Womens Underwear Shopping: Grabbing The Best

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When it’s about underwear shopping, just like men, some women too don’t pay much attention to it, even though it covers the most intimate areas.

Come on, are you denying it now? You know it’s the truth! You don’t think underwear is as important as any other clothing item when it’s actually more important than you think it is, as you use it for the most sensitive and tender parts.

While shopping for womens underwear, you need to remember the following points:

And Your Style Is…?

What’s your type? Still stuck in the times when only the plain and simple options were there or were repeatedly chosen? The world has changed girl! Prestigious women’s underwear manufacturers today bring different styles in eye-catching colors, prints, and cuts. If you have got a great body, with all the right curves in all the right places, then go for the bikini panties. They are great if you are into getting both style and comfort. If you want something that will disappear under your leggings, bodycon dresses, and fitted jeans then thongs are your thing! Choose the hipsters if you want enough coverage with a sexy toned outline. Boy shorts will be apt for you if you are someone who loves creative workout sessions of Zumba, yoga, etc.

Based On The Fabrics

If you want your panties to be with you for at least a few months (if not a year) then go for the right fabrics always. Jersey being usually a waterproof material is perfect for pool parties and beach vacations. Light and weightless, silk is smooth on the skin. Satin is a soft, luxurious, and smooth fabric that is great for lounging around. While for everyday usage, the soft and breathable plain cotton panties work well, for special occasions, the sexy and eye-catching lace panties are too good to miss.

The Appropriate Fit

Okay, this is an area where almost every woman makes a mistake. Going underwear shopping and not knowing your size is like committing a crime, the punishment of which is attention-grabbing yet ill-fitted underwear on which you end up spending way too much unnecessarily! So, before going shopping for underwear, first, measure your hip and waist size. Remember, no brand comes with the same size chart. Every brand comes with different sizes which again change with the type and style. Don’t stick to just one style ever, particularly the plain old ones. Invest in some others as well. After all, you know, variety is the spice of life!

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