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Bag Manufacturers

Looking for the top collection of bags? Welcome to Alanic Global – the new haven of retailers looking for a bag manufacturer USA. We have some of the top bags you will find and all of it is based on the latest designs and bag trends.

We have had years of experience with bag manufacturing and if you are looking for grey haired manufacturing wisdom coupled with the enthusiasm and can-do spirit of youth, then we are the perfect balance. Bags are one of the most important things in the daily on goings of people’s life and that is one of the main reasons why we give bag manufacturing such priority!

We are a reputed bag manufacturer

When it comes to manufacturing top quality bags, we are your number one choice. Alanic Global has all the collections you will ever need, and that is why you can trust as completely. We work on everything from hand bags, tote bags, gym bags, duffle bags, luggage bags, rucksacks, trolleys, and so much more. Each of the products are made from top quality material and that why they are going to attract the attention of your customers like never before.

Plus, we just don’t operate in the United States – Alanic Global is one of the foremost bag manufacturers Australia and that is what makes it the best all over the world.

Alanic Global boasts a huge catalog

When it comes to the kind of variety in bags a retailer needs, we are pretty much on solid ground. Our variation in bags is truly commendable and makes for a great set of colors, designs, and trendy prints. No matter what kind of bags your customers are interested in, finding it at Alanic Global will not be tough.

We have fabric bag options, microfiber bags, faux leather bags, leather bags, and a host of other blended material at our disposal. So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us today for high quality bags bulk orders a – Alanic Global is the best in production, from wholesale handbags supplier to wholesale sleeping bags!

Try our custom made bags today

Looking to get an edge over your contemporaries? Well, all you need is quality in your custom made bag collection, and we at Alanic Global can promise you that like never before. Having over a decade in manufacturing experience, we have set up the best custom bags team you will find in the United States bag manufacturing market. The process is simple, and your creativity is well accounted for.

All you have to do is pitch to your designs to our creative team, who are then going to work on optimizing its implementation on your bulk orders and send you a simulation for approval. Once you give it a thumbs up, the whole process is kickstarted within hours and within no time, you will find your bulk orders packaged and sent right at your doorstep. And don’t worry, our customizations include everything from wholesale handbags USA to being one of the best custom duffle bag manufacturers.

Try our Private Label Bag Collection

If you are going to get a bag store, it does not get any better than becoming a private label brand owner. In case you are one already, Alanic Global is already on our toes to be at your service – and don’t take it lightly – we are the best private label bag bulk manufacturers on this side of the world.

We understand the kind of exclusiveness that a private label brand stands for and that is one of the main reasons why all of our private label collection is made from the very best of raw material. And this includes everything from leather, fabric, organic fabric, faux leather, to microfiber and synthetic. Even when it comes to the design part of things, our private label bag manufacturing team is more than willing to work on your views and contribution to make each of your brand products truly yours! No wonder we manufacture the best of wholesale duffle bags and wholesale cosmetic bags as well!

Become a Distributor

Now that you already know what we at Alanic Global have to offer as bag manufacturers, you can also join us as a distributor. We have a wide network and your business can really be on the growing track if you join hands with us.

It’s a simple process too – fill up the form underneath and wait for our customer executives to get back to you and guide you through the whole process!

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