3 Silly Reasons Why Retailers Don’t Custom-Design Their Clothing Wholesale

Unless you want your clothing wholesale to look stale and exactly like your competitors’, it’s important that you customize it. But then the majority of the retailers don’t do that. They purchase their bulk as is. And their reasons are quite silly:

1. It takes time

Yes, personalizing your bulk does take time. But it’s not like you’re manufacturing it yourself. Even the basic changes in colors and patterns can make the biggest difference. And yet many clothing retailers decide not to spare that much of time in this department.


Design Your Own Clothes

2. It is costly

Not necessarily! It’s a basic misconception that retailers must see-through. If you’re working with say, a really good sublimated clothing manufacturer, they won’t exactly charge you big; not at least by a large margin.

3. They don’t get customization option

This is a silly mistake. If your clothing manufacturer doesn’t offer customization option, you should simply find someone else. There’s no reason to stick with the same partner when it’s coming at the cost of your business revenue.


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Are You One of These Retailers?

If you don’t design your own clothes wholesale, you’re making a big mistake. It might not necessarily be evident but it’s hurting your business. In order to sell more and outdo the competitors, your proposition must be unique.


So, personalization isn’t exactly optional but it’s essential for growth.


Again, don’t believe the “reasons” or misconceptions. Many of today’s good manufacturers offer flexible customization options. Find one such manufacturer and leverage on its offerings. Personalizing your bulk doesn’t have to take hours from your day; you get organized options during the ordering process to conveniently make the changes you’re looking for. Moreover, it won’t cost you big. That marginal increment in the cost, you can easily cover that in your pricing.