Washable Incontinence Leak Proof Underwear



These washable incontinence leak proof underwear is a highly absorbent underwear that holds up to 8 teaspoons of liquid. It is super odor resistant and traps unwanted smells so women can feel fresh and worry-free. The breathable moisture barrier of the underwear that helps protect the clothes from wetness tool.

These women’s underwear are designed with a quick-drying inner lining, so that they won’t feel damp while wearing it.  These women’s panties are enabled with features like super drying technology that will help them comfortable while wearing it. These should not be machine washed rather a gentle hand wash is advised. Regarding the appeal, business owners can find these panties in minimal yet colorful aesthetic that can be personalized according to your brand’s needs.

Surprise your customers this season with a collection of such amazing functional underwear pieces that they will adore. What’s more, you can even get cool discounts on the wholesale products.

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