How to Style A Preppy Rugby Shirt?

If you think of a rugby jersey, you might think of top-class Ivy Leaguers or real rugby players, but don’t worry — you do not have to be pompous or a mountain-like person to pull it off. The rugby jersey is bundled in a variety of famous design subcultures and moments. It’s been rocked by so many personalities like David Hockney, Mick Jagger to Tupac, and by a variety of actors, singers, writers, outdoorsmen — it looks nice on everybody, that’s what we’re saying (particularly girls).


The jerseys worn by professional rugby players are showing no similarity to traditional cotton rugby. Today’s tee is polyester, body-tight, and does not even have a collar. Yet the classic is still intact. Typically made of thick cotton, they also have horizontal lines in college colors and a white contrasting collar.


Rugby Jersey Manufacturers


Rugby jersey manufacturers took the traditional look and modernized it by creating it with soft renewable cotton and polyester, in combination with a bleached denim neck. We’ve even lightened the cloth a little, so you won’t be weighed down during the summer season.

How to don the jersey?

A rugby shirt is gorgeous without being snobbish and looks perfect for easy evenings and colder days. Here are a few ways to wear them.


While Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend has pronounced his prep period over, via his Instagram sporting spectacular rugby, stylishly tucked into cords, a style that we thoroughly embrace.



Although generally thought of as a favorite of jocks, one of the most popular rugby wearers is the famous artist David Hockney. Army green trousers and beat-up boots are a powerful look when combined with a rugby jersey.


We find wearing a rugby jersey with your comfiest pair of running shorts is one of the most pleasant things you can do. Large sleeves to the top to shield you from the sun, shorts to the bottom to keep you breathe secure. Avoid the high socks and ensure you don’t seem like you just got out of the bottom of the ruck.



Rugby shirts have, unexpectedly, been common among rock climbers for a while now. Rumor has it, Patagonia’s own Yvon Chouinard was among the first to know how well the collar holds up when holding the rope. Pair it with your preferred cargo shorts or trousers.


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