrated and outdated. But this has been always recommended by the fashion bloggers, and the celebs also are resorting to this. Hence, to bring in some novel change, you can definitely try out the matchy matchy style as you team the fitness printed or single colored leggings with similar kind of tops in any style.

The coordination is important

You need to keep in mind that the leggings and tops or jacket you are wearing is in coordination and sync, and hence you have to wear the printed leggings or colored leggings that complements the tops or tee you are wearing with it. If you wear something out of the place, then the attire becomes a hotchpotch.

Play with fun layers

Give some proportion to your outfit as you team the leggings with a number of playful and colorful layers. Add the tee to it with a denim jacket or leather jacket, or simple wear the tank top with a chambray or flannel shirts over the pair of leggings you are wearing. This will offer some volume to the outfit for a major transformation.

Don’t be too clingy with the top

If you want to wear a flattering outfit, you have to try out a loose- fitted tee or a top that has a decent silhouette. The pair of leggings created by one of the leading wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers itself is tight and hence you cannot create something very out of the place with the tight top or outerwear again.Workout Leggings Wholesale

Tall boots look good

You might be bored with the same old sneakers teamed with the yoga or fitness leggings at the workout classes and looking for some change. You can team up the leggings with the thigh rising tall boots that complement each other perfectly and look apt for the parties.

Go oversized with tops

You can come out of your shell and try something funky and sloppy. Wear the oversized and slouchy tees with the tight- fitted leggings, and look absolutely rocking with the right balance of outfits.

Crop top shenanigans

The high-waist leggings must be offered the much required retro twist as you pair them up with the crop tops that have come back once again to the fashion scenario. Also, buy the gym crop tees produced by the reputed wholesale fitness apparel suppliers and wear them with your gym shorts and leggings to fitness classes.


3 Reasons You Can Definitely Achieve Success in Fitness Clothing Business!

Are you thinking of starting a new business in clothing line? Do you know 50% of the clothing businesses succumb to failure due to excessive availability of the products in the market? But do not lose hope! If you want to flourish as a clothing retailer, fitness clothing can be the ideal product line for you. Why? Because ample opportunities are lying in this arena as the top wholesale fitness apparel suppliers are coming up with new trends.


If you check out the statistics, the top fitness clothing brands have seen more growth in their sales this year and the next year will leave you with more opportunities to innovate with your stock. Here are three best reasons why you should invest on fitness apparels if you want to grow as a clothing retailer. New Trend Fitness Apparel

1. New Trends Are Here For Men And Women Alike:

Earlier, fitness wears only meant baggy tracksuits which were only meant for the guys. But now new fitness gears are being produced by the top manufacturers which are specifically designed for women. Be it the tights, shorts, tank tops, sports bras or the whole set of yoga clothes, you can find a variety of fitness clothes to add to your women’s section. Select your fitness clothing wholesale supplier carefully so that you do not have any doubt the quality of the products you are investing on. Not only for women, but men too can enjoy the wide variety of fitness clothes like compression shorts, pants, jackets and tank tops which weren’t available earlier.


2. The Fitness Fad Is At Its Peak:

You can’t deny that the number of people heading to the gym is now higher than it was before. Therefore, the demand of fitness clothes is also on the rise. As fitness clothes have become a part of mainstream fashion, you can’t discard it just as fitness essential.Hence, gym clothes, running gears and yoga apparels are must-haves for all clothing retailers. So, don’t hesitate to invest on the high-quality fitness apparels if you are starting as a clothing retailer. New Trend Fitness Clothing

3. Fitness Clothing Can Now Be Worn Outside Of The Gym:

With the introduction of “Athleisure” trend in the active wear fashion, fitness clothes are not only meant for the gyms but you can also wear them for casual outing with friends or for grocery shopping. The fitness jackets are so fashionable that one can simply replace all their stylish and over-the-top glitzy jackets with the smart and colourful ones meant for the gym.


So, be quick and choose your fitness clothing manufacturer to give your clothing business a kick start.


Why are Entrepreneurs Obsessed with Venturing into the Fitness Clothing Industry?

The health and fitness trend goes global and with it the prospects for growth are increasingly getting stronger. Over the past 7 years, the sale of fitness apparel seemed to have jumped to a whopping $270 billion and it is expected that sports and fitness clothing is going to reach US$196.2billion in 2020. It is this kind of winning streak that is making budding entrepreneurs and even celebrities venture into the workout clothing industry in order to get a bite out of the whole buzz! As the world rapidly adopts a healthier and more active lifestyle, it further gives impetus to this thriving industry that only seems to be growing stronger with every passing year. Wholesale Fitness Apparel Suppliers

What do you think school kids, high school athletes and yoga moms have in common? They’re all doing their bit to power the sales of workout gear on the global market. The athletic wear market is starting to present itself as a minefield of opportunities and businesses looking to expand or first-timers looking for a bright idea to start a business can most definitely think about tapping into the resources of this flourishing industry by partnering up with renowned wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers with wealth of experience and high international standards of quality.


The Youth Opts for Healthy Lifestyles
The young generation is focusing on fitness and healthy living and increasingly adopting active lifestyles. Participation in sports among school children have increased, gym memberships seemed to have doubled over the last couple of years and even sports clubs have increased in number encouraging more and more people to participate in physical activities and maybe even make it to the professional levels. Professional sports leagues have also encouraged this growth by showing more interest in players who have been associated with sports when younger. All these factors have contributed in making the activewear industry one of the biggest money-making industries in the world because people who enjoy indulging in sports or any other physical activities such as hiking or skiing, invariably opts for buying clothes and gear that are specifically designed for the specific activity. Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturers

Ath-leisure Trend Boosts Activewear Sales
Designers and wholesale workout clothing manufacturers have adopted the athleisure trend with such enthusiasm because it is a long way from those drab and notorious track suits that came only in few colors and shades. At present, the fitness industry is having its moment in fashion as more and more sportswear and activewear are being designed that are not just high performance and comfort but fashion-oriented as well. One no longer has to necessarily hit the gym to wear printed yoga leggings or running tights. Men can wear the fitness t-shirts to work as well with a smart jacket over it. The upgraded designs and improved materials is what keeps the consumers hooked and entice them to come back for more. Fitness wear has officially come out of the gym and hit the streets! Workout or play, it’s totally up to you.


Why would clothes that help people to stay healthy, look good and become fitter and healthy ever be out of style? Here is the great business idea you were looking for. Get in touch with world-class wholesale fitness apparel suppliers and get started.


Buying High Quality Fitness Apparels- 6 Performance Fabrics to Choose from

While for many bulk buyers the focus, when buying fitness wears, has shifted to the looks and style, if you want to stay ahead in the market, prioritize the quality of the fitness apparels at the top.


Today there are many top wholesale fitness apparel suppliers who offer plenty of options in the fabrics department. Not only do they use the finest of fabrics but also provide the small businesses with number of different fabric types to choose from. Here we provide you with 6 different types of performance fabrics that you should consider the next time when customizing your wholesale.


Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

6 Types of high performance fabrics


1. Polyester Polyester made fitness wears are the default choice of the manufacturers, as well as the bulk buyers. One of the most popular in the consumer market, these wears are very light in weight and durable with high breathability.


2. Cotton Cotton is other favorite and popular choice in the fitness wear industry. Cotton-made workout clothing absorbs moisture well, and is highly preferable for light activities.


3. Nylon If you’re buying from top wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers, expect to see lot of nylon-made wears. These clothes, light in weight with high ventilation properties, offer active wicking and the moisture evaporate very fast. This is very important for professional athletes and people who get involved in heavy workout activities.


Wholesale Fitness Clothing


4. Polypropylene Unlike what many believe, Polypropylene and polyester are not interchangeable. Although they are both made from plastic, polypropylene is water-resistant. Its inner surface forces the moisture to outside, keeping the inner layer very dry. The moisture gets evaporated just as quick.


5. Spandex Spandex is one of the most preferable fabrics for yoga pants and leggings. Aside from being very light in weight with high ventilation properties, spandex-made fitness wears are also very stretchable.


6. Wool– Wool-made fitness wears are not very popular, but their demands jump high during winter. If you live in city whose temperature always stays dip, you should seriously consider buying these varieties. They are also light in weight and wicks moisture decently.


These are the six common types of performance fabric options that top wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers offer. So the next time when you’re buying your fitness wears bulk, don’t simply go with the polyester or cotton made ones. Understand your customers’ needs and customize your wholesale with any of these fabrics accordingly.


5 Mistakes You are Doing if You are not Wearing Proper Fitness Apparels

A gym is one of those places where you can witness several fashion disasters. It’s quite funny to see how men and women try to combine their different apparels with several clothing accessories. However, on trying to make a fashion statement many of them make incredible mistakes. So here’s how some wrong gym clothes can sabotage your exercise plans completely.


Hitting gym in pure cotton t-shirts
A genuine cotton t-shirt may appear to be an ideal active wear for its lightweight. But let’s get real. Though cotton is capable of wicking away sweat and moisture, it is unable to release the water through evaporation, causing the wet cloth cling close to your body and making you feel irritated. So you can opt for technologically advanced fibres like Dri-fit, CoolMax and Capilene that can not only soak up the moisture and later evaporate it but also offer flexibility of movements to the body with their stretchable quality.


Wholesale Fitness Apparel


Those business owners who are intending to stock up on wholesale fitness apparel and clothing accessories can contact a top rated online clothing manufacturer and place your order in bulk.


Wearing revealing tank tops
A short tank top may not be a modest choice when you are bending down to do push ups or sit ups. It is very important to check if your t-shirt reveals too much of cleavage as this can be quite distracting for others while too uncomfortable for you. So choose a top that comes with higher neckline to prevent the risk an indecent exposure.


Slipping into baggy sweatpants
Slouchy sweatpants are a strict no-no if you are making your way to the gym. The hems of loose pants can catch on to various exercise machines like stationary bikes and restrict you from performing an activity with dedication. They can also lead a woman to trip over while running on a treadmill and result in serious injury. Instead, you can go for body-fitting capris, shorts or long pants in different colors from your fitness apparel manufacturers online.

 Wholesale Fitness Apparel Suppliers


Considering thong underwear
Though some women consider thongs to be the best options under slim-fitted pants or shorts, they are certainly not the best choice for a working out at the fitness centre. When you sweat during an exercise, the rectal bacteria travel along the thong, causing infections to grow. Thongs can also aggravate an existing irritation. So it is best to slip on seamless, moisture-wicking underwear which makes panty lines invisible through your pants and allow you to move your legs freely.


Tying T-shirts around the waist
Tying a long sleeves t-shirt around the waist has the similar effect that a pair of baggy pants have. Here the sleeves can get caught on to the machines, leading to dangerous consequences such as leg twists and some serious injuries. So even if you are wearing your long sleeves t-shirt to the gym, take it off before exercising and leave it in the locker.


With so many prominent wholesale fitness apparel suppliers offering an exclusive collection, retailers can find amazing choices to extend their stocks without going beyond their budget.


5 Tips to Choose the Best Fitness Clothes

Proper fitness apparels are important for a safe and easy workout. Whether it comes to tops or leggings, exercisers need just the kind of clothing which can improve their comfort while working out, boost their performance and also make them feel stylish. If you have opened up a clothing store, it is a good idea to order these apparels from wholesale fitness apparel suppliers. These 5 tips will help you to choose the best fitness outfits.

Wholesale Fitness Apparel

Check the material
Other than elastin, you should look for polyester or polyamide in the construction. You should ideally go for outfits which come in a blend of 10% elastin and 90% polyester. The material is an essential indicator of quality and performance, and can determine the durability and strength of the clothes.


Consider the technology
In the last two decades, yarn technology has progressed a lot. The blend of Lycra and Supplex is what you should look for, as this combination offers an amazing level of softness and comfort which is unmatchable in any other type of textile. Although outfits made with this kind of technology are quite costly, exercisers can be assured of much superior quality.


Check the brand
With reputed fitness apparel manufacturers, exercises can be assured of high-performing active wear. Look for brands that offer clothes with moisture wicking Dri-fit technology, which is able to take moisture from the inner to the outer surface and allows fitness enthusiasts to remain comfortable and dry. Many manufacturers also offer sun protection feature in the some of the fitness apparels they produce.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturers

Think about the style
Irrespective of whether you are buying low waist pants, high waist pants, capris, full-length legging or Yoga pants, you should make sure they are stylish enough in appearance. With cotton leggings having elastic waist bands, fitness enthusiasts can stay very comfortable and get more flexibility in movement.


Consider the cost
Finally, you cannot give the cost consideration a miss. Although quality should not be compromised for expense, you should always choose the type of tops and leggings which stand as the most value for money products. Those available in superior materials and designs are more expensive than others, and branded apparels are also pricier to buy. You need to allot a budget and stick to it while buying fitness clothing. Ultimately, you should not stock up on outfits which offer the best bang for the buck but cannot be afforded by customers in general.


Go Colorful and Bright This Season at the Gym

With the clock ticking rapidly, everyone, who is in their late 20s, feel the urge to hit the gym at the soonest. While there may be manifold reasons for the same, reasons which we wouldn’t like to go deeper into, we would definitely like not to be like the rest and follow similar mundane style statement everyday at the gym. So, off you go grey-mélange-tracksuits, and let’s bring in some stylish cuts and colors to the gym.


Some of the ways by which you can instill bouts of color to your fitness outfits, and may use the same for lounging purpose as well are given below—


1. Grey and Black Are Not The Only Colors in the Palette: Come on, let’s learn this line by heart now so that we can invest in some colorful tracksuits, socks and sneakers, and leave alone the greys, blacks and whites for some time. Nowadays, pinks, blues and yellows are among the trending colors—pick up those, and play with the brightness quotient, and be a star at the gym in no time!

Wholesale Fitness Apparel Suppliers

2. Sports Shoes Can Be Colorful Too: And, true is what we said just now! Invest in sports shoes that are vibrant and bright. Nowadays, printed and painted canvas shoes are also in. You may get a pair of those. And, if you have good but monotone canvas shoes at your home, don’t throw them away. Bring out the artist in you, and paint them in myriad colors and designs by using fabric colors. It’s fun—both in and out!


3. Printed Leggings are So IN: Printed leggings are one of the best weapons to look and feel stunning both at the gym and out. One of the basic gears of “athleisure”, buy abstract printed leggings in myriad colors, and team them up with their cool, cotton pastel shaded tees. The socks should be of ankle length or just those colorful n cute slip-on ones. They add just the right dash of cuteness without going over the top! You may get these leggings in bulk from the wholesale fitness apparel suppliers.


4. Match Sports Bras with Your Pants: If you’re wearing monotone pants, then team them up with sports bras of the same color. You may throw a pop printed hoodie over the sports bra, and change your whole look from being sober to wacky! Besides, this color block effect will definitely let the temperature sore in the gym! However, be careful not to brighten things up more than necessity, and try to keep the bras and pants in pastel shades. The best fitness clothing manufacturers will guide you to the best mix-and-match products.


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