Everything You Wanted to Know about Women’s Underwear

The underwear game is the ubiquitous part of our lives, and not only they add comfort, but also adds to the style quotient of the women, be it in any outfit. The panties which women wear lend them the confidence needed to strut in style at the road or the runway, and hence, the leading underwear manufacturers USA companies are making it a strict point to bring in more varieties in this genre. Thus, while you decide to buy a brand new dress, make sure to get hold of the complementing panty, which would add to the refined finishing of your look. Be it the classy or the hipster silhouettes, if you feel good from inside, only then you will reflect the most unique fashion statement.


So, ready to explore the wide world of panties? Here they are:

The boy shorts

They are modeled according to the design of male briefs, they come in rectangular shapes, and they come lower-cut leg. They are very formfitting, and can actually act as the throngs, and can be worn with any outfit, be it the classy dress or the laid back pajama. Without visible panty lines, these boy shorts are perfect for a very seamless look.


They are conventional and come with high waistband, and complete coverage. Not that attractive, but is definitely highly comfortable. Though not for the low-rise pants or shorts, you can definitely make them the companion of dresses and high waist pants and shorts.


Womens Underwear Manufacturers

French cut panties

These high-waist panties of the 1980’s are back to the global fashion scene. Though they look completely like the classic briefs, they feature cut leg holes, rising above the widest part of the thigh. Very classy and stylish, these French cut panties can be worn with any outfit, especially with high waist pants and skirts.


The waistbands sitting on the hips, they are also known as the hip-huggers and come with low cut leg holes. They render full coverage and support, and also go with low rise jeans and pants.


The bikini bottoms are the most popular ones. With high cut leg holes, the waistband sits a little below the actual waist, and come in string bikini form. Looking like triangles at the front and back, they are made of fine fabric, and lace work with intricate detailing sometimes. They come in sleek silhouette and has no high waist pattern, thus can be worn under any outfit.


If you are looking forward to wear something very form fitting and body hugging, be it the tight skirts or the dresses and even denims, they are perfect. Sitting somewhere below the waist, they do not provide any coverage to the back or butt, and also have no visible panty lines. Thus, for every body con outfit, these are perfect to slip into.


The T-shaped fabric renders no rear coverage and the front and back portions directly to the waistband. They provide a seamless look and also versatile enough to be worn with any outfit.


Thus, just like accessories, shoes and bags, even the underwears, especially the panties must be chosen according to the dress you would be wearing. With the leading underwear US manufacturing companies crafting them in variety, you get galore of options to explore at the retail stores.