Seven Tips To Rock The Clean Girl Aesthetic Fashion Trend


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Fascinated with the clean girl aesthetic styling concept? Well, fashion influencers have been spotted to catch eyes by wearing pieces falling under this trend that echo comfort and sophistication and displaying a calm and confident attitude in such outerwear. If you’re a business owner, who’s keen to stock up women’s apparel, make sure to collaborate with one of the top-rated private label clothing manufacturers offering a wow-worthy women’s clothing collection.

Read these expert fashion tips below to know the various ways for channeling the clean girl aesthetic in your daily life.

Balance Athleisure With Preppy

As highlighted by a famous fashion blogger, combining sporty closet pieces with preppy attire is a hit idea to evoke sleek yet modest vibes. For instance, you can pair your biker shorts in black with a loose button-down in eye-soothing white color or team your khaki pants with a white tank and cardigan. For footwear, you can opt for black pumps, white tennis shoes or neutral-hued sandals to channel the aesthetic.

Simplicity Says Sexy

As per the advice of Jessa Maddocks, you can carry the clean girl look by going for an attractive, simple ensemble like a wrap dress or slip and choose charming pastels and plain patterns instead of neutral shades. Accessorize with minimal jewelry and finish your outfit with black stilettos as you step outside to have fun with your friends!

Matchy-Matchy Looks Sassy

Wearing matching outerwear echoes the clean girl style of dressing as it stands for simplicity and provides convenience. As Kata Bychkova, a popular lifestyle influencer points out, you can select athleisure sets in matching neutral hues, same-colored sweatsuit, carry out color-coordination with a skirt and blouse or wear a monochromatic two-piece set to connote this aesthetic. Add sneakers to this effortlessly styled set and carry a shoulder bag or small crossbody bag to appear uber-chic.

Large Blazers Denote The Model-Off-Duty Stance

Pairing any outfit with an oversized blazer helps to create the perfect clean girl appearance. So, layer such a big, structured blazer over a tight top and oversized bottom and finish this stylish look with open-toed stilettos for any occasion.

The Neutral Color Palette Is A Go-To

We must inform you that bright colors and crazy patterns don’t exactly confirm to the clean girl aesthetic. From Liv Schreiber to Kennedy Bingham, many stylists and influences recommend that you stick to neutrals like white, black, brown, grey, tan and similar shades as you won’t find a clean girl wearing loud hues or wild patterns.

Go For Minimal Embellishments

It’s best that you keep your look chic and casual if you want to pull off the clean girl appearance. You can wear a comfortable blue denim pair comprising of ripped edges with a classy white shirt to flaunt a trendy clean girl outfit.

Select Straight Pants Over Skinny Legwear

As brought to light by an influencer, mom jeans and straight-cut trousers are a suitable option for this aesthetic as they cinch at the waist and produce a flowy silhouette. You can opt for high-waisted bottoms too as these will make you look casual and chic, keeping up with the clean girl notion.

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