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4 Sports Clothing Styles that Have Influenced Athleisure Fashion

Athleisure fashion has developed from sports clothing and there is certainly no mystery in that. However, one might wonder which are the trends that influenced this style the most and how. To help unravel these questions, this blog brings together some of the sports clothing styles from different activities and how they have influenced today’s casual fashion! Let’s take a look.

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1. Yoga Pants from yoga

A staple for the ladies as far as athleisure fashion is concerned, yoga pants were previously worn for power and hot yoga sessions until women started finding out that it is pretty comfortable even to wear outside and they look pretty good when they wear it – that is what made this apparel such a deep influence on athleisure fashion.


Retailers all over, get yoga pants bulk ordered from wholesale yoga clothing suppliers to fill up their racks with different variations of this iconic attire.

2. Basketball Jersey from Basketball

The basketball jersey is no new addition to a fashion trend and has been part of the hip hop tradition for years. But now, with athleisure giving it new ramps to walk on, this jersey has surely become way more confident and innovative in its use. It is lightweight, extremely stylish (especially if you wear your favorite player’s one) and can be paired with anything from denims to shorts and joggers; the only contingent – the person must wear dunk shoes to do justice to their brand.

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3. Joggers from Running joggers

Joggers had always been there as a silent member of most people’s wardrobes who are into hip hop dancing or early morning running. Now a staple of athleisure fashion and its imminent poster boy, this trouser is making fashion ripples now it was long waiting to make. Unisex in style and good with sneakers or dunks, whatever suits whoever, this one’s definitely a must have for everyone going gaga over athleisure. And the funny part is, you could just wear it with t-shirts or sublimated clothing and you would be good to go.

4. Vests from bodybuilding and cross fit

Gym vests have been there since the golden age of bodybuilding and now people have decided to wear them outside as well. Very comfortable and light, these are summer perfect and battle out the heat like nothing else. Just don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen and be on the safer side of things.


Now that you know how all of these came into athleisure fashion and which sports they belonged to in the recent history, you must have quite an in- depth understanding of the trend. All of these are produced by sports clothing manufacturers which then supply distributors and retailers where you get them from – a pretty fascinating saga!


Why Polyester Rugby League Jersey Design is So Popular Today

Rugby, a hugely popular sport, arguably has a fashion that is better than other main stream sports. However, it was not always the case. During the initial years of this game, players used to wear any kind of outfit they could get their hands on, irrespective of whether the jerseys were suitable for playing or not. The concept of some definite types of clothing was practically nonexistent and players used to participate in this sport, clad in their own clothes, caps and boots. For example – very often they wore worker’s boot and those shoes had nails on them. Due to the rather extreme nature of the game, injuries were common occurrences. It is this very reason that led to the introduction of a definite clothing style and players, ever since, have been required to wear this clothing, approved by concerned authorities, to participate in any league game.
Rugby League Jersey

Criteria of the jersey:

Fortunately, rugby jerseys have come a long way from there and rugby league jersey design is a serious field of consideration for sports clothing manufacturers. The manufacturers understand that in order to perform according to their full potential, the players need to be comfortable in what they are wearing. Besides providing them with ease of movements, these jerseys should be fashioned from materials that offer adequate breath ability and absorb sweat quickly without becoming heavier. Moreover, the material must be smooth enough so as not to give the players any kind of abrasion resulting from any rough play on the field. Besides, the material needs to be durable as well as easily washable. As polyester meets all these criteria, it is widely used for making rugby jerseys by noted manufacturers round the globe.

Benefits of polyester:

Another quality of polyester that has made it so popular is that it is easily affordable. Actually polyester rugby league jersey designs cost a lot lesser than the ones which were made from cotton. As this material is difficult to grab and hold on to, it makes the jersey of one player quite a bit difficult to be pulled by other players. Rugby, more often than not is played even when it is raining. As polyester does not absorb too much water, it stays relatively light even when the game is being played on a muddy field during heavy showers.


Various types of rugby league jersey designs are available these days, both in the shirts and in the shorts category. The best part is you can easily get them customized for yourself, your team and your fans and friends at a minimal cost.


Taking a Look at the Top 3 Sportswear Trends of 2017

Notwithstanding from the topic, let us look at the most popular sportswear trends of 2017. These trends are expected to continue in 2018 as well, so here is taking a recap while also exploring the upcoming trends.

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The oversized sweatshirt

With the fall of 2016, the trend of oversized sweatshirt became highly popular. It gained steam throughout 2017, only to become a larger than life piece in women’s wardrobes. Sweatshirts have been the undeterred choice for many over years, but a version that glorified feminine efforts combined with the dominantly male clothing was highly welcomed by ladies all around the world. The dressier approach (or you could just versatility) made them an instant choice. Their comfort and their easy-to-wear qualities were a nice break from the otherwise tight pieces that grazed the women’s fitness clothing department. Sports clothing manufacturers got to the embellished versions which with their delicate fabrics and adorable prints/colors stole the spotlight early in 2017 and are on a path that goes a long way.

The printed leggings

The fitness trends for women were dabbed by dull colors and boring prints that did nothing to uplift their sassy attitude. So, early 2017 took the season of spring for inspiration and enthusiasts introduced bright printed leggings. From tropical prints to quirky abstract motifs, the printed extravagance seemed to be riding high on the happy and colorful looks. The vivid color palette was the obvious choice for many. Not only did they look great, but added volumes to the sex appeal. Also, their ability to work well with a variety of other clothes gave them a permanent status in the circuit. Even though the gloom of winters seems to have taken control of the circuit, these colorful leggings are still popular amongst those who love to mix comfort and style; without apologies.

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The cut-out tank tops

You can’t really complain about a cut out detailing for they are sexy. When the Hollywood celebrities started showing up for gyms in cut-out tank tops, it was a cue for all the enthusiasts to up their tank top game and introduce these versions to the public. A widely welcomed fitness piece of 2017, the combination of function and fashion as portrayed by the tank tops only added to their popularity. With promoted breathability (just count the number of cut-out details on your one and you will know), intricate designs, use of technical fabrics and subtle shades, and definitely the plunging necklines, women could not resist not including a cut-out tank top to their gym wardrobe. And the good news is, they are still riding high on their popularity and will continue their journey in 2018, at least the first quarter.


To conclude, we might be on the last leg of 2017, but these above-mentioned trends are far from being over. They have done well this year and will continue doing so the next year as well. Wholesale sports clothing suppliers have their inventories updated with these pieces, thus not depriving you of any. They are constructed using the best of the materials and are colorful and trendy. 2017 has been a good year for the sportswear trends, carving a path for its successor. If you are a retailer, you can now update your store collection with the latest pieces by making a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.


Coming of Age of the Sports Clothing Manufacturers

The number of sports clothing manufacturers has taken a steep rise over the last decade. In other words a very small and niche sector has propelled its boundaries and the market players have swollen up in numbers. With the modernization of sports and the influx of money into the marketing of different games, there has been a phenomenal increase in not only the viewers but also its followers. The young generation now considers making a career out of their favorite sport. There are large numbers of coaching institutions who take the onus of providing the necessary sports accessories to their players. The sports clothing manufacturers cater to the need of such clubs and institutions. Like the ripple effect, the retailers of sports accessories, small business house dealing in sports items and even the wholesalers of sports items who buy in bulk at most economical rates have also grown in number.


FRONT ZIPPED FULL SLEEVE JACKETWhen we mention about sports, Australia is a country that immediately crosses your mind. The sports clothes manufacturers Australia has taken this business to a new level. They work in a very systematic format. They design the product and have them tested through check processes, and then cater to their requisite market. The systematic processes have rendered a complete paradigm shift.


The manufacturer of this age conduct a market research and based on it decides on the array of products. Different countries like different sports. They have a specific team working on the different market demands. They offer customized products, but take care of the minute technical requirement of every product. The fabric quality is optimum and the products pass through several quality checks and sampling procedures before packing. In fact, only after passing the severe test the fabric is transferred from the mill to the factory.


These firms keep on working on creative concepts of design, which can be a trendsetter.


FASHIONABLE MARATHON VESTAfter the manufacturing of the sports materials, comes the role of sales and marketing. The companies possess specific teams with ideas of different market. The sports clothing manufacturers also use the net as a global platform to market their products. All their catalogues are on display on the website.


These manufacturers announce heavy discounts on bulk buying which is always prudent for a retailer or a business owner. The retailers like to build on the stock of sports apparel at a discounted rate and then sell to the secondary market fetching huge profits.


Experiment with Your Sports Clothing

Sports clothing has been immensely popular with athletes since times immemorial and are widely used in a number of games like cricket, baseball, boxing, golf and cycling to mention a few. It is one of those apparels which makes the players feel comfortable and helps them to bring out their best performance on field.


Nowadays, one can enjoy the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of sports clothing brands. A large number of online stores offer these at lucrative prices where one can avail amazing discounts.


Not just outdoor games, these clothes can provide you the ultimate comfort while you are exercising or indulging in body building as well. It is extremely important that the body gets proper aeration during such activities. The apparels ensure that you can concentrate on the activities single minded without having to worry about the comfort level.

Comes In Varieties:

Understanding its huge popularity, many sports clothing manufacturers have come up with these garments in a variety of colours, designs and sizes so as to make them more attractive and increase their acceptance among various segments of the market. One can’t deny the fact that over the years, these apparels have made an indelible mark in the minds of its users.

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If you are thinking to buy men’s sports clothing, the most important thing that needs to be ensured is that those are loose and comfy enough to allow the appropriate body movements. Even the slightest restriction can affect one’s workout. It is always advisable to opt for an outfit which is made of cotton as that helps to absorb the sweat during an activity.


In recent times, quite a few sports clothing wholesalers have come up with a range of stylish women’s sports clothing. If you are ready to experiment with the colours, you can always choose from shades of purple, pink, white or black. These are sporty enough and last really long.


Kid’s sports clothing has gained considerable popularity in recent times. The two essential qualities that these apparels must have include its aeration capacity and its capability to absorb. While the first quality will help in cooling off their bodies, the second one will help in keeping the kids refreshed.


Apart from such designated apparels, Yoga clothing is a type of general sportswear which is available in the market and is a delight for the customers. These are usually elastic so that one can perform the body movements with ease and can literally stretch beyond your imagination to provide you with an unforgettable yoga experience.


Sports Clothing Manufacturers are Dependable if They Display These 5 Qualities

Sports clothing are designed to cater to specific requirements of the concerned sports and thus go a long way in enhancing performance in the part of the players. So, whether professional, amateur or laymen, it is imperative to get the right and uncompromised gear for the right sports at any cost. The first step to getting through to the best and the most suitable clothing is to approach a reputed and dependable sports clothing manufacturer.


However, considering the fact that almost every provider today is presenting themselves as the best among the rest, determining the better of the lot can be a challenging task. On the other hand, seeking out these 5 essential qualities in providers per se can help land with a provider that can cater to the cause almost perfectly…


All encompassing catalogue – To begin with, for a provider to stand out as dependable, they should present an almost all inclusive catalogue. This mainly means that the providers should offer clothes for almost all sports from the popular ones to those that are not so popular. From football tennis, from golf to marathon, from wrestling to swimming, there should be nothing that is kept from the scope of the providers. Many reputed sports clothing wholesalers ensure such feats in their catalogues and then there are those that are severely limited in terms of their reach.

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Catering to all ages and gender – Secondly, the providers to get ranked as dependable should cater to the sports clothing needs of all ages and genders. While almost all providers are seen to stock up on men’s sports clothing and women’s sports clothing, the dependable providers are seen to pay similar rather equal attention to a whole wide range of kid’s sports clothing as well.


Special features – Besides variety and reach, the providers must also make an attempt to make purchase easier and a better experience for the buyers in every way possible. Most dependable providers ensure offering special features in their scope of service like the options of customization of their individual or team garments and many more.


Cost effectiveness – Fourthly, the matter of cost effectiveness cannot be denied by the providers in order to stand out as dependable among the rest. This does not in any way mean that the costs will have to hit rock bottom. What is meant is that the price tags so attached with the products should be worth the quality that is been offered. At the same time, announcements of discounts and offers at frequent intervals are always welcome.


Including a wide area of service – Not being limited with boundaries is a matter that should not be ignored while in the quest for the most dependable providers. At the same time, reputation of crispness and promptness in delivery is highly expected.