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4 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Have This New Year

Lingerie is an important part of dressing up. You know it is. The consequences of making a wrong choice of lingerie are too harsh and you know that. So how to do you make the right choice? How to choose something that is perfect? Here is a list of lingerie that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Want to know what they are? Keep reading.


The first corset came in to being in the 1550s when Catherine de’ Medici, the wife of King Henry II of France banned thick waists. The corset is known for its slimming powers. It gives your silhouette a shapely illusion making it a great choice for all who want to highlight their bust and hips while hiding their “thick waists”. A corset clinches the waist, giving you a curvaceous figure. Underwear manufacturers USA based have corsets in different colors that add to the overall appeal.


Best when– worn to hide the belly fat.


Underwear Manufacturers USA


The blessing called shapewear has redefined female dressing, especially when it concerns party and festive dressing. You want to often time want to slip into a nice dress for some big party but without dieting that seems like an impossible feat. This is the shortcut you need. No crash diet, no workout. Just wear a shapewear and you are golden. A shapewear works like a corset but covers the entire bust area to the thighs.


Best when– worn under tight-fitting clothes and you need to hide your belly.

G-strings and Thongs

Rather than going commando, why not slip into something that is part sexy, part comfy and barely reminds you of its presence. Part comfortable because if you don’t get the G-string or the thong in the right size, you will be in deep waters. In fact, the wrong size can make it impossible for you to walk around. So ladies, make a right choice. Also, it is hardly visible, making a great pick when scanty clothing is your aim.


Best when– wearing body-con dresses and skirts, form-fitting pants and shorts, and when going for a swim.


Wholesale Underwear Suppliers

Seamless Panties

Unlike your G-string or thong, these won’t give you a wedgie. It is like your regular panty minus the hard seams sticking your skin. It feels absolutely great and is a comfortable pick for daily wear. The biggest advantage of seamless panties is that they can melt into your skin and don’t show up even when you are wearing something extremely tight. Underwear manufacturers USA based have the best seamless panties in a wide range of shades and textures displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers.


Best when– worn every day and you love comfort.


Thus, you can now feel beautiful both over and under by picking the right lingerie. Without the right lingerie, you know no amount of good clothing and effort can be appreciated. Your ensemble gets ruined. So pick the right one and add these aforesaid pieces to your underwear collection. Wholesale underwear suppliers are offering great discounts on bulk purchase of the same. Retailers can register today for unlimited access to the inventory.


5 Underwear Styles for the Style Conscious Gents

The first question that needs to be answered is, ‘if women can, then why can’t men?’ yes, you heard it right. And we are totally referring to the underwear trends here! If men get turned off when they see a woman in boring granny panties, then women too have their inhibitions when it comes to a man wearing a unexciting old pair of briefs. Your choice of underwear, no matter how personal, reflects your character. So if you really want to spice things up in your life, then here is a list of 5 types of briefs that you can give a try.


Wholesale Underwear Manufacturer

Printed Boxers

Old school boxers may be comfortable but they nothing much to offer on the style front. So give a twist to the tedious boxers with quirky prints on them. Keeping a white boxer clean can be tough even for the most scrupulous person. Hence, the printed boxers! They are fun and exciting. Red, blue, green, even pink and orange if you are daring, can totally be your colour. Cartoons, superheroes, stripes, polka dots can also fall in your consideration with underwear manufacturers usa giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

Boxer Brief

Take a boxer and a brief! Bam! You gave one of the best hybrids ever, boxer brief! And the best part, they are loved by both men and women alike. Practical and comfortable, these should be your first choice when it comes to selecting the right undies. While the boxer part keeps your masculinity covered properly, the brief half ensures to lend a soft touch against your skin. So if you really want to play safe yet have an edge over it, then these boxer briefs will be your go for it choice.

Sports underwear

Going to play on the field? Or hitting the gym for an intense workout session? Well, then you should consider these sports briefs that are specially designed to keep your junk protected from accidental blows. They are further crafted from fine quality material that absorb the sweat and help you feel clean. With big sports brands releasing sports briefs in a variety of shades and fits, they will surely be a worthy addition to your collection.


Underwear Manufacturers USA

Long John

Primarily designed as a part of the thermal wear to keep you protected in sub-zero temperatures, long johns have become popular again with the fashionable men all around the world. These ones dreadful looking rough inner wear was despised by all in the fashion circuits, but now they are liked by the masses for their sheer comfort. Tailored with butter like material, they promise to keep you at ease all day long. Wearing them minus any pants and roaming around the house make them even popular.

Classic tighty whities

The name may suggest otherwise, but these wonderful pieces of underwear are the finest creation for a man. Clean, crisp and comfortable, no one can look any further if practical is what they have in their mind. Best for daily use, they offer great fit which only amplifies your junk. The elastic waistband holds them in the correct place giving more prominence to the required area.


These are stylish and classy. Those being in vogue prove that style needs no definition or gender! For all the retailers who are looking to update their store collection, can find them online as reputed wholesale underwear manufacturer have assembled a great variety of these modish and trendy inner wears that will definitely leave your customers impressed.


Everything You Wanted to Know about Women’s Underwear

The underwear game is the ubiquitous part of our lives, and not only they add comfort, but also adds to the style quotient of the women, be it in any outfit. The panties which women wear lend them the confidence needed to strut in style at the road or the runway, and hence, the leading underwear manufacturers USA companies are making it a strict point to bring in more varieties in this genre. Thus, while you decide to buy a brand new dress, make sure to get hold of the complementing panty, which would add to the refined finishing of your look. Be it the classy or the hipster silhouettes, if you feel good from inside, only then you will reflect the most unique fashion statement. Underwear Manufacturers USA

So, ready to explore the wide world of panties? Here they are:

The boy shorts

They are modeled according to the design of male briefs, they come in rectangular shapes, and they come lower-cut leg. They are very formfitting, and can actually act as the throngs, and can be worn with any outfit, be it the classy dress or the laid back pajama. Without visible panty lines, these boy shorts are perfect for a very seamless look.


They are conventional and come with high waistband, and complete coverage. Not that attractive, but is definitely highly comfortable. Though not for the low-rise pants or shorts, you can definitely make them the companion of dresses and high waist pants and shorts.

French cut panties

These high-waist panties of the 1980’s are back to the global fashion scene. Though they look completely like the classic briefs, they feature cut leg holes, rising above the widest part of the thigh. Very classy and stylish, these French cut panties can be worn with any outfit, especially with high waist pants and skirts.


The waistbands sitting on the hips, they are also known as the hip-huggers and come with low cut leg holes. They render full coverage and support, and also go with low rise jeans and pants. Underwear Wholesale USA


The bikini bottoms are the most popular ones. With high cut leg holes, the waistband sits a little below the actual waist, and come in string bikini form. Looking like triangles at the front and back, they are made of fine fabric, and lace work with intricate detailing sometimes. They come in sleek silhouette and has no high waist pattern, thus can be worn under any outfit.


If you are looking forward to wear something very form fitting and body hugging, be it the tight skirts or the dresses and even denims, they are perfect. Sitting somewhere below the waist, they do not provide any coverage to the back or butt, and also have no visible panty lines. Thus, for every body con outfit, these are perfect to slip into.


The T-shaped fabric renders no rear coverage and the front and back portions directly to the waistband. They provide a seamless look and also versatile enough to be worn with any outfit.


Thus, just like accessories, shoes and bags, even the underwears, especially the panties must be chosen according to the dress you would be wearing. With the leading underwear US manufacturing companies crafting them in variety, you get galore of options to explore at the retail stores.

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7 Underwear Styles Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

For a woman underwear is as essential as her bras that is typically the back bone of the wardrobe. Starting with right fit, size, shape and style, it acts as a protective shield between your skin and clothes, providing you with sufficient support and coverage. Since comfort is the first priority for regular wear, you must opt for soft, lightweight and breathable fabrics and suitable cuts that do not bunch. However, just because underpants are worn under clothes, it does not mean that you cannot have fun with fashion. There are various styles of undies, available in the market, that are designed with a wide variety of features in order to suit your different occasions, moods and needs. Watch out below to get a sneak peek at them all!


Briefs, often called granny panties, feature two important things such as high waistbands and full coverage. Though they are not available in attractive styles, they are quite comfortable and universally preferred by women for regular usages. Despite being a comfort wear for many, they often come with a few drawbacks and one of them is the high waistband that becomes visible when worn under a pair of low-waist jeans, shorts or trousers.

Underwear Manufacturers USA

French cut
Though French cut underpants have the same high waistband as the briefs, they are available with high-cut leg holes that go above the widest part of the thigh. However, despite its ability to offer better coverage, some women like to avoid this style since the elastic band around its lower leg holes may be really tight and uncomfortable.


Unlike its name, this addicted underwear usa can be worn any woman, besides the hipsters. It has been named so because of the way the elastic waistband goes at least two inches below the waist and above the hips. Since these hipsters are designed with low-cut leg holes to provide full coverage, they are an excellent choice for most women who prefer to wear low waist jeans or trousers.


Boy shorts
Boy shorts are particularly modelled after men’s style of briefs and feature a rectangular shape. In this style the elasticized band rises above the hips and shows a low cut leg. However, you can also find the ones in which the legs extend to the upper thighs in order to offer more coverage.


Quite similar to the briefs, these are designed after female bikini bottoms and feature high-cut leg holes. Though they generally come with below the belly waist band, giving very little coverage, they are less visible underneath clothing, allowing you to wear both low and high rise jeans or shorts. Addicted Underwear USA

Thongs, once recognized as only erotic underwear, are now becoming more and more popular as an important piece of women underwear. Sitting three inches below the waist with the sides of these underpants made of three fabric strips, they are only able to offer minimal coverage, leaving the cheeks of the buttocks exposed. Once you contact your trustworthy underwear manufacturers usa, you can browse through their enormous catalogue of these T-shaped styles in different colors like hot pink, canary yellow, peach and powder blue.


For bold and experimental ladies Tonga-styled underpants can be a great choice. Though these have no sides, they are perfect provide full coverage to the back. Here the back and front pieces are attached to the waistband directly, which normally go below the waist.


All of these types of women panties can be available in a rainbow of colors like brown, blue, red, and orange as well as geometric and diagonal patterns that are perfect to suit individual tastes. But no matter what hues and prints you choose, make sure that they are made of right quality fabric and feature durable stitching lines. Nonetheless, you can also pick something from seamless designs that can protect your sensitive skin from irritation and rashes, particularly in this summer.


5 Different Types of Underwear that Every Man Would Want in His Wardrobe

Just like you pay a lot of time while purchasing your clothes, your underwear also deserves your special attention. Apart from absorbing sweat and moisture, they also support the genitals, boosting your confidence further. In addition to this they are quite helpful in cold weather in keeping the body warm. At last some underwear is specifically designed for erotic purpose. If all this information is not enough for you, then set your eyes on the following points about different types of underpants.


Briefs usually feature an elastic waistband that offers minimal coverage, leaving the legs uncovered completely. Coming with a y shaped fly at the front and having sufficient fabric to cover the buttocks till the beginning of the thighs they provide maximum comfort to the genitals and are comparatively less prone to rising and bunching than other types. These are specially a good pick for men who wish to put on a pair of low-rise or skin-fit jeans.

Mens Underwear Suppliers

Boxer shorts

Widely preferred by men of teenage or adolescence, boxer shorts are loose-fitted and comfortable but offer very little support for the genitals. They come with an elastic band that moves around the waist as well as straight-cut leg aperture which covers a part of the thighs.


Boxers tend to crumple under the bottoms wears, especially during rigorous movements which makes them ill-suited for exercises. Plus, wearing them under tight-fitted clothes or business suit should also be avoided as they often reveal considerable panty lines under the bottoms wears. Rather, they work well with loose-fit pants like straight-cut jeans and khakis.

Trunks or boxer briefs

Blending the best functions of both boxers and briefs, they feature tapered cut and supportive fit of each respectively to suit those who usually slip into tighter pants or tailored suits for work. However, one of the biggest advantages of boxer briefs is that they not only offer excellent support for the genitals but also lend confidence to the wearers especially who are a little overweight.

Mens Underwear Manufacturers

Bikini briefs

Quite similar to the briefs, these generally come with below the belly waist band that leaves the entire thighs exposed which makes them a great choice for those who want to show off their well-trained legs.


Those business owners who want to include these beach styled pieces to their stocks can contact a renowned mens underwear wholesalers online and place their order in bulk.


Thongs, once recognized as only erotic underwear, are now becoming more and more popular as an important piece of men underwear. Offering relatively minimal coverage than others, they are only capable of covering the genitals within a small sac, leaving the cheeks of the buttocks exposed.


Since there are several styles of underpants, available at the wholesale underwear manufacturers USA, retailers must choose the ones that go well with their requirements based on their preferences for colors, designs and materials.