The Best Summer Costumes For A Bicycle Ride

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More serious cyclists would typically wear tight suits for racing or long-distance riding, although in most circumstances, such formalities are unnecessary. What you wear when bicycling this summer should represent your unique style while still being useful and comfortable. When it comes to being active, comfortable clothing is essential, so make sure you have enough room for movement and the correct fabric for ventilation.

Shirts and Tops

Selecting what top to wear on a bike ride this summertime is entirely based on the type of bike ride you intend to do. We suggest something loose and comfy that allows for mobility and breathing for a leisurely ride with friends or family. Try a simple yet stylish white cotton T-shirt or a loose-fitting tank top. Wear an athletic shirt or a moisture-wicking tank top if you’re going on a bike ride for fitness or an adventure. Remember that you will become hot when bicycling, so make sure you have enough space to sweat and breathe comfortably.


Wear sweatpants if it’s a cooler summer day or if you merely want to cover your legs. We advise wearing a pair that cinches around the ankle to prevent the hems from becoming entangled in the pedals or gears. Otherwise, choose a design that will hug your legs and make bicycling seem effortless, such as yoga trousers or leggings. The wonderful news about wearing yoga pants or leggings is that anything you put on top can create whatever look you choose. Wear a tank top with a racerback or a sports bra. Alternatively, mix a flowy cotton summer top or tunic with your beloved canvas sneakers.


In the summertime, shorts are one of the better alternatives for going for a bike ride. They not only come in several designs and styles to suit every individual’s demands, but they also give comfort and usefulness for any type of bike riding. Choose a pair of women’s shorts for maximum breathability and movement.

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