Cotton Ballet Leotards: Why Buy Them?

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Ballet dance clothing initially comprised dresses and playsuits with almost no stretch till the 60s, and it was during this time when the leotards got noticed as being something that was more than just a uniform for the circus performers and the gymnasts. Of course, both the materials as well as the design of girl’s ballet dancewear has got improved since that time.

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Ballet leotards can be made out of many materials. However, do you know that the benefits of wearing a cotton ballet leotard are many?

The Durability They Offer

It’s important to go with a material that can handle the constant stress that your leotard will be in when you perform some ballet moves. Repeated sweat, pulling, and washes can break down the color and stretch of your leotards and can make them embarrassing and ineffective to wear. When it’s about wear and wash resistance, cotton is one of the most durable materials you can put your faith in.

Many materials become fragile and brittle when wet, so, for dancers, these just aren’t an option. Cotton ballet leotards can smoothly take in sweaty rehearsals and flexible moves.

So Soft and Smooth on The Skin

There are many dancewear manufacturing hubs that use spandex in the construction of ballet leotards. This material no doubt makes the clothing piece super stretchable and a snug fit on the body of the dancer but at the same time, it can make the leotard uncomfortable to wear as well. It will be less smooth and soft on the skin. The cotton ones on the other hand are known for the comfort they offer and are extremely cool on the body during exhausting rehearsals. They might not be as stretchable as the spandex pieces but nevertheless, they will offer accurate visibility for the teacher. Additionally, there is no chafing (which can be a huge distraction while performing) in the case of the cotton ballet leotards.

Known For The Breathability

Breathability in any kind of fitness wear is extremely vital. The dance clothing that you will be wearing during your rehearsals will be facing more stress and sweat than any other fashionable clothing item in your wardrobe. To keep it all light and breezy, you will need ballet leotards that will keep the moisture away from your skin and will let air flow through. The breathability that cotton ballet leotards offer will help you remain cool when your heart rate will be high during a smooth yet intense performance.

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