The Best Guide To Purchasing Premium Beach Towels

beach towels

If you want to enjoy your trips to the beach to the fullest then it is essential that you invest in high quality beach towels. These are perfect for staying dry or just laying down on the beach without letting the sand ruin your belongings.

One of the popular towel manufacturers USA have designed a collection of bulk beach towels that you can look through. Therefore read on the blog below to know how to find the best beach towels for your next vacay.

1. Some of the beach loving people make a common mistake. They think that bath towels are similar to beach towels. However, using a bath towel on the sand can result in very unpleasant experiences. A beach towel is one of the most important pieces of beach equipment and you should consider your personal preferences before choosing one.

2. Make sure that the beach towel is made of cotton or a terry cloth mix.  One of the differences between a beach towel and a bath towel is the ability to absorb water. Beach towels are designed to absorb much more water than bath towels but these doesn’t become easily damp or attract a lot of sand. This feature makes it ideal as towels and mats to be used on the beach.

3. You can find a range of cheap beach towels online, however these won’t be as effective as a premium towel. For the beach lovers and the habitual sunbathers, beach towels made from cotton and velour can provide the most comfortable lying and sitting experiences. Do not compromise on the quality by looking for something that is inexpensive.

4. The ideal beach towel does not necessarily have to be thick. It can become a hassle not only for the weight issues but for carrying as well. Look for a beach towel that has the right thickness as it won’t take up much space in the bag. It will also be easier for you to shake off trapped sand in much easier way.

5. Always choose the bigger towels. An average beach towels consists of width and length of 40 inches and 70 inches, respectively. Beach towels often work as the body only line of defense against the hot sand and should be able to accommodate people lying down and their beach gear as well.

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