Different Features of Rugby Uniforms Available in the Current Market!

Rugby, with its 9th position among the most popular games in the entire world, is played by a huge number o athletes all over the globe. Depending on the needs of the players, the manufacturing companies are making different types of rugby clothes.


The new-age sports clothes designers are bringing new designs, materials and prints in their inventories. Here are some of the different features used in the rugby league uniforms. If you are looking to customize your rugby jerseys, then read below to know about what options you have to choose from, to give the ultimate style and comfort to your players.


The designers use two types of collars in the rugby uniforms. Collars enhance the appearance of the players by adding smartness to their persona. On one hand, there are traditional collars which are large and folded. On the other hand, you can find the athletic collars which are small and not folded. Some teams use the large collars as they give a classic style to the rugby jerseys. And there are other teams who believe that, traditional collars can be quite uncomfortable for the players as it will give the opponent team an opportunity to “tackle” the players. Athletic collars give the jerseys a more form fitting silhouette giving less scope to the rivals to grab in the tackles.


If you visit the online galleries of the topmost rugby jersey manufacturers, you will get both these collar options to choose from.


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Different Materials:

Those Rugby team owners who are planning to customize their rugby uniforms, must make sure that they know about the fabrics and select the best one for their players. Here is a list of some common materials used in rugby jerseys.



Cotton is probably among the oldest materials used for rugby. Since the beginning, cotton has been quite a favourite rugby jersey material. Being organic in nature, cotton provides maximum comfort to the wearers and also prevents any kind of uneasiness. But on the other hand, cotton gets easily wet and becomes heavy.


Blended Cotton With Polyester:

If cotton is not your choice, then you can go for its better version, that is, the poly cotton blend. 50% cotton is blended with equal amount of polyester which serves as a sturdy, comfortable and stylish Rugby jersey material. It is not only soothing to the skin, but can also absorb excess moisture from the body.


100% Polyester:

Some of the reputed manufacturers also use 100% polyester fabric for crafting the rugby jerseys. This is also a good option as it support different types of prints and offers unmatched comfort to the wearers.


So, contact one of the reputed rugby uniform wholesalers and choose the fabric that suits the needs of your players.


Not only in the materials or designs, you can find options in prints too. You can either go for the traditional printing method and stick to those same old prints that fade away easily after few washes. Or you can upgrade yourself and pick the sublimation prints which makes the colour last longer and sits smoothly on the fabrics. However, depending on the fabric, you have to select the printing technique. If you are opting for dye sublimation, you must go for polyester fabric.


Now, carefully select the right features for your rugby league uniforms and place your order!