Tips on How to Make your Child Look the Best on their School Picture Day

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You want your kid to look his or her best on school photo day. After all, these are professional photos that will last a lifetime and that you’ll like to exhibit in your house and share with your family.

Here are some tips to help ready your kid for the best nursery or daycare pictures possible. Whether it’s the first day of school pictures, holiday card photos, or a family portrait session, these ideas can really create a perfect shoot.

Pick the Best Dress for the Day of the Photo

Choose 3 to 5 costumes for your kid from the night before the picture day. Pick the clothes that he or she likes and that you know they look good in from noted wholesale childrens clothing vendors. Picture Day isn’t the perfect day to go out in Grandma’s clean, itchy wool jumper. Instead, let them feel good about it. If your kid looks beautiful and feels good, skilled photographers will capture it.

Bold, bright colors are just as neutral to show off the individuality of your kid. Both children and cameras enjoy color. Use your child’s favorite color combos for enjoyable, unforgettable pictures.

Focus on their Hair

When your kid needs a haircut, do so at least 2 weeks before the photoshoot. When your kid needs a new hairstyle, browse at a couple of magazines together and pick the cut he or she likes and is simple for you to keep up.

Find a look that both of you enjoy, but save the drastic haircut for after picture day. Once school photo day comes, comb and style your kid’s hair before the morning send-off. If you’re afraid that your kid can’t hold the look until the photo session starts, don’t think about it. Skilled photographers will take their time to model and groom each kid present.

Get them a Good Night’s Sleep

A calming bath the night before the portrait day will calm your kid and ready him or her for a full night’s rest. If your kid’s bath time isn’t a fun time, try a lullaby or read books before bedtime.

Often, try playing relaxing music or leaving a fan to create white noise to block out any sounds. It will make your child sleep through the night.

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