Right Cricket Clothing Makes all the Difference

So, you are a die-hard cricket fan, thinking of starting your lessons, you must be pretty excited! Well, like all the other amateur cricketers, if you are feeling nervous about your first time playing the sport like a pro, there are preparations you can take that will get you more ready for it. Well, for starters, you need to select the right clothing items for practice and matches. Knowing what to wear when playing the sport is essential. The products of the leading cricket clothing manufacturers are usually high end. There are, however, certain factors that you will need to keep in mind before making the purchase.


Fitting plays a crucial role no matter what type of clothing you are buying. The same applies to sports clothing as well. Especially in case of cricket, players need to move around a lot. So they require something that is not either tightly fitted nor is too baggy. Getting the right fit for the jersey and the trousers is absolutely essential.

Cricket Clothing Manufacturers USA

Sweat wicking properties:

Both the jersey and the trouser should be made of materials that have good breath ability and sweat wicking properties. You may be a great fan of cotton, which does absorb moisture well but is slow when it comes to drying it off. Synthetic, silk and wool, on the other hand, have great sweat wicking properties. That is why sports clothing made of these materials are great. Most of the renowned cricket jersey manufacturers use these materials for creating their products.

Design & Comfort:

The level of comfort depends on the combination of the factors mentioned above. If the fitting is right and the materials are breathable, the cricket uniform is bound to be comfortable. As for the design, it needs to be mentioned that sports fashion is now a thing! Cricket clothing manufacturers USA make great efforts to make their designs stand out. Combining sports and fashion is the prime motto of most of the sports clothing manufacturers of today.

Keep these three factors in mind, and you will be all set to begin your lessons. Start looking and get ready for shopping!