Things to Keep in Mind Before Entering The Workout Apparel Industry

Athleisure has outgrown its meek beginnings as wholesale workout apparel and has now grown brands with a cult-like huge following. Products like polo shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts have become staple items of conventional lifestyles and are sported on all kinds of occasions.


With shopper urges changing quicker than the fashion seasons, e-commerce store owners take the vanguard of clothing retail, while bulk-market brick-and-mortar shops producers are unsuccessful to acclimatize this demand-concentrated module.



Let’s look at some of the ways to sell athleisure so you can grab hold of the opportunity.


Let’s go over the various strands of athleisure, the stages of introducing your athleisure line and the finest ways to connect with the target audience.

What to consider while picking your athleisure products

The apparel market is massive and athleisure is no difference. Understanding your buyers is the initial step you need to make when picking your new athleisure products. Market research is just as important, be current with the latest changes and trends in demand or look for a niche that nobody else has mined into.


Wholesale Workout Apparel

Understand what your buyer needs

Don’t restrict yourself to thinking that athleisure is meant only for sports enthusiasts and gym buffs. Athleisure, as the word suggests is the amalgamation of athletics and leisure and can simply be defined as comfy clothing, while streetwear converts similar items into fashionable and opinionated statements.


Thus, if your shopper base has a strong active mores, you must pick and promote your products bearing that in mind. Unearth a definite niche and work around the society surrounding it. Pick sport-specific items of clothing, give them a unique personality and a new twist. Offer polo shirts and visors to tennis players, printed leggings to yoga fanatics, rash guards to surfers or build an entire swimwear line.


Wholesale Activewear

Keep a tab on the market

To keep activewear fatigue at bay, pay heed to what is happening within the market. Monitor the trends that are doing fine, don’t be scared to innovate and conspicuous.


It is highly recommended to bring in some color to an extremely neutral-looking market. Not only will you have an exclusive approach to activewear, but you will have space to research with the seasonality of athleisure products. To ensure what the market demand is, go through market reports, make use of the athleisure insight tool, and most importantly, explore what your target audience is engrossed in and are ready to indulge in.


Retailers who are planning on walking in this athleisure market can get in touch with popular yoga pants manufacturers USA or activewear manufacturers to go through their products and pick out the pieces they find would be good for their store initially. Place your bulk order and the support team will guide you down the line.