Looking Back at the 3 Greatest Fitness Trends of 2018

Another year comes to an end. But today, the article is not going to be another prediction one for 2019. Today, the focus will be on the fitness trends that stormed the industry in 2018. These trends are still going high and strong and will continue climbing the stairs of success in the future as well. Here is looking at the fitness trends which changed the face of the fitness industry. Want to know what they are? Keep scrolling down.

Wearable technology

One of the biggest highlights of 2018 was wearable technology, hand down. The advanced technology has swiped everyone left and right and earned a number one spot because primarily it deserves it. No, we are not saying that the trend is over because that is far from being the truth. None of the featured trends on this list are. But the technology that can be worn is just getting started with us. The fitness tracking watch has been the main acme because it possibly does everything you can ask for. From keeping a record of the calorie consumed to the number of steps taken every day, it does everything. Heart rate measurer, move reminders, GPS route tracking and many such techs have developed over the years. The compatibility these high tech gadgets have with our phone makes them easy to use, hence, further popular. The problem of accuracy has been successfully overcome by the fitness clothing manufacturers who are now updating their game by including these wearable techs in their collection.


Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Strength training

You think to be buff; you need to be in the studio all the times performing some weird cardio moves? Well, those days are long gone! Strength training has been backed up by science for it has some obvious benefits. From boosting longevity to building muscle, from protecting you from diabetes to preventing the back pain, strength training is goodness all around. It will be incorrect to not mention that their presence is not new in the world of fitness; however, 2018 saw a sudden surge in their popularity, partly due to the flexibility they offer. These exercises can be done in your living room, wearing nothing but a sports bra (men can go without a top completely!) and compression shorts. Also, surprisingly, the number of female members performing strength training has increased because it has some crazy effects on the overall metabolism.


This fitness regime has been around for so long that we probably forget that yoga has become a part of the modern life only a few years back. The thousands of years old yoga has a plethora of benefits to offer- it aids weight loss, it boosts mental stability, strengthens the body, fights diseases and improves the quality of life as well. So to anyone who asks why it is popular? Why not! Yoga has continued to impress millions of people, adding more numbers to their zenned practice. There are different types of yoga that are practiced around the world, for instance, Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa are the most popular ones. Bikram yoga or affectionately known as hot yoga has gained momentum in the last few years. This fitness trend is going nowhere and yoga clothing manufacturers will continue giving us the best and the trendiest pieces in the industry.


Prep yourself for 2019, but these trends from 2018 are here to stay for a long time.