Get Your Customers Run in Style with the Designer Wholesale Workout Apparel

Contrary to popular belief, fitness apparel is not at all about tight body fits, elastic waistbands and black color track pants. There’s so much more to it. In fact, fitness clothing is an all expansive dimension by itself. And in the recent times this dimension is being constantly fuelled in by fashion and new style trends, that are expressed in the form of stunning color combinations, great fits or a slim body look. Therefore, if you are a health club owner or a retailer selling fitness apparels, then investing in the latest wholesale fitness clothing is a smart choice you can make.


Wholesale Fitness Apparel

Types of designer fitness apparel to invest on

The leading wholesale fitness clothing suppliers are available at the convenience of online. Therefore, you can browse through their websites and choose the fitness apparel types from their catalogue and place bulk orders. The new apparel line comprises of:


  1. Men’s running clothes – Made from a premium blend of cotton and nylon fabric, the collection of men’s fitness clothing boasts a fascinating range of short sleeve T-shirts, clock series long sleeve T-shirts, polo shirts, sleeveless vests, cloak jackets and hoodies, shorts and pants in a wide range of vibrant colours.
  2. Women’s running clothes – Available in a combination of perky pinks, classy velvet and other vibrant shades, this collection comprises of tight fitting sports bra, capris, tank tops, yoga pants, shorts and jackets. The fabric comes in high-quality and does not become coarse with subsequent washes and even the colour does not fade.
  3. Compression clothing – This is a revolutionary one that makes men and women like Hollywood celebs working out in the gym. Compression wholesale fitness apparel is mostly available in a classic mono-shade of black and grey with champagne gold stripes and other such exotic designs.

Compare the costs

Ask each wholesale workout apparel manufacturer to provide you with price quotes, so that you can make a list of all the quotes and check which ones are offering the most affordable rates. Although price should not be the be all and end all of your criteria of choice, you need to consider it in order to avoid unnecessary spending. Even a 5% reduction in pricing can mean significant savings when you are purchasing fitness apparel wholesale from fitness apparel manufacturers. Along with price and designs, these manufacturers, suppliers and distributors must be reputed, well established and have a good name in the market.