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Rugby League Clothing

Rugby is one of the most popular games in many European and Southern Hemisphere countries of the world and has been widely revered as one of the toughest sports in the world. The popularity of rugby is also increasing with more and more new age players opting to pursue their career in it. We, at Alanic Global, being one of the biggest rugby jersey manufacturers have an impressive product portfolio. It is our aim to popularize the game in the country and bring its spirit outside the field by partnering with dedicated retailers and distributors to create the best product any consumer can find in the North American continent.

We are a reputed rugby clothing manufacturer in the United States

Being one of the top brands for rugby shirts manufacturers, we at Alanic Global are dedicated to satisfying our clients and make sure they experience only the best with us. We have worked on and continue to do so with each of our rugby clothing aspects – from quality to design, variation to fit, and comfort to functionality, everything is taken care of till the very end of the production process.

Our catalog is filled with rugby league uniforms and wholesale rugby shirts which define our quality and variety. Having fast escalated to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of rugby clothing in the business, we are here because of our peerless grit, dedication, and hard work to offer our clients with the best products in the subsequent decades.

Alanic Global has an ever-expanding catalog

We have put years of work and preparation into making our catalog increase and include new and more improved designs and technology every new season. Our efforts have brought maximum results as our inventory continues to become more extensive with every passing day and housing a thousand different styles and designs of rugby clothing.

As one of the most comprehensive rugby uniform manufacturers, we take pride in our achievements and so do our clients. Many of our clients have congratulated us time and again because of our catalog which has convinced them to partner with us. It is this kind of growth in partnership that Alanic Global wants to embody and it will continue to strive towards the way of excellence in the future.

Place your rugby clothing bulk orders with Alanic Global

At Alanic Global, we are all set to work with you as your rugby clothes manufacturers and help you climb the peak of the retail and distribution business. With an experienced workforce that amount to thousands and the best manufacturing technology money can buy, we ensure that you will be able to avail all the benefits that others offer and much more. Before you sigh in disbelief, take a look at the ‘tip of the ice berg’ advantages that we offer our partners –

1. Low minimum order quantities to open quality opportunities for retailers and distributors on all rungs of the ladder.

2. Fastest deliver options on bulk orders compared to other manufacturers because of large production network, efficient work force, and ingenious infrastructure.

3. Rated as one of the best wholesale rugby uniform manufacturers in the industry, Alanic Global is definitely a partner that will help you grow along with it.

4. A brochure that spans all horizons, from colors, designs, and creativeness – making us a truly global brand in every sense of the term.

If you partner with us, we at Alanic Global, promise you the best opportunities along with rocketing growth. Having found success, we believe we are on our way to earn more success by serving the needs of sports and fitness clothing business owners.

Meet our expert design team

No company can grow without dedication towards innovation and that is what this team does for Alanic Global. Basically, working towards increasing the functionality, comfort, fit, and fashion of these clothes, the design team makes sure that every retailer or client is mesmerized by the look and feel of the rugby clothing.

It is only because of our expert fabric engineers and stylists that each of our products come with the best color combinations and offer quick dry and cooling to the wearer. With us, your consumers will be more satisfied, and you will see your business grow like never before! Alanic Global believes that only when our clients make the best of themselves can we do the same and grow together as a team and network of aspiring companies.

Become a Distributor

We have made our pitch and shown our hand to help you understand our motto, zeal, and aspirations. If you too can see merit in what we say and are impressed by what we have to offer, then we will be more than happy to welcome you on board as one of our prized distributors. Only when we trust each other and form a bond of emotional and professional business partnership, do we believe we can help each other out.

Then why wait? Check out our wholesale rugby clothes collection and make your enquiry to team up with us! Also, you can fill up the form underneath with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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