The Spring Clothing Trends That Private Label Manufacturers are Bringing In

The private label clothing brands always try to be in tune with the recent fashion trends, and hence bring in their collections that complement the style highlights and current seasons. Spring is here and the leading private label clothing brands are all geared up to offer the hip and happening clothing collections to the fashion conscious people, through the outfits crafted by the best manufacturing hubs. Welcoming the spring, the private label brands have brought forth a wide array of clothing trends, which range from the dominance of pastels, to reinvention of retro polka dotted printed outfits and much more.


The trends that dominate the runways act as the best inspirations for the private label clothing manufacturers to offer something new and fresh to their private label ventures, and the warm-weather must haves they have reciprocated from different corners of the global scene are extremely jaw-dropping.


Private Label Clothing Manufacturers


To give you a brief idea of what you can expect to get at the private label brand stores, here are some of the trends that they are focusing on this Spring, 2019.

Getting back to polka dots

If you were of the notion that the polka dots are extinct, then you need to re-think on this soon. The different varieties of the polka dots are back, and reinvented with fresh vigor. From the frocks to slip dresses, even trousers and shorts have been refurbished with the polka dots, from smaller and bigger sizes. These polka dotted ensembles exude the playful vibes that match the season of spring beautifully, with a splash of multiple hues. Go for off shoulder peasant tops or chiffon maxi dresses to get the summery feel.

The pastel color scheme is reigning supreme

The softer color options come in the form of pastels this season, for the warm weather conditions. It is time to give up on the brighter and darker hues, and resort to the pastel hued clothes, be it for parties in elegant soft baby pink gowns, or the mint-colored office going button down shirt. These very much complement the sunny weather of spring and also keep you breathable and ultimately comfortable.


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Have fun with fringe

The fringe style or clothes that come with tassels attached are making their presence felt in the global fashion scene, for being fun and flirtatious. Be it the fringed layering options, or the skirts, the boots or the dresses, you have a wide array of options to pick from. These are great casual wear for Spring 2019 re-introduced by the most celebrated private label clothing manufacturers USA. They act as flattering details for any piece of simple and plain outfit.

Go asymmetrical

Summer and spring are the seasons when you can experiment the most with your attires, and style statements. Thus, trying out the asymmetrical clothing pieces would definitely be a great option, which you can check out at the private label brands. From one-shoulder tops, to the wide cut linen pants, sleeveless one shoulder ruffled tops, or blouses with asymmetrical hems, this shape and style adds edge to any outfit, easily.

Go back to the timeless checks

One of the major and surprising Spring trend, this season is the comeback of the vintage plaids or checks, which are mostly winter appropriate. But, this year, they have been recreated on summer too, with checked office going waistcoats, the frilled check skirts, and other options in different color palettes. They look great with any neutral or single colored outfit.