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How to Start (and Grow) Private Label Clothing Business from Scratch in 2018?

Want to launch your own apparel line? You don’t have to invest big in manufacturing units anymore. Neither do you have to hire experts for additional (and unnecessary) help. Do things the 2018-way. Starting, growing and sustaining your private label apparel business is quite easy today—easier if you’re slightly smart in your decision-making.


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Here are 5 quick steps to launch and scale your own clothing line in 2018 the right way:

1. Decide who you’re going to target

The first step is finding your target audience— who you’re going to target. Take your time here, factor market trends, prioritize your own interest, as well as your financial goals. Be specific and know exactly who will purchase your collection. The more definite you are the easier and efficient will marketing and customizing your collection will become.

2. Identify your successful competitors

You can learn a great deal on how to get better from your successful competitors. Understand that they are successful because their strategies have worked ideally. And if you follow their suite, you too can get right where they are but without all the efforts and hassle of trial and failure. So identify these competitors who have done what you want do to. Check out their collection, understand their marketing strategies. And then take a similar approach but without entirely copying them.

3. Contact a good private label clothing manufacturer USA

This is the single most important step. Your manufacturer would be no less than a business partner. And it is imperative that you choose this partner very carefully. Look around you, search online, get references and find out who your competitors are buying their wholesale from. These days you can find many good private label clothing suppliers if you’re careful.


Private Label Apparel Manufacturer USA

4. Get into specifics of your collection

You’ve got your manufacturer right—it’s time now to get your collection correct. You know who your target audience is, just understand their specific demands and requirements. The colors they like, the design they prefer, the quality they can afford. Of course, you can’t get your clothing line perfect; at least strive to get it good. Get into the specifics and give your target audience exactly what they want.

5. First pricing and then marketing

Instead of diving directly into marketing – something that majority do – first have a pricing strategy. Know at what price you’re going to sell your collection at. Be strategic; use discounts well; understand how to use your price to trigger sales; target different segment of your audience with different price. Once you’re done having a kickass pricing strategy, move on to marketing your products. Do SEO well; reach your audience effectively; and also focus on offline means of promotion.


These are 5 quick steps to launch and scale your own clothing line in 2018. Of course, the path ahead won’t be easy. But with few smart choices and right approach, you can size down your troubles and create business that’s destined for success.


5 Clothing Ensembles from the Duchess of Cambridge that Everyone Needs to Try

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has always been the spotlight for her perfect fashion choices. She has given women all around the world enough motivation to up their style game. Because of her jaw-dropping appearances, we now have outfit inspiration for five different occasions. They can be summarized as follows.

#Inspiration no 1: For dinner dates

The latest appearance that the Duchess made was at the garden party to celebrate the Queen of Warsaw during the royal tour of Poland. Her custom made a white dress with black detailing along the waist and the matching pearl accessories (read neckpiece and earrings) made her look ethereal. She tied her hair in a bun and wore black heels to complement the attire. And wow did she win the hearts! Give it a try when going for a dinner date with your partner and surprise him.

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#Inspiration no 2: For airport

Middleton surely knows how to blend comfort and elegance, especially when flying is the task at hand. She wears a white knee length coat dress with nude pumps and minimal makeup. The simple yet classy clothing combination proves that you don’t need to look like a hobo when travelling. You can get the similar dress designs from the most coveted private label dress manufacturers.

#Inspiration no 3: For office

Blue flare pants teamed with a plain white top and structured blazer in the same pristine shade is everything you need to woo your colleagues. Though the Duchess of Cambridge wore this ensemble to the 1851 Trust Roadshow, the sheer sophistication of the ensemble combined with the dash of conventionalism it offers makes this the perfect workplace wear. A pair of neutral wedges and minimal accessories is all that is needed to stand out in the crowd.

#Inspiration no 4: For a night out

Though Kate Middleton wore this during the day of her visit to the British Embassy in Paris, the appeal of the dress is too hard to ignore. Perfect for an evening out with friends, a black tweed gown, of which you can adjust the length with the help of private label clothing suppliers, ups your appearance by volumes. A thin leather belt, pearl accessories (read neckpiece and earrings again) and black strappy heels were the right choices for accessories that only adds to the wild yet elegant approach to the dress.

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#Inspiration no 5: For the most casual occasion

If you thought that the Duchess was all about chic dresses, you were completely wrong. When she showed up at the Virgin Money London Marathon in casuals, it was something that garnered much attention. A pair of cropped jeans in black, teamed with a white casual shirt and a black zip up jacket, and also a pair of white sneakers, is all you need to make an impression. Whether you are going to the coffee shop or just planning to move around the entire day, this is the right clothing combination you need- comfortable and spontaneous.


On that note, the Duchess of Cambridge has influenced all of us enough with her impeccable sense of fashion and she still continues to do so. Draw motivation from her clothes and up your style quotient. Top manufacturers offer wholesale private label clothing that has been designed being enthused from the above-mentioned clothes. Retailers who want to make a bulk purchase can register with them today for securing massive discounts.


5 Powerful Strategies to Easily Scale Your Private Label Clothing Business in 2017

No more is launching an apparel line a big deal. With top private label clothing manufacturers by their side, even a market novice can launch a business easily—and that with NOT much of the capital requirement. In 2017, the bigger challenge would be to scale and sustain the business in the face of highly competitive market and more demanding customers.


Is short, the year is for the smart business minds who would trade away those tried-tested and cliché strategies with something new and clever.

Private Label Clothing ManufacturersTo help you give your New Year the right start, here are 5 powerful strategies to scale your private label clothing business rather easily-


1. Target your local niche market

To scale your business beyond the domestic boundary, you first need to have a firm foothold in the local market. So instead of having a broad approach by targeting ‘everyone’, start by focusing on just your local, niche target audience. Have a decent fan base locally before moving on to explore different regional market.


2. Focus on database marketing

Your marketing strategy doesn’t (and mustn’t) have to be like ‘shooting in the dark’, especially if you’re short on budget. Make right decision and start concentrate more on database marketing in 2017. Use your potential customers’ database, design custom campaigns and be more personal in your communication to ensure optimum conversion.


3. Outsource a sales expert

Contrary to what many believe, outsourcing professionals and experts isn’t an expense, but an investment instead. So hire sales and marketing professionals, whether struggling or not in your business, in 2017. It is only going to yield you better result, leaving you in far better place, with higher sales performance, than before.

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4. Bank on the dropshippers

Even the big brands and e-commerce businesses rely on Dropshipping companies these days—and so should you. Let go of all your stress and hassle regarding inventory management and order fulfillment. Take hands of a good manufacturer-cum-dropshipper and let them handle everything professionally and efficiently, while you focus on things that are more important.


5. Leverage on the latest trends

One surest way to improve your sales performance is to offer your customers exactly what they want. And what do they want? The apparels that are currently trending—wears that the celebrities are going gaga over. So following all the latest fitness and fashion trends should be a part of your core clothing business strategy. Keep your eyes open and mind unlocked; look around web and the magazines and wholesale accordingly.


These are 5 simple but powerful strategies that entrepreneurs must take up in 2017 to scale and sustain their private label clothing business easily. Of course, this goes on without saying, having one of the best private label clothing suppliers by them is the most important part of all.


5 Winning Strategies to Enter Clothing Market with Your Own Line-up

Given the high competition in nearly every business niche today, being different and unique is the key to success for all the entrepreneurs. And this includes clothing industry too. While millions of apparel retailers operate these days, only a handful of them have managed to create a distinct image in front of its target audience; rest are surviving, enjoying mediocre return.


If you’re a clothing business owner, or intend to venture this market, wholesaling the same range of fashion, fitness and lifestyle apparels is going to help you very less to mark the revenue and success that you hope for.


You need to be different. And this, today, synonyms – you need to wholesale private label clothing; meaning, you need to start your own apparel line. And this may seem like a tedious and costly task, it isn’t.


Many good private label clothing suppliers have emerged on the scene in recent times that have made things much quicker, cheaper and easier, even for the novices. Lookout for such suppliers!

Private Label Clothing Supplier

And as for how you go about in this direction, here are 5 winning strategies to enter the clothing market with your own distinct line-up-


1. Athleisure wear market is gold right now The fusion of fashion and fitness staple is a craze these days, with millions of consumers around the world rallying behind this trend. So what better way to venture clothing industry than with trending private label leggings, tops, outwears, joggers, and more.

2. Follow the footprints of your successful competitors Successful competitors don’t necessarily have to be a threat; they can be a source of inspiration too. So learn from their journey. Replicate it, but with your own individual collection. See the suppliers they are dealing with, the channels they are using and their pricing strategies.

3. Have a profit-focused approach Many advise against being money-focused. However, thinking about high profit – and basing all your decisions to ensure that – isn’t bad, unless you’re not compromising on the values and deceiving your customers. So be profit-focused. Whether when wholesaling or pricing, factor your customers needs, what’s trending high and the profit margin you would like to cut.

4. Start an online-only retail store Online-only model wasn’t very popular couple of years back for the clothing retailers. But with the rise of dropshippers, things have changed. Many people are opting to have just the online store, leaving inventory management and shipping to professional dropship companies. It’s less stressful and less costly.

5. Spend more time and energy on marketing You may have the perfect wholesale private label clothing, but it is of no use if people don’t know about it; if people don’t know about your brand. So marketing is the key here. Whether PPC, search engine or/and social media marketing, you must spend more time and energy there to make sure your target audience recognizes you in this clutter of competition.


These are 5 strategies to dominate the clothing market with your own private label line-up. Of course, there are a host of other factors that you need to be careful about equally; like your collection itself, the pricing, target customers and more. Things sure will be challenging ahead. But with the right private label clothing suppliers, you are vouched for the success you’re looking for.


National Brands Vs Private Label: What are Consumers Buying?

A change in consumer behavior can be noticed as popular notions such as higher price meaning high quality is fading. Previously, consumers had this lackluster attitude towards private label or store brands. But the recent reports suggest that there has been a rise in the purchase of private label brands and has increased the competition for national brands. National brands only had to fight it out amongst themselves but now they even have to compete with local brands to maintain their hold on the market share.


In the US retail landscape, private label brands are playing a significant role. Back in 2013, it reached a whooping $112 billion out of the total $643 billion in retail sales. In 2015, private label brand sales reached $118.4 billion. For the year 2016, the growth rate is estimated to be 5%. Not just USA, but the whole world is fascinated by the idea of private label brands and various e-commerce giants and high-end fashion houses are rolling out their own brands to fight it out. One of the main reasons for retailers increasing their % of private label brands is the fact that consumers prefer these over national brands due to the huge difference in price.Private Label Clothing Suppliers USA

Do you want to start your own clothing line? Let us help you get started.


• Look for reputed manufacturers and private label clothing suppliers. Teaming up with the right manufacturer is important because even though consumers are letting go of ‘national brands’, they are not willing to compromise on quality of the products.


• Decide upon what you want to sell and your target audience. Sell clothes that are trending and add your own twist to it to make it unique. Find out if the manufacturer offers custom clothing options.


• Place your order in bulk so that you get the products at wholesale prices and sell the products at a retail price that keeps your profit margin high.


Opting to choose for selling private label clothing is going to give you a lot of freedom. It would help to create a brand image and identity. You would not just selling clothes but creating a legacy. Choosing the right manufacturer plays a huge role in the success of your private label brand.


Get in touch with private label clothing wholesalers and work towards turning your apparel dreams to reality. Don’t forget to do your share of market research and study of consumer buying habits.


A Private Label Clothing Manufacturer Now Stocks Iconic Dresses of Film History!

The film fraternity has not only blessed us with the most outstanding talents, right doze of entertainment and best movies to get hooked to, the other most important thing gifted would be the best fashion stances. Think of Marilyn Monroe’s white halter neck dress billowing? Just like it created a stir in the global fashion scene, there are other such iconic dresses which have made the movies remembered more. A fusion of classic and contemporary detailing, these dresses will never fade out of the fashion world, and be it the designers or the leading private label clothing manufacturers USA companies, these dresses are rendering an idea and inspiration to the craftsman to produce something in close connection to them.


The best film dresses have developed cult and obviously made the respective movies and the celebs who wore them more famous and appealing. Thus, realizing their craze, the private label brands too are stashing their inventory with dresses like these to entice the fashion forward women.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in USA

Retro White gown: American Hustle

The movie of 2013 was set in the retro period of 1970, and the designer crafted a white gown for Jenifer Lawrence, quite groovy and classic to look at with deep plunging neckline and sleek straps! This dress has been kept in mind by the clothing manufacturers of private label brands, and crafting them in wide array of styles and cuts.

Lavish green silk gown: Atonement

Again here, Keira Knightly is made to wear a lavish silky grown with subtle shimmer, taking the audience back to the era of 1940s. The floor length and backless gown made a shout out to the fashion world, and now u it has become an icon to craft something similar for the style conscious women of this era.

The historical black dress: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The 2010 poll conducted proved the black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s as the greatest on screen outfit by a celeb. The black satin gown in sleeveless cut and A-line pattern look gorgeous, and today whenever there is a black dresses introduced by a private label brand, this dress is definitely kept in mind while making it.

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The glamorous red gown: Pretty Woman

The makeover of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to a chic woman was portrayed beautifully and successfully by the designer who gave way to the red-hot off-shoulder gown, with a vent near the neckline. Nevertheless, this red gown has been twisted to give way to many red gowns in the present times!

The shimmering gown: Scarface

Michelle Pfeiffer’s in the movie Scarface looked drop dead sensuous and gorgeous wearing a halter neck deep neck sleek looking shimmering and glitzy black gown, with stones embedded all over it. Still inspiring the fashion forward crowd today, this dress gave way to the trend of wearing gloss and glitter in dresses, brought forth by the reputed private label clothing suppliers.

The smart white shift dress: Basic Instinct

The roll neck sleeveless white smart looking shift dress made of wool was worn by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct is haut-couture enough to make a very uptown fashion statement. When it comes to the white dresses produced by the private label clothing manufacturers in USA, this dress definitely gets a replica or something different in cut and design.


Top 3 Advantages of Selling Private Label Clothing and Accessories

Private label is a concept that has gained immense popularity over the past few years. Private labeling is when a retailer purchases products from various manufacturers and then markets those products under its own brand. These products are often referred to as ‘store brands’ as opposed to ‘name brands’ that are sold under the name of the manufacturer. Private label products tend to be less expensive than competing name brands due to reduced advertising expenditures. These goods are considered by many as second-class alternative, but this gap can be bridged by delivering quality comparable with any national or international brand.


Private labels offers retailers and business owners complete control over factors such as pricing, packaging, size, design, production and distribution. Retailers can create innovative strategies to gain market share over brands and they also have the flexibility and freedom to make adjustments to the clothing-line based on the changing and evolving preferences of the customers. It is not very difficult to win over the trust of the consumers since most will want value for their money over brand loyalty. Leading private label clothing suppliers can surely help in this quest to create clothing and accessories that are unique, one-of-a-kind and reflect the contemporary fashion trends.


Outstanding Shopping Experience to Customers
Consumers today want to wear clothes that reflect their personalities and are worth the money that are paying for it. Brand comes second to that! If as a retailer you choose to sell private label clothing and accessories, then you have the freedom to provide your customers with a customized shopping experience and a range of unbelievable options that they might not find in branded stores. Purchasing wholesale private label clothing from top manufacturers will place you in a position where you can offer your customers the best products at the best price. As people do not like to wear the same piece of clothing item for more than a few months, they would be relieved to find a reasonable alternative and you can enjoy the adoration and high profits.


Retailers who choose to sell private label apparel and accessories do not have to fear competition since the clothing-line is entirely their own and created out of their own design ideas. The brand created cannot be sold by anybody else without legal permission. If you are a business owner and want to truly be extraordinary, then get in touch with private label clothing wholesalers and be able to set-up your business anywhere – from home, online or a physical store.


If you desire complete control over your business, then private label is the ideal solution for you. There are a number of designer, manufacturers and suppliers offering their expert services to all those who do not want to take on the headache of manufacturing clothes but just want to take care of the marketing and selling part.