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Stunning Little Black Dresses by Celebs, Inspiring the Private Label Apparel Manufacturers

One doesn’t need an extra effort to style up, when it is the little black dress worn. The little black dress has always been the wardrobe staple for the women, and when it comes to the celebs, they have always been spotted wearing them at the off screen parties, or the on screen red carpet shows. Realizing the craze for theses dresses, the private clothing brands have been asking the leading private label clothing manufacturers USA companies to craft the different little black dresses, taking cues from the celebs.


The celebs have been inspiring the private label brands to get the little black dresses produced in a medley of unique cuts, style and designs, to spruce up the wardrobe collections of the fashionable women. One posh and stunning little black dress can add finesse to your style quotient, and turn you into the mesmerizing diva.


Here are some of the little black dress appearances of the celebs.

Gigi Hadid

She wore a simple little black dress, without any shiny texture of embellishments. To spruce up the simplicity to something stylish, she wrapped the dress with thigh high boots, and leather jackets, teamed with leggings. The private label manufacturers are crafting the simple little black dresses, so that women can layer them with charm and chic stance.


Black Private Label Clothing Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson

The trend of wearing contrasting and different fabrics in one outfit is a craze today, and the little black dresses can also showcase this. Thus beauty walked a red carpet in a little black dress made of tulle and leather, flaunting something very off beat to the fashion scene. This has inspired the private label companies to stuff their stocks with the little black dresses made of two or more different fabrics.

Zoe Saldana

The newest way to show skin was proved by this celeb, who confidently flaunted a very modish little black dress. The trade micro mini dress with deep plunging neckline, and off shoulder cut is very mesmerizing, and the private label wholesalers are introducing these to satiate the women who love to show skin elegantly.

Alexa Chung

Her mini black dress with a collared white contrasting style added to the feminine flair. This is a retro style, and suits women today who love to get the flashback of the vintage fashion quotients. Thus, even the manufacturers, and private label designers too are getting them in different medley of styles.


Black Private Label Apparel Celebs

Kate Winslet

The ultimate classic look show off by Kate in fit and flare black mini dress won hearts. This is a common and conventional design, and the women absolutely love this. Hence the private label brands are stuffing their rick inventory with this design in galore options.

Kiernan Shipka

The collared long sleeve black dress with flecks of white look mod and pep, and reflect a very outstanding and unique style stance in black dresses. Thus, being a very popular style option, one can find dresses like this one in medley of ranges at the private label brand stores, crafted by the private label wholesale hubs.

Jennifer Lawrence

She was looking classy in the sheer black dress, with properly placed embroidered colorful floral prints. Being one of the interesting ensembles which has infused colorful materials, a dress like this can be your next wardrobe option, which you can get at the reputed private label shops.


Thus, the next time you dream of owning a little black dress like the celebs, trust the leading private label apparel manufacturers and sneak into the private label stores.


The Spring Clothing Trends That Private Label Manufacturers are Bringing In

The private label clothing brands always try to be in tune with the recent fashion trends, and hence bring in their collections that complement the style highlights and current seasons. Spring is here and the leading private label clothing brands are all geared up to offer the hip and happening clothing collections to the fashion conscious people, through the outfits crafted by the best manufacturing hubs. Welcoming the spring, the private label brands have brought forth a wide array of clothing trends, which range from the dominance of pastels, to reinvention of retro polka dotted printed outfits and much more.


The trends that dominate the runways act as the best inspirations for the private label clothing manufacturers to offer something new and fresh to their private label ventures, and the warm-weather must haves they have reciprocated from different corners of the global scene are extremely jaw-dropping.


Private Label Clothing Manufacturers


To give you a brief idea of what you can expect to get at the private label brand stores, here are some of the trends that they are focusing on this Spring, 2018.

Getting back to polka dots

If you were of the notion that the polka dots are extinct, then you need to re-think on this soon. The different varieties of the polka dots are back, and reinvented with fresh vigor. From the frocks to slip dresses, even trousers and shorts have been refurbished with the polka dots, from smaller and bigger sizes. These polka dotted ensembles exude the playful vibes that match the season of spring beautifully, with a splash of multiple hues. Go for off shoulder peasant tops or chiffon maxi dresses to get the summery feel.

The pastel color scheme is reigning supreme

The softer color options come in the form of pastels this season, for the warm weather conditions. It is time to give up on the brighter and darker hues, and resort to the pastel hued clothes, be it for parties in elegant soft baby pink gowns, or the mint-colored office going button down shirt. These very much complement the sunny weather of spring and also keep you breathable and ultimately comfortable.


Private Label Clothing Manufacturers USA

Have fun with fringe

The fringe style or clothes that come with tassels attached are making their presence felt in the global fashion scene, for being fun and flirtatious. Be it the fringed layering options, or the skirts, the boots or the dresses, you have a wide array of options to pick from. These are great casual wear for Spring 2018 re-introduced by the most celebrated private label clothing manufacturers USA. They act as flattering details for any piece of simple and plain outfit.

Go asymmetrical

Summer and spring are the seasons when you can experiment the most with your attires, and style statements. Thus, trying out the asymmetrical clothing pieces would definitely be a great option, which you can check out at the private label brands. From one-shoulder tops, to the wide cut linen pants, sleeveless one shoulder ruffled tops, or blouses with asymmetrical hems, this shape and style adds edge to any outfit, easily.


Go back to the timeless checks

One of the major and surprising Spring trend, this season is the comeback of the vintage plaids or checks, which are mostly winter appropriate. But, this year, they have been recreated on summer too, with checked office going waistcoats, the frilled check skirts, and other options in different color palettes. They look great with any neutral or single colored outfit.


Private Label Manufacturers Should Pay Heed to These 3 Trends in 2018

With 2017 coming to an end, it is time to prepare for the New Year. Only two months remain and private label business owners and manufacturers are getting their game face on to make the most impact on the customers. However, to appeal to the fashion-forward masses, a vivid knowledge of the upcoming trends is necessary. Here is looking at them in a glance.


Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

It’s all silver

The compassionate shade of silver is going to be the next big thing in the fashion industry. Since the shade works well with all other colors of the spectrum well, it is much appreciated by the enthusiasts. Silver is versatile and modern in its approach and private label clothing manufacturer have taken a note of that. The clothes are a perfect reflection of conceptual and creative hybrid of color and patterns. The color silver blended with the futuristic designs will be the hit thing for the spring and summer of 2018. The glittery extravagance will be most commonly used for the dresses. Quilted and pleated designs will further contribute to the sassy appeal of the shade. So you can update your store collection with the luxury of silver early on next year.

The folk print overload

The burst of colors in the form of folk art is going to be big next year. From human figures to abstract art, colors and traditional patterns will explode in all aspects of clothes. Available for both genders, the clothes are bright and vibrant. Red, blue, purple, black, yellow, black, white and brown and many others are all present in the clothes in a spectacular blend. The prints and patterns are heavily inspired from folk arts. The customs are smartly amalgamated with a modernistic approach that further makes them a splendid investment. T-shirts, shirts, dresses, pants, scarves and much more are available with the private label apparel manufacturers.


Private Label Apparel Manufacturers

More of denim

While denim has been an influencing factor throughout this year, it is going to continue with its journey next year as well. The enthusiasts can’t get enough of the denim trend and next year is going to more than just shirts. Dresses, skirts, and even t-shirts are going to take a transition towards this more comfortable fabric. The manufacturers have tweaked the denim a bit to give it a softer approach that combined with its textured finish, denim will be ruling the fashion scenario at large in 2018. From lighter washes to the darker renditions, there will be an excess of this classy and timeless trend.


Thus, with 2018 fast approaching us, it is time to update the collection. Top private label clothing manufacturers USA based have the best of the clothes designed and readily available for purchase by private label business owners. All you need is to provide them with the design. Register online today and get discounts as well.


3 Clothing Myths You Need to Break Immediately (Part 1)

We can just rebel for no reason! Those outrageous slogans outgrow us with age. But sometimes, it is necessary to revolt. To break the superstitions. And when it comes to fashion, they should be done instantly. There have been some (very unreasonable) myths doing their rounds in the fashion circuit. We love breaking rules. So yes, here is taking a look at them and how to crush them. The article is divided into two parts so as to cover more of the myths and more breaking them. Happy being the fashion outlaw!

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers USA

Myth #1: Navy and Black do not work together

How do you feel combining two of the greatest shades in the colour spectrum? Great right! Navy is awesome and so is black. And when they are worn together, the result is always stunning. Over the last few years, the colours have lost their relevance (thanks to the pastels! Which we all love by the way), but these two are perfect. Choose pieces that complement each other. So if you are opting for a black leather jacket, then blue denims work more than fine. On the contrary, if you are wearing a navy blazer, then black pants add to the appearance. The trick is about pairing not about colouring.

Myth #2: Brown is out of the town

Brown, an earthly colour close to reflecting the wooden life (not literally though) has been out of demand for quite some time now. The reason- it looks too down to earth. But remind us once more, why is that bad? Brown pants are smart, brown shirts look classy and brown shoes are formal. Thus, as a word of advice, add brown to your wardrobe. Pick it adorning the right pieces and see you become the centre of attention. Private label clothing manufacturers USA have taken to use this shade to construct most of their new collection.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

Myth #3: Joggers are strictly for gym time

To whoever started this myth was not sure that something called athleisure exists in the world of fashion. The joggers are comfortable and keep the wearer at ease. And they are at the epitome of style and elegance (if you wear them correctly). So why not wear them all the time, till they agree with the dressing rules! Wearing a jogger helps you look effortless, especially when worn with a t-shirt and sneakers. Keep the colour minimum and bring about a balance in the look to appear a winner.


The myths are just too overwhelming for they are anything but true. The key is to know the tricks about how to wear a particular colour or piece. Dress them appropriately and nothing is incorrect. Private label clothing manufacturers are offering everything you need to break the fashion sagas. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase can buy them in bulk.


Just to say, this is no end to the clothing myths. There is more to it. Follow this space and find out more about them in part 2.

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The Trendiest Fashion Ideas Initiated by Private Label Clothing Brands This Year

The fashion world is seen o be revolutionising itself, and thanks to the manufacturers and designers for this. They have been meticulously following the celebs and models too for some inspiration and taking cues from them to add newest looks to the world of fashion. Every year, the fashion forward women get to witness some of the most hip and happening style quotients, from certain colors to cuts, few silhouettes and some of the major outfits. With the trendy style statements reigning supreme, you can add your personal touch and make them more innovative and unique. The party dress in a little black dress, the casual outings in something very simple like jeans and t-shirt or the mesmerising beach bikinis, you get galore options available readily at the online fashion destinations.


Apart from the fashion destinations, even the private label clothing brands are also bringing in widest assortment of outfits for the fashion conscious women. Here are some of the latest creations introduced by the private label clothing hubs.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers USA

Khaki is having its moment

To redefine the street style, the private label designers are bringing in the khaki clothes. This utilitarian material works wonders for the causal looks, and are used to make shirts, to pants to even the jumpsuits and skirts. Women can wear them to portray a very stylish spring look.


Yellow is hailed

Every year you will see one single color to be very much in craze, and like blue last year, this year yellow and its shades are hailed. The different hues of yellow, from lemon to dark shaded or the light and soothing one, you get to have yellow in different outfits, be it party dresses or the simple tops.


The single shoulder cut out

The strategically placed shoulder cut outs are becoming a trend with time, and this year the private label brands have been laying stress on the single shoulder cut out dresses and tops. Wear them to the parties or simple casual outings in the form of tops and shirts for the most chic stances.


Sleeve slits

Last year it was all about the big and flared sleeves, and this time we are all gushing about the sleeve slits. May be you can up your bracelet or bangle game stronger, and wear them in the form of dresses, shirts or tops and even jackets.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

The soothing white shirt dresses

It is time to ditch your lace dresses in different hues, and try out the white shirt dresses that come with intricate details. The intriguing waistlines and twisted hemlines add a lot of oomph and smartness to your persona.


The sloppy trench coats

The sloppy and extended silhouettes possible with the slouchy trench coats are very fascinating. The smart big collars and necklines with the big buckles make you look fashion forward and cutting edge for the winters with dresses or trousers.


The robe like shrugs

The shrugs now come in the form of robes, with belts that can be tied around the waist. Add them to your dresses or the jeans and top combinations, be it in single colors or prints.


Thus, time to try out the newest looks made available by the private label clothing manufacturers USA, and add something fresh to your persona.


Things No One Told You about Launching Your Own Private Label Clothing Line in 2017

Given so many players are jumping on the scene – launching their own clothing line – many market novices, too, are romanticizing with this idea these days. Admittedly, it’s much easier today than it was few years back. However, there exist a lot of challenges on the path that many dreamers, aspiring for the ‘quick riches’, overlook.


Are you too planning to jump in this growing bandwagon?


Sure you can dial one the best private label apparel manufacturers in a day, order your custom wholesale tomorrow and kick-start your business in less than a couple of week. But sadly, that’s not how things work—not at least today when market is so competitive and the end customers are more demanding than ever.


In the process, there are things that you don’t know; things that nobody told you about.

Private Label Apparel Manufacturer

Ending up with the “best” private label apparel manufacturer isn’t easy

Not just at the retail front, but competition is stiff even in the wholesaling market. In recent times, there has been a surge in the number of private label clothing manufacturers USA based. And all claim to be the “best”—even the new market entrants. Clearing this crowd to actually find a good dealer is easier said than done that requires more than just few days.


So if you’re looking for a good custom wholesale dealer, you need to be more careful when screening these many companies. And by ‘more’, we mean VERY. After all, it is on them, in a way, your whole business will depend on.

Clothing retail market is more complex than what meet our eyes

Saying competition in the apparel market is high is a bit vague. When looked more carefully, things are much more complex that needs better understanding and lots of informed decisions to hit all the chords perfectly and make the new business a decent success—if not grand.


Clothing is divided in many niches which further have sub categories. Plus, the customers, too, are divided into so many different groups with a very diverse need, preferences and budget. Aligning the niches with the right consumer group and with your own personal preference and expertise is difficult that requires a significant amount of time and lots of hard work.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers USA

Pricing is more than just about the profit margin you want to cut

Pricing is possibly one of the most underrated aspects of launching a new apparel retail store—highly overlooked. And perhaps this is the biggest difference between the between the successful players and the not-so-successful ones.


Mapping a pricing strategy should be one of the toppers in your priority list. But again, much like anything, actually “mapping” it is difficult. Contrary to what many newbies factor, pricing your apparels is much more than just about the profit margin you want to cut—and even more than just what your target customers want; after all, regardless your niche, every customer wants to buy at the cheapest price possible. Among a host of other factors include analyzing your competitors’ strategy, current market trends, future predictions and the economic condition at large.


Of course, for new retailers looking to launch their own apparel line, there might be plentiful of other market misconceptions, including that of marketing. So were you planning to bring your own clothing line in the market, thinking that you already know everything there is to know, chances are, you might be wrong. So spend more time in the planning and decision-making. And dial one of the top private label clothing manufacturers.


A Private Label Clothing Manufacturer Now Stocks Iconic Dresses of Film History!

The film fraternity has not only blessed us with the most outstanding talents, right doze of entertainment and best movies to get hooked to, the other most important thing gifted would be the best fashion stances. Think of Marilyn Monroe’s white halter neck dress billowing? Just like it created a stir in the global fashion scene, there are other such iconic dresses which have made the movies remembered more. A fusion of classic and contemporary detailing, these dresses will never fade out of the fashion world, and be it the designers or the leading private label clothing manufacturers USA companies, these dresses are rendering an idea and inspiration to the craftsman to produce something in close connection to them.


The best film dresses have developed cult and obviously made the respective movies and the celebs who wore them more famous and appealing. Thus, realizing their craze, the private label brands too are stashing their inventory with dresses like these to entice the fashion forward women.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in USA

Retro White gown: American Hustle

The movie of 2013 was set in the retro period of 1970, and the designer crafted a white gown for Jenifer Lawrence, quite groovy and classic to look at with deep plunging neckline and sleek straps! This dress has been kept in mind by the clothing manufacturers of private label brands, and crafting them in wide array of styles and cuts.

Lavish green silk gown: Atonement

Again here, Keira Knightly is made to wear a lavish silky grown with subtle shimmer, taking the audience back to the era of 1940s. The floor length and backless gown made a shout out to the fashion world, and now u it has become an icon to craft something similar for the style conscious women of this era.

The historical black dress: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The 2010 poll conducted proved the black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s as the greatest on screen outfit by a celeb. The black satin gown in sleeveless cut and A-line pattern look gorgeous, and today whenever there is a black dresses introduced by a private label brand, this dress is definitely kept in mind while making it.

Private Label Clothing Suppliers USA

The glamorous red gown: Pretty Woman

The makeover of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to a chic woman was portrayed beautifully and successfully by the designer who gave way to the red-hot off-shoulder gown, with a vent near the neckline. Nevertheless, this red gown has been twisted to give way to many red gowns in the present times!

The shimmering gown: Scarface

Michelle Pfeiffer’s in the movie Scarface looked drop dead sensuous and gorgeous wearing a halter neck deep neck sleek looking shimmering and glitzy black gown, with stones embedded all over it. Still inspiring the fashion forward crowd today, this dress gave way to the trend of wearing gloss and glitter in dresses, brought forth by the reputed private label clothing suppliers.

The smart white shift dress: Basic Instinct

The roll neck sleeveless white smart looking shift dress made of wool was worn by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct is haut-couture enough to make a very uptown fashion statement. When it comes to the white dresses produced by the private label clothing manufacturers in USA, this dress definitely gets a replica or something different in cut and design.


A Private Label Clothing Brand is no Longer a Distant Dream

Private label was previously an area of interest that was largely reserved for big retailers with infinite budgets. But, with the recent shift of the retail landscape, private label makes more sense to smaller retailers and store owners. One of the reasons for this huge shift could be attributed to the dissipation of the stigma that was previously attached with “private label” products. Designing and manufacturing products that are customized according to the unique clientele of a clothing boutique or store is much easier now than ever due to the ready availability of top designers and manufacturers.

 Private Label Apparel Manufacturer


Your Own Brand, More Freedom to You
The unrivalled amount of creative control offered by private label apparel manufacturers is extremely enticing for entrepreneurs and retail store owners. If you are running a fashion or fitness clothing store and after extensive market research cannot find the perfect dress or compression t-shirt for your shop, then simply make it and brand it with your own label. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be selling your own brand of apparel!


A Tool to Enhance Your Brand Name
There are myriad reasons why you would want to launch your own private label clothing brand. Beyond the inherent cool factor, the profit margin is actually much higher on such products. It also acts as a tool to help you extend your brand and marketing story. If you are already running a successful boutique or clothing store, a private label brand will only improve and hugely benefit from your shop’s already good name in the market. This goes to prove that the whole idea may not be as risky as you might have previously thought but just ensure that you choose the right private label clothing manufacturer to execute the line.


Private Label Clothing Manufacturer


Partner Up with Custom Manufacturers to Save Expenses
There are two options for you to consider when you are on the process of making your own clothing line – manufacture the garments yourself or outsource the manufacturing work to an already established manufacturer. Of course, you could think about setting-up your own manufacturing unit, but keep in mind the capital investment that comes with it. If you are just starting out or just in the mood to test the waters, then it is not a smart move to get your finances all tied up. Instead, look for reputed private label clothing manufacturers USA that can seamlessly and with great expertise realize your custom dreams.


Private label may not be the ideal choice for all retail shops. But if you are an adventurous owner looking to capture the imagination of your target audience by launching a new line of clothing, then private label is the perfect way to exercise complete creative control.


Be a Bigshot with Private Label Clothing

Private Label Clothing

Today, it is not enough to have only a good life; it is more about having a good lifestyle. Our modern lifestyle trends make us become social, look good and live in fashion. So, the way we wear is the way we appear. Undoubtedly, clothes carry a great value in our lives. Not only the stores around us but also the online sites offering clothes and accessories are big hits. And a fair portion of this market is led by the private level clothing manufacturers.

Get Lucky with Private Labels

Now, there are more than one reason behind why the private label apparel manufacturers are winning over the garment fair. First and foremost, they offer an extensive range of clothing in different categories. Tailored in the most modern technologies these clothes are chic in fashion and high in quality. Secondly, the manufacturers’ conscious understanding of brand value make them provide Level 1 PR services to help acquire their clients a good position in the market. Moreover, many of these manufacturing houses have placed their brand with some of the top publications in the world like Vogue, Marie-Claire, In Style, Ocean Drive Magazines amongst others. So, as the brands are already popular with public, no doubt these will have huge demand in the market. Now, if you are small business owner thinking affording this PR consultancy is going to be difficult for you, then relax! The manufacturers have made the promotional advices available at minimum costs to give you maximum trade support.

Private Label Clothes

Private Label Add-ons

Also, these manufacturing enterprises, especially the private label clothing manufacturers USA have thorough understanding of the US and European markets, excellent delivery track records, trained operators to look after the changing fashion trends and years of experience. So, as a garment retailer you can trust these manufacturers and give a hike to your business.

Private Label for All

Private level garments are adeptly designed over weeks by fashion experts who put together their sketches, patterns and raw materials for a unique creation. For a start-up or small business owner the cost factor is the biggest factor, in order to get associated with private labels. But the wholesale private label brands usually take up bulk orders from clients around the world and this reduces the production cost and consequently makes it cheaper for the retailers. So, now without breaking the bank, retailers or shop owners can push their business to the next level with private label outfits.