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Types of Cricket Clothing which Cricket Teams Can Order from Wholesale Manufacturers

Cricket is no more about the bat and ball game recently, with players flaunting their high-class stylish stance from the practice tournaments to the matches. A sport which has always been reigning high with fame, is always filled with glitz and glamour, showcasing different trends of fashion through stunning range of cricket clothing every day. With the fashion world rendering us with endless opportunities, why shall sports lag behind? The top-notch cricket clothing suppliers and manufacturers are not only crafting a wide array of cricket outfits and jerseys, but also providing sartorial solutions to satiate the requirements of promotional clothing.


Now with customised clothing creating a buzz in the marketing world, none can deny the fact that a cricket team can bank on its benefits to advertise their team and endorse the sponsors. We will get you covered with the recent trends in cricket clothing genre:


Wholesale Cricket Clothing

Select on the Type

Before placing the bulk order, it is important to know what will be the type of cricket outfit in which you will investment. The recent trends have everything, thus making a piece can be a little tricky. Though jerseys are definitely important, go for the following styles, to make your team look fashionable even at the net practice sessions


Mesh Tees – these tees are highly equipped with sweat and moisture wicking facilities, rendering body movement and flexibility easily. The fabric keeps one cool and fresh all throughout without clinging on to the body, hence, mesh tees work the best for the rigorous practice sessions.


Shirts – to attend the press conferences or other events, make your team slip into full sleeved collared shirts, which render a poised demeanour to the athletics, buy with a sporty edge.


Shorts – though track pants work great for the matches and tournaments, it is pivotal to place bulk order for comfy and lightweight shorts which act as the closet staples for all the practice matches.


Singlets – wondering how to team up the shorts with? Go for sleek and slender singlets with wide arm holes and sturdy straps for a comfy and convenient feel.


Cricket Clothing Manufacturers

Alluring Designs

There was a time in the old ages, when cricket clothing only mean white clothes like tees, trackpants and knitwear. But with the constant evolution of the global fashion scene the celebrated cricket clothing manufacturers are breaking the monotony with charming and appealing outfits for the men in action.


Double Color – instead of creating a mess with a lot of hues and color tones, it is better to stick with elegant duo tones with proper color blocking. The one thing to be kept in mind is the proper contrast in color, with the team logo embossed, which must reflect the spirit of your team, to build up its worldwide reputation.


Sublimation – with a craze for sublimation prints happening recently in the fashion world, try out some in cricket jerseys too. They can be adorned with ritzy-zesty prints, patterns and motifs, reflecting colorful vibes and modish stance. From stylised logo embossment to any definite prints, sublimation can offer wonderful solutions.


Concepts – to appease the sponsors, try putting in some concept or tagline, so that onlookers can easily accept them visually. Be it quotes, messages, or photographic representations, a theme or concept makes the clothes look complete.


The Classic Cricket Clothing Style is Influencing the Mainstream Global Fashion Scene

Cricket, one of the most played and popular games today is not only something we remember for a being a top-notch sport, but also the style of the players sported from time to time on the field has always influenced the fashion forward crowd. Offering a number of style quotients since time immemorial, the cricket legends are no less than fashionistas, and they unknowingly have given us tons of style inspirations every day.


The leading cricket clothing manufacturers craft the outfits for the players thinking about comfort, and hence these clothing staples are the perfect fusion of style and convenience. From the ones worn at the net practice sessions, warm up matches or the final tournaments, all the clothes seem to evoke unique style definitions and start a new trend in the fashion world. Cricket Clothing Manufacturers

The simple yet classy and sporty clothing pieces tend to set new rules for the fashionistas, and hence the reputed cricket clothing suppliers spruce up the retail stores with the best looking and trendy cricket clothing pieces for the fashion forward men and women who want to embrace them for causal outings and occasions.


All white ensemble
When it comes to inspiring the mainstream fashion world through cricket clothing, we cannot deny the fact that wearing all white ensemble began only through cricket. The smart looking cricket players at Lord’s looked endearing in the white cricket clothes, and hence this inspired the fashion designers to lay stress on the trend of wearing all white to reflect a cool, soothing and subdued fad.


No more are the jerseys only limited to the playgrounds, rather they have now became the clothing key for the casual street outings too. Men and women are showing support for their favorite teams through the colorful jerseys being worn, and sometimes they also wear the ones which flaunt the name and number of their loved players. Thus, the trend of wearing the cricket jerseys came from the game itself, and not just while watching the match, the men and women are also seen even partying wearing these vibrant and smart looking jerseys to reflect a unique styling. Cricket Clothing Suppliers

Craze of sublimation
The cricket players sport different avatars for the league matches through the colorful sublimation tees and jerseys. The sublimated clothes are rendering inspiration to the fashion forward crowd to wear a lot of peppy colors and vibrant designs on their persona for any purpose and occasion and be the ultimate trendsetter.


The mesh tees and polo shirts
The mesh tees worn at the practice sessions are often seen being slipped in by girls and boys especially at the gym classes, with poised appeal. And when it comes to the polo shirts, the cricket players wear the white polo shirts for the test matches, and they are once again back into the fashion scene being inspired from this game. Thus, this way, the trend of wearing the classic polo shirts, especially the white and black ones is once again the hip and happening highlight today. Apart from them, the singlets are also preferred lot by the gym freaks, after watching the players workout in them.


The V-neck white sweaters
The white V-neck white sweaters introduced by the cricket teamwear suppliers which epitomizes cricket fashion have crossed the barriers of this sport and reached out to the global fashion scenario, as in winter men and women are wearing them to sport a classy and elegant dressing sense.


Cricket Clothes for the Amateur Teams- A Definite Buying Guide

The recognition of cricket has surged high in recent times among the high-schoolers and college-goers. More and more youngsters are flocking to this sport. This is true even in USA, which has always been predominated by football and basketball.


This trend shift in this sport has created a space of opportunity for small clothing businesses to tap on the large (and less-demanding) amateur cricket players with clothing wholesale. And the fact that top cricket clothing manufacturers already caters these younger players with the right type of wholesale, banking on this flourishing niche gets even easier for the businesses. Cricket Clothing Manufacturers


Buying Cricket wears for the LOCAL amateur cricket team- A slight shift in strategy


Of course every cricket player- professional, first class or amateur- wants premium quality wears that ooze high comfort and breathability, which subsequently supplement in their overall performance. But how much budget they are going to allocate on these cricket uniforms differs widely. While professionals have no-such thing as ‘budget cap’ and they usually go for the best possible jerseys and trousers available, the resources are somewhat limited for the high school and college cricket teams.


Amateur cricket teams might not (and probably- will not) spend as much on their uniforms as the professionals. And this is something that the bulk buyers must keep in mind when buying their wholesale. Keep the quality high; keep the price low.


Another area where these two consumer bases differ is “what they buy?” While the professional teams would purchase an all round gear that would include many types of jerseys (full sleeves, short sleeves), vests and jackets (for practice sessions), trousers, shorts and more; Amateur team might not have this much of leeway. Cricket Clothing SuppliersHigh school and college cricket teams usually stick with the standard items of standard custom varieties. Half-sleeve jerseys with high-performance trousers are more demanded. So it is likely a good idea for small clothing businesses to avoid bulking the items that aren’t as demanded by this consumer base. A simple tops and bottoms wholesale collection for these amateur cricket teams is much capital-friendly and financially-sane option.


These are the two important aspects that small clothing businesses must consider when buying their wholesale if they are trying to target their local high-school and college cricket teams. Dialing a good supplier would further ease up the buying process, given that these cricket clothing suppliers very well know the needs and demands of this surging consumer base.


Spruce up Your Stocks with the Basic yet Functional Cricket Clothing Items for Your Team

Cricket is the widely played and mostly watched games and sports in the world which has gone through a lot of changes in terms of their jerseys styles and appearances. To make the players look more beautiful and motivate them for better performance, designers have stirred up a gallery of choices. So if you are hoping to update your clothing stocks and add a distinguished feel and flavor to the looks of the players, then you must contact a leading manufacturer and think of creating a fusion of traditional and contemporary style. Here’s a list of items that you must stock up at first. Cricket Clothing ManufacturersShirts
With the evolution of cricket clothing fashion, shirts have changed a lot in terms of styles, colors and use of materials. While the finest quality of synthetic fibers like polyester and spandex are chosen for flexible, breathable and lightweight feel, the sleeve patterns have changed as well, in order to offer comfort and relaxation. However, these changes make a lot of differences when it comes to playing strenuous matches.


As for colors, white is the most common choice, but you can feast your eyes on other colors as well such as yellow, red, green and more that are available at the online hubs of cricket clothing manufacturers.


With the stress and pressure that the game creates on the players, thing pads only add to the discomfort while batting wearing them. So wearing pants and trousers in stretchable and flexible forms is a must since they will allow a complete freedom of movement, aiding in the performance of the sportsmen on the field. Cricket Clothing SuppliersSweaters
For the cold months of winter, players are often seen to be wearing sweaters. They are generally made of fleece and come with both sleeveless and long sleeve patterns. Coming in basic colors like white, black or grey with contrasting shades on cuffs and collars, they bring on an definitive stance. In fact, the light weight white V-neck sweaters are very common as the timeless and classical cricket clothing component. There are various reputed cricket clothing suppliers who are producing them in a wide array of styles in order to meet the exceeding requirements of consumers.


Inner garments and socks
Most important of all, inner garments are the most essential clothing items that make a lot of difference in the performance of the sportsmen. Available in different styles, like briefs, they are required to be made of cotton, rayon and lycra so that they can offer utmost comfort and relaxation to the wearers and wick away excess sweat and moisture, keeping the wearers dry and fresh throughout.


Now as for The socks, they must come in high-quality materials, that are highly capable of wicking away moisture, absorb shock and offer a cushioned feel. Plus, wearing a right pair of socks can prevent injuries and even resist any blisters to happen.


Be a Shining Star in Cricket Clothing Arena

Presently, cricket is like the shining star of sports. Numerous financers, glammed up matches, high paid players all have contributed to make the bat and ball game a high profile package. This game of riches of course provides the best quality sports wear and accessories to its celeb players. And why only the big league? The great number of cricket clubs and associations are around us, all opt for good quality uniforms for their players. As when it comes to performance, comfort matters!

 Cricket Clothing Supplier

Cricket Power Play
Cricket is currently world’s one of most popular outdoor games. Many countries including India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka take part in it with lot of enthusiasm and fervour. Though officially Hockey is the national game of India, the countrymen are literally crazy about this particular sport. And these days short span league matches have become the hottest attraction. Apart from the star players many other young players get the opportunity to showcase their talent on this platform. As a result this is inspiring thousands of kids to take the sport seriously and that clearly indicates a sky-high future for cricket.


Clothing in Cricket
One just cannot give his or her best shot unless he or she is at ease. High quality fabrics are necessary for our skin to breathe, especially in sports. The wholesale cricket clothing suppliers make sure that our hardworking players never feel shaky due to garment discomfort. Skin-friendly clothes in great variety make the wholesalers run high on their trade.

 Cricket Clothing Manufacturer

Abundant Choices
You get to choose from multi-coloured to single shaded clothes. Go double coloured shirts, jerseys with designs, shirts in a single colour, sublimated t shirts, singlets and shorts. They also provide matching caps with the jerseys, so you may select them in matching fashion or in contrast. The cricket clothing manufacturers also provide the traditional white uniform. If it is a test cricket match in your club, you can get sets of these.


Generally, the branded stuffs are too costly to afford for the clubs. So it is better to invest in something that offers similar quality fabric in comparatively lesser prices. Plus, as claimed by the cricket clothing manufacturers these cricket jerseys are made of dri-fit fabric that soaks the unwanted body moisture quickly leaving your body fresh. So that nothing comes between you and your performance.


Don’t Overlook Women Department when Buying Your Cricket Clothing Wholesale from Top Manufacturers

Cricket has always been a favorite and craze among men of all ages. But today, the rise of women tournaments and female athletes in this sport has managed to peak the interest of many women. Some are aspiring to become professionals, while others are playing it in their pass time. And above all, the number of women watching this sport has increased dramatically. And this has led cricket clothing manufacturers take special attention while tailoring the gear for these awesome ladies.


More comfort
Men do need that threshold comfort level in their gear, so that they can play as comfortably as possible. But the demand and need of women is on a whole different level. And that is why the production process of their wears- be in the designing, cutting, sewing, or subliming, needs special attention from cricket clothing manufacturers.Fantastic Blue Cricket ShirtEfficient machinery- The comfort level of any wear is directly correlated to how good is the machinery that is processing it. So new and efficient technological machineries and tools has to be used in women’s cricket clothing. This makes the fabrics even more stretchable and easily washable. Plus, dri-fit technology makes these clothes very feasible in fighting sweats. It allows the sweats pass through the fibers from inside to the outer surface and then evaporate quickly.


Sublimations- the whole sublimation process is a bit controversial and non-recommended by many people on sports wears; it blocks the fibers of the clothes and adversely impacts its wicking properties. This might be true in some cases, but when you’re buying your stock from top and trusted cricket clothing suppliers, you can rest assured; that is not the case with their wholesale.


Meadow Green Cricket Collar t-shirtLike mentioned already, cricket clothing manufacturers use efficient technological tools and machineries. This not only adds wicking properties in their clothes, but also keeps them very efficient even during and after sublimation process. The imprints get absorbed into the tiny fibers with no hint of extra layer. This also makes these cricket wears very durable; and even after multiple washes they would look just like the new ones.


Women prioritize style more that men do. So cricket clothing suppliers offer many different varieties that are very fashionable and trendy. From different color combinations to various designs and patterns- women get plenty of quality options.


Also, just a plain polo jersey and trouser is not sufficient for the ladies. So cricket clothing manufacturers offer many different types of wears; like shorts, full sleeve or sleeveless jerseys, hats or caps, hoodies and more. These different types meet the different needs of practice sessions, winter and summer seasons.


So while you stock men’s wear from top cricket clothing suppliers, don’t overlook the women clothes. The popularity of cricket is increasing faster among the ladies and manufacturers and suppliers are offering many different quality varieties to meet their clothing demands.


Modern Cricket Demands Performance-Oriented Clothing

Cricket can be played in a pair of shorts or jeans and a tee. But one cannot wear these clothes to play professional cricket. Just like any other sport like football or baseball, cricket too has a specific set of clothing that all players must abide by, whether they are representing a cricket club, cricket league, associations or even school. There are a number of designers and cricket clothing manufacturers that have dedicated themselves to offering the very best and the very latest in cricket whites, trousers, shirts and jumpers to suit the modern requirements of the sport.


COOL CRICKET SHIRTDesigned to Perform
Cricketers demand clothes that are designed to perform. Taking into consideration the demand for performance-oriented clothes, manufacturers are creating clothes made from technically advanced fabrics that feature obsessive attention to detail and quality. Available in different sizes, the clothes are meant to make the player feel comfortable at all time and should not restrict the movement of the players. Cricket clothing manufacturers are coming up with innovative manufacturing techniques that produce clothes which breathe and can wick off moisture easily and quickly so that the players feel cool and dry even during an intense match.


Demand for Style
Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world and it had started out as a gentleman’s sport. The demand for stylish apparel and accessories should not come as a surprised because this sport is televised and enjoyed by people around the world. This intensity and demand for modern cricket demand for stylish, hard-wearing and comfortable clothing. A professional cricket player is no less than a celebrity in the present times and hence, the players ought to look their part. Also, clothes is one of the easiest ways to boost a player’s morale and since they have to face intense pressure from their coach as well as fans to perform their best every time, looking great might just help to lift up their spirits.


Young or adult, amateur or professional cricket teams will have their own set of specifications when it comes to clothes. Getting in touch with leading manufacturers and cricket clothing suppliers might really be of help to you. A lot of them offer tailored solution to meet the exact specifications and requirements of their clients and this will help you in being able to design unique uniforms for your team. Retailers can also hugely benefit from custom clothing options as they can serve their customers better.


Team coaches, club owners or retailers looking to purchase bulk products can get in touch with renowned and well-known cricket clothing suppliers that fit their needs and get huge discounts on buying wholesale.


Guide to Purchasing the Right Cricket Clothing

Cricket is a very popular sport all around the world, especially in countries like India, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. Wearing the right kind of clothing during practice sessions and matches is an absolute necessity for a pleasurable playing experience. If you think that you do not know enough about cricket clothing, here are a few things to help you out.


Cricket uniforms are also popularly known as cricket whites and flannel and it consists of jerseys, jumpers, trousers and jockstraps. Although these uniforms are available in a number of colors depending on the different nations that the professional team represents, but amateurs usually wear white colored uniforms.


The material of the jersey should be polyester because it has the ability to wick moisture and keeps the player dry, cool and comfortable after a rigorous practice session or during a match under the scorching heat of the sun. Cricket is a sport that involves strenuous outdoor physical activities leading to profuse sweating and wearing the wrong clothes would just end up making the wearer feeling extremely uncomfortable.


The jersey and the trouser should be of the right fit. It should not be too tight-fitting because that would not allow for full freedom of movement and neither should it be too baggy but allow enough breathing space.

Cricket Clothing Manufacturers

Why is it Important to Find the Right Manufacturer?

Do you have to buy cricket apparel for an entire cricket team? If you do, the first thing that you need to do is short-list probable cricket clothing manufacturers that can provide you with uniforms in wholesale. One of the huge benefits of being associated with cricket jerseys wholesalers is that you do not have to worry about going to different places for the things you require but instead get everything from one place. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? It also helps maintaining a consistent quality of uniforms which may not be the case if the sports apparel are being manufactured and supplied from different manufacturing houses.


If you are interested in including the logo of your club, player name and number or sponsor details, you will have to look for manufacturers and cricket clothing suppliers that provide custom cricket clothing and has the resources to handle your bulk orders. There are a number of manufacturing houses that allow the purchasers to include their own designs or if they fail to come up with any, they can also choose from a catalogue.


If you are ready to purchase apparel for your cricket team, search for renowned and reliable manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers and let the young and adult players play their best wearing comfy clothing.


How Compression Garments Have Brought About a Revolution in Cricket Clothing!

Every sports activity has its own share of risks and dangers and so does cricket. Have you ever thought what if your clothes had given you a superb protection from the injuries that usually occur while you are participating in game of 22 yards? It would have been great, right?


Yes, the cricket clothing manufacturers have understood your requirements and they are arriving with a whole new range of compression clothing that will cater to what you need. Though basically used as a running garment, the compression outfits have made quite a glorious entry into the array of cricket clothing. If you are yet to have a hold of them, check out what benefits it offers!

•  Therapeutic benefits:

Compression clothes are said to have a plethora of therapeutic benefits that will help you stay fit while you are on and out of the playground. Here are few of them!


1. Protection from injuries:

Compression clothes are medically structured to offer you the protection from injuries like muscle sprain or twist. The cricket clothing manufacturers are now crafting compression clothes that are perfect for Cricket. Whether you are running to gain scores or chasing the ball to stop it from crossing the boundary, a compression jersey can really keep your delicate muscles and tendons safe from all injuries.

Cricket Clothing Manufacturers USA

2. Increased Muscle Flexibility:

When you slip into those tight-fitting yet flexible outfits, it supports your muscles as well as adds to its suppleness. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be for you to run or bend and move your muscles. While you play cricket, you require running, jumping and most of the time stretching of the muscles. This necessitates you to wear the compression garments. If you do not know where to look for these garments, you must check out the stores of the reputed cricket clothing manufacturers USA.


3. Placebo Effect of Compression clothes:

Studies show that compression clothing has a positive effect on the mind of the wearer which makes them perform better. The tight grip around the skin provides support and helps you feel more at ease. However, if the climate is humid, then compression clothes are not recommended underneath your usual clothes while playing as it may generate excess heat.

•  Style Quotient:

Needless to say, when you appear in the playground, you create an impression on the audience by your stylish look. The cricket clothing manufacturers are not only taking care of the quality but they are also creating stylish items that will make you stand out in the crowd.