Chic Spring Trends To Swap For Your Jeans

Women love their jeans. Nothing can simply come closer to this denim piece of heaven. However, there are other spring appropriate outfits as well that are equally convincing enough and will perfectly suit your transition season attire.

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In fact one of the popular clothing manufacturers Florida has come up with a unique outfit collection you can definitely have a look at. Hence, let’s find out about the ensembles that are chic enough to replace the perennial denim love.

Denim Skirts

As said denim pants has to go to make room for the vintage inspired long denim skirts. The very 80’s style is perfect for those days of the spring when you want to dress up in an attire which is equally feminine and stylish. You can simply wear a pretty cap sleeve floral top with the skirt and dark brown boots to create a stylish outfit.

Bermuda shorts

Whether as part of an outfit or simply on their own, the Bermuda shorts are definitely going to be the standout clothing of the 2020 spring look. Think about shorts in the pastel colors like mint green, pink or even blue. You can style these with cute top wear like a cardigan with peter pan collar or even a slouchy sweater with applique detailing all over the back!


Ah, these pretty pair of pants have a tendency to make a comeback. So versatile yet unique. The modern 2020 leggings for the casual attire has a slit along the ankle which makes it easy to wear with your favorite pair of boots. For the top wear you can simply stick to a satin shirt and a fitted blazer to create a workplace appropriate attire.


Knit Sets

These have become popular amongst the urban women simply because these are cozy and stylish. Certain spring days are chilly hence to nail the attire for the day you can simply adorn a knit set in a luscious nude shade of a fun pastel hue. Don’t forget to style it with a pair of glittery strappy heels.

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