What Are The Kind of Shorts Men Can Wear This Summer

Shorts weren’t just a proper form of attire for the dapper lad. Although, much of this has revolutionized in the past few decades, and much of the first world are allying themselves with the prep society that has brought back summer shorts, not just in regular wear, but even team them up with an apt button-down shirt for the workplace in the scorching summer months. In spite of having a lot of critics believe that there is never a correct time for men to wear shorts publicly, the fact is that the thought of sporting shorts in the summer months has not only leached its way into conventional fashion, but many preps and dandies culture are taking on this craze off the beach and outside the tennis.


What are the kind of shorts that are made available by wholesale clothing manufacturers:

Shorts with cuffs/turn-ups

Smart shorts will at times come with cuffs or turn-ups which can be a good little detail when sporting shorts.


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Plaid shorts

Usually made of madras, they are designed woven shorts that have become staples in the prep culture.

Leather shorts

Across the globe, many things that Lederhosen are a typical kind of shorts in Germany, but that could not be far away from the truth. They are sported only in parts of Bavaria and Munich during the Oktoberfest in Munich. Or else, you will not get any self-respecting German guy sport these leather shorts at any other time.


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Cycling shorts

Made to lessen chaffing while riding a bike, these are long spandex, form-fitting shorts with an insert in the region that comes in contact with the saddles. However, not important for regular bicycle rides, you certainly want them for extended tours. Besides that, do not put them on for anything else.

Chino shorts

Just a cut down version of the iconic twill khaki pants or chinos, they were at first made for use by the U.S. military while serving overseas in the Philippines. If you take a break in the Philippines if you dwell in a similar climatic region, chino shorts are a great choice for casual wear, if not stick by long chinos.


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