Workout Clothing Trends of 2019 to Add to Your Collection

You can always throw on an old t-shirt and athletic clothes the next time you hit the gym or outdoors for a run or any other physical activities. But most individuals prefer to look and feel great while working out. This gave birth to the athleisure trend in workout apparel that is specifically designed for active individuals and these apparel choices will help to evaporate sweat quickly, minimize the risk of abrasions from fabric and offer several other unique benefits that traditional fitness apparel options like a cotton t-shirt does not provide. If you wish to look your best while going forward with your fitness goals, check out some of the hottest workout clothing trends of 2019.

Inclination Towards Neutral Tones

2018 was the year for intensely bold, bright and eye-catching colors and patterns but this trend seems to have shifted considerably in the present year. The new trend for wholesale fitness apparel in 2019 is to have neutral tones. The top contenders are black and grays mixed with white. This includes a top to bottom neutral color scheme but not necessarily a monochromatic look from head to toe. Fashion-forward active individuals usually choose a combination of two or three of these colors in their outfits and shoes. For instance, a lot of people still love wearing neon tank tees but they are seen aired up with black jackets, pants and gray shoes to balance out the poppish nature of the color.


Wholesale Workout Clothing

Darker Hues Are Admired

Although the shift is towards colors like black, gray and white but it is next to impossible to wear these colors everyday of the week. To keep things interesting and exciting, a splash of color is required in the workout closet. A lot of individuals and trendsetters are seen leaning more towards darker hues such as navy blue or forest green. These colors go great with a combination of black, gray and white and when matched correctly, it gives great results. The more sophisticated color scheme is in this season!

Form-fitting, Seamless Athletic Apparel

Great advancements in technology have helped designers and manufacturers to be able to come up with gym apparel featuring innovative designs and styles. One trend to be a big craze in the fitness clothing industry is the ground-breaking seamless technology. Seamless gym apparel is loved by all because it completely does away with those bulky seams, the garment pieces are lightweight and it takes the shape of the body. It gives men and women a great opportunity to show off all the hard work of the gym in these clothes! Seamless wholesale fitness apparel is designed in various colors, prints and styles to appeal to the fashion lovers.


To be able to woo your customers, you will have to stay ahead of the trends. Get in touch with reputed wholesale workout clothing manufacturers and give your product inventory a huge boost. A friendly tip to help you save money – order in bulk!