How To And How Not To Wear The Graphic Tees

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If you want to wear graphic tees in the right way then all you have to do is follow some simple rules.


  • Sometimes, the graphic tees are like remembering the 90s style. So, you don’t need to be afraid to wear some of the old band tees that you have inside your closet. Just wear them boldly and you will get a different feel. As long as you look decent enough and get the style right, a worn, faded look can really add to the appeal. Not just band tees, but the term ‘retro’ can also include other sorts of old-school designs as well. Now stop wondering, ‘’but will the prints look good on me, or would I look stupid?’’. Style it right with ripped jeans or faded ones and you would of course look great!
  • Where it’s graphic tees, less is always more, and you don’t have to go crazy with long texts or huge logos. Remember, just a single word is also enough to give you the desired look you want. One small picture is better than a busy or scattered image. Rocking a subtle print would be easier than a too-detailed one.

Note: There can be exceptions to this one rule obviously. But sticking to the safe side is always better than not knowing and experimenting.

  • This one is the major one of all. Ensure that your graphic tees fit properly. Go for the tight ones and you will see your flesh bulging out in odd ways, with you attracting unwanted attention and too loose would make you look like you are going for a fancy dress show. The graphic tees should always hug your body snugly without restricting your movement.


  • Okay, you can’t wear graphic tees in formal settings. Streetwear has no doubt evolved in the last few years, however, it doesn’t mean that you will mistake graphic tees for formal wear and wear them to work. Try once and get ready to face the consequences.
  • Sporting the ‘’way too funny’’ graphic tees would never get you an appreciation like ”oh, how cool he or she is’’. The point of wearing graphic tees is NOT to make strangers (or anyone for that matter) roll their eyes the moment they see you.

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