Top Striking Flannel Shirt Colors That Make a Guy’s Outfit Super-Suave

flannel shirt

From wearing with denim to layering over hoodies, flannel shirts can be styled in various ways to make your outfit trendy. But are you curious to know which flannel shirt color combos will look best? Then you have come to the right place. Here, you can find the selective flannel shirt colors that can make your outerwear edgy and fashionable. If you are a business owner with an aim to expand your men’s flannel clothing section, do access one of the celebrated  with an epic-awesome flannel clothing inventory.

Red flannel shirt

The red flannel shirt with red and black checks is one of the contemporary styles that guys find appealing. You can wear your red checked flannel with black or blue denim jeans. If you wear over a black t-shirt, you can leave the buttons open for a trendy look. Else you can also keep it fully buttoned beneath a jacket to make your attire incredibly dashing. Add sneakers or boots with any of these outfits and you are good to go!

Black flannel shirt

Black and white is that timeless combination for flannel shirts that looks stylish and happening on men. You can wear such a black flannel design for smart casual occasions. You can easily rock this versatile color by pairing with black or grey skinny jeans. Wear combats boots to complete the edgy look.

Green flannel shirt

You can wear a chic green flannel outfit with blue, black or dark grey outerwear. Pair your ravishing green flannel shirt with blue jeans and lace-up boots to be the heartthrob of any occasion! Else, you can leave your green flannel unbuttoned with white t-shirt and dark jeans. Add white sneakers to finish this smart and fashionable ensemble.

Grey flannel shirt

While a solid grey flannel shirt is ideal for casual occasions, the grey and black check pattern looks super-cool on guys. You can combine your grey flannel with neutral shades like black, white, beige or brown. Pair them with blue jeans to make your grey flannel outfit suave and irresistible.

White flannel shirt

Especially refreshing for a spring or summer day’s attire, the black and white check design looks brilliant with light blue jeans or khakis. You can wear this elegant flannel design over a white tee to bring to life a charming outfit that offers classy vibes.

Brown flannel shirt

A brown flannel shirt is something you can wear on an autumn day to enhance your fall look. You can wear it with blue jeans or matching brown pants for an iconic styling.

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