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3 Features of the Best Quality Wholesale Sublimation Clothing You Should Check!

If you are a retailer of sublimation clothing, then a lot of your business will revolve around getting your hands on the best quality, so that you can give your customers something better than others have to offer. However, whether your shop is online or otherwise, to get your hands on the best, you must know what the best is – and that is exactly what this blog is going to tell you.


Wholesale Sublimation Clothing


It will enlist three qualities of sublimated clothing that you can look out for, if you want to stock your shop with only the best. While many of the mediocre qualities will also have these 3 things, when you come across the crème de la crème, you will know the difference for yourself. Now, let’s find out –

1. High Quality Microfiber with Max Polyester Blends

Sublimation prints come out best in high quality microfiber fabrics and that is exactly what polyester is. Known as the best of the best, the sublimation clothes that come with a max polyester or pure polyester fabric composition last longer and fit better than others. This fabric elevates the whole experience and once you can compare between a polyester sublimation clothing and some other material, you will know why customers enjoy it more.


Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

2. Best Color Rendition

Sublimation clothing manufacturers create some of the best rendition of colors on their high quality sublimation clothing and you will know the difference, the instance you set your eyes on it. From brightness to the true tone of the shades, everything pops out when you take a look at the best sublimation clothing; the different shades of the printed subject to the realistic depiction of graphics, it is all a wonderful coming together of the best type of printed clothes available today!

3. Sweat Absorbent

Since these t shirts are made of microfiber clothing, the small pores allow them to absorb a lot of sweat, making it a good summer option. The lower quality sublimation clothing does not offer this because the fabric quality is not the same. Also, the top quality helps evaporate the moisture fast, keeping you dry too – which is an indispensable quality in the summer heat.


So, the next time you are going to buy sublimation t-shirts wholesale in bulk, keep these three qualities in mind and you will always make a good score – which means happier customers, more sales, and a happier you!


Social Media Inspired Sublimation Clothing Pieces Creating a Stir in Fashion World

Today, when the world is getting webbed and social media is one of the trending occurrences, why shall the fashion world be left out? The sublimation printing technology has given way to new and fresh prints and patterns to adorn the outfits of men and women, and the leading sublimation clothing manufacturers are making the most of this opportunity to introduce something new. Yes, wardrobes are getting filled with social media inspired clothes, adorned with prints and patterns from the world of the internet. Teens and the youth have definitely embraced them, and even the middle aged men and women are leaving no stone unturned to get going in these funky outfits.

Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

We bring to you the top trending social medial inspired prints which have been a major style inspiration for the global fashion scene today.

Hashtag happening?

You must have come across the usage of mandatory hashtags in twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles, haven’t you? These hashtags are getting a fun makeover on clothes as they are printed on them in small and big sizes in a medley of colors and styles. So, if you are the one who cannot post something on the web without the addition of hashtags, you must get hold of may be a hashtag printed hoodie crafted by a leading sublimated hoodie manufacturer? Cool and peppy, this can make you the ultimate show-stopper!

Logo game going strong

Could you forget the logos and symbols of the social networking sites you use regularly? Yes, they are very much embedded in our minds, and hence the manufacturers and designers have made them fashionable enough through stylish makeovers. Be it the blue bird of twitter or the simple red sign of Instagram, they are highly appealing and sublimation printing technology has made them appear on clothes in the most unique and fresh manners.

Sublimated Clothes Manufacturer

Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs ?

We all adore and love the people who have made the internet so easy and effortless for us, and there is no harm in paying them tribute through our clothes. Be it the popular sublimated jacket supplier or the crop top designer, the manufacturers have been introducing clothes imprinted with the images of the founders of different gadgets and social media sites which connect us to this world of web quite easily. Wear them confidently and flaunt your love for these legends!

Anecdotes and quotes

So, do you love the tee embossed with the quote, ‘Facebook, lets tweet!’? then you will find loads of them with different other quotes which define the world of net and social media in a funny and quirky way to us. These outfits with the most funny and weird quotes are widely accepted today and also get to offer a different style appeal to the fashion lovers.


Thus, now that you are aware of the different types of internet and social media inspired sublimated outfits available in the market today, you need to hurry and stock up your closet with the best ones.


Why Sublimation Clothing Is Here To Stay – The Pros and Cons of Sublimation Printing!

We often see these bright prints especially on the jerseys of the players. This is called sublimation or all-over print which are brighter, more durable and of course cost effective. Digital printing is not only applied to fabrics, but it is also used to print various other objects like key-chain, coffee mugs and bags. If you are in manufacturing business, you must know about sublimated clothes as it is the latest trend in the market. However, it is wise to measure the pros and cons of the sublimation clothes so that you can utilize the technology without wasting money.


So, here are the pros and cons of sublimated clothing which you should have a look at.

Sublimated Clothing

Pros of Sublimated Clothes:

Sublimation or digital printing has become hugely popular for the advantages it offers. Just take a look at what benefits you will enjoy with sublimation garments.


1) Sublimation Is Long-Lasting:

Do you know why the colours in sublimation sweatshirts and hoodies always appear bright and fresh? Well, it is because of the heat-pressing method. The use of heat in this technique turns the dye into a gaseous form and then by pressing it into the fabric fibers, a garment is sublimated. Once the colours reach into each fiber, they turn solid. This is how the colour becomes long lasting through the method of sublimation and no matter how much you wash it, the dye never seems to fade away like the other printing methods.


2) Huge Colour Option:

Unlike screen printing, Sublimation offers huge colour options. No matter what colour you want, will be available with sublimation printing. In most cases, the base material is white as this cannot be created with mixing other colours. But if you want to opt out white, you can choose any colour as the base material.

Sublimated Clothes

3) Intricate Designs Are Possible:

Haven’t you seen those intricate tiger and puppy faces, super-hero images and skylines printed on the sublimated hoodies and sweatshirts? Yes, all those detailing is possible with the sublimation technique. It offers seam-to-seam printing and if you like all-over printing, then sublimation is the best option. The top sublimated clothing manufacturers also offer customization services for those who want to add some personal touch to these products.

Now Let’s Come To The Cons:

Although not many but the cons of sublimation are listed below.


1) Not Good Enough For Large Batches:

While screen printing can be cheaper if ordered in a large number, sublimation can be better for smaller batches.


2) Only Suitable For Polyester:

Yes, the only drawback of sublimation is that it is not suitable for any other material except polyester. Polyester is the only fabric that expands due to heat and takes in the colour through the method of sublimation.


The Trend of Printed Sublimated Clothing: Reasons to Embrace It This Season

No matter how religiously you follow the style trends circulating in the global fashion scene; there are few fashion statements that are absolute necessity. Similarly, recently the craze of wearing prints has taken the forefront, and it is said that printed clothes must be there in your closet. If you know how to put together a printed outfit, and confidently pull that off, then you will be the diva at any outing. The sublimation printing technology has brought in the realistic printed clothes, using more colors and in a wide array of motifs and patterns.


Spring is here, and you must start something very colorful and bright to present yourself. Be it in the floral sundress, the polka dotted palazzo or the abstract printed off shoulder ruffled top, there are ample opportunities to get hooked to, and you can embrace them for the most outstanding silhouettes. Here are some of the reasons to rock the printed fashion trends this season. sublimation clothing manufacturers

Add color to the boring outfit

If you are wearing the plain white or black dress or top, and want to add something colorful, the sublimated printed vest or jacket or kimono will come to your rescue. Add this to get a wonderfully put-together printed look, and reflect the most hip and happening silhouette.


Much required visual interest

The colorful patters and printed motifs draw attention to your dress by creating the much required visual interest. The simple top can be elevated with the printed colourful pant, and this will completely brighten up the whole silhouette.


Successfully creates longer lines

If you are on the shorter side, you can easily look leaner or get the elongated demeanour through the bright striped dresses. Stripes in different hues create a longer image of yours. Sublimation T-Shirts Wholesale

Get them in any color of your choice

The printed clothes that are produced through sublimation printing process are found in an array of colors, and you can get anything that you choose to wear.


You get patterns for every occasion

Dressing for the occasion is a great thing to stick to, and you can pull off the perfect look for each and every occasion effortlessly. Hence through the sublimation t shirts wholesale pieces or the dresses, you can get hold of anything that would suit your persona. Florals for the beach outings and abstract motifs for the music festivals!


The big and bold for spring

The season of spring is all about adding colors and a vibrant quotient to your persona, and for this you must wear the sublimated clothes. They come in big and bold, or soft and sweet looks form the colourful florals to the black and white stripes.


Thus, make sure to add newly printed clothes to your persona, crafted by the leading sublimation clothing manufacturers, and get any look of your choice.


Upgrade Your Style with the Sublimated Hoodie Jackets for Appealing Silhouettes

Hoodies definitely sound a lot like the ultimate wardrobe staple for the fitness freaks, but they have seamlessly blended into the mainstream global fashion scene today. A viable fashion essential as it has become from being a gym topper, now the ladies can swap them in place of the uncomfortable outfits, and still look predominantly dapper and classy. No more are the hooded jacket restricted to the neutral shades, as the leading sublimation clothing manufacturers have given way to the colorful and bold printed hoodies, which go well with the charming personalities of the fashion forward women.


So, if you too are looking forward to have them in your wardrobe, then you must follow the different style ideas and effortlessly style them up.


Sublimated Hoodie Manufacturer

The rough and sweet silhouette

Who said the rough graphic hoodies cannot give you the much needed sweet ensembles? Try out this balancing act with a rough and tough hooded jacket with a coat or blazer, and team this with a pencil skirt may be for sweetening the whole effect. Make sure to keep options in terms of color so that you can experiment more in this style idea. To make things more feminine, carry a sling bag to complete the silhouette.

Very polished and poised

Just like the rough and tough or sweet looks, you can also get the polished and poised ensembles with any sublimated hoodies. Whilst donning the hooded sweat shirt or jacket or a classy and polished look, you can add a black mini skirt to dress things up, with may be a colorful hoodie, and a purse or clutch in any metallic shade. Bring in some twist to this with sneakers instead of any other girly footwear.

Layering game went strong

Get a very cozy and super layered look in the custom sublimated jackets and hoodies for the most vivacious and voluminous avatars. Get dressed up into a jumper neck knit top with a jumper dress, and team this up with a hooded jacket. This will add an athletic inspired stance, whereas the heeled boots with cat eye shaped goggles make sure to add a touch of femininity and elegance with quirk and panache.


Custom Sublimated Jackets

Street style shenanigans

Get some edgy street style look in a fitted hooded jacket teamed with a trench coat in a contrasting color for the winter mornings. Pair this total look with high waisted bell bottom denims, and the flats or may be the ballerinas for a very simple yet classy silhouette.

Athletic inspired : Athleisure fun

With athleisure fun happening all around, what about teaming up a colorful hooded jacket with workout shorts or tracks, with red lips and the stilettoes. Sounds weird? But this is unapologetically very wonderful in terms of uniqueness which this portrays. Try out different colors instead of sticking to the neutral shades, and make sure to add accessories like classy bags and ear rings to add casual vibes to this style essence.


Thus, the next time you walk into a retail stop, make sure to add colorful sublimated hoodies to your shopping cart. Pick up the most fresh and updated versions of the hoods crafted by a very celebrated sublimated hoodie manufacturer, so that you can style them according to the events and occasions you are heading towards.


Sublimation Clothing: The Future of Apparel is Here!

In the recent past, you must have heard the term ‘sublimation’ making the rounds and with a lot of enthusiasm. This novel digital printing method is extremely versatile and opens up a world of design opportunities in the personalized and promotional products industry. If you wish to expand your business into color and entice potential customers and clients, you should definitely give dye-sublimation printing a thought because it allows you to showcase your creativity at its best in an exciting and fun manner.


Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

What Are the Benefits of Sublimation Printing?

1. The prints get infused with the fabric and in no way compromises the fabrics properties such as breathability or ability to wick off moisture easily.

 2. Sublimation clothing wholesale feature brighter, neat and clean designs, prints and colors that do not fade, crack or chip even after multiple washes and rigorous use. This is one of the reasons why sublimation apparel is considered ideal for sports teams and schools.

 3. Customization is possible and one can absolutely go wild with imagination. Little, intricate details are shown with great precision and expert craftsmanship.

 4. The prints do not add any extra bulk to the clothing item.


Sublimation Clothing Wholesale

Great for Promotion of Business

As a business owner, you must always be on the lookout for interested options to boost your business. One of the marketing strategies that are being incorporated by businesses is the use of promotional products. You can always give out mugs, stationary and other such items which are also made using sublimation technique but to really catch the attention of the target audience and make an impact, give them something that they can use every day and think of you. Fashion, fitness and sports apparel carrying your corporate logo and name that reflects your company’s value and aims is an ideal option. To spice things up, you can get in touch with reliable sublimation clothing manufacturers and create customized t-shirts, jackets, team uniforms or track pants in quirky prints, hues and tones imprinted with your business name or logo. This gives your business better visibility.


Business owners wanting to boost their business name, sports team owners interested in being different from the rest or retailers wanting to create a niche for themselves by adding personalized sublimated clothing in their product inventory can get in touch with reputed manufacturers and wholesalers. Do have a clear idea first and try being as exclusive and exciting as possible.


Trends in Prints and Patterns Introduced by Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

With technological advancement, fashion industry is taking every move towards something new and fresh. Sublimation printing is a very unique and fresh addition to provide a very enriching experience while dressing up today. The innovative way to transfer photo-quality images to garments has taken the glamour world into new horizons. Irrespective of men or women, this is definitely creating a huge fashion statement, with a zest and peppy appeal. So, the time has come to ditch your plain outfits and slip into exotic prints brought in by sublimation clothing manufacturers.


There are a few prints which are in vogue today in woman’s fashion due to sublimation printing. Let’s throw light on them:


Vivacious Sublimated T-shirt Floral
If you are a girl, then nothing is prettier than floral patterns over your outfit. Get a peppy and soothing look with flowery patterns sublimated colorfully to render zest and spunk to your get up. In case of tops, slip into single colored plant or palazzo, and a crop top with a floral skirt. When it comes to a dress, just ensure the right footwear and get yourself going!


Skin textures and footprints of animals are given a new approach by printing them on apparels and hence, sporting a bold look is quite easy today, with sublimated animal prints. From tops to pants and even jumpsuits, leopard, tiger, zebra patterns are quite in fashion.  Keeping the jewelry minimal, get the desired wildness in your appearance!


Boldness in outfit now can be brought with colorful abstract prints. Graphics and geometric patterns are a part of abstract print which can be very easily brought in by sublimation dye technique. These motifs have no definite shapes and are quite modern, matched with contrasting color schemes. Sublimation clothing wholesale is witnessing a whole new range of abstract blocks and prints on dresses.


Alphabetical and numerical
If you desire to get a very funky yet cute look, go for outfits with vibrant numerical or alphabetical prints in monochromes or even flamboyant shades. Sublimation has introduced the style of rendering visual treat to the eyes with swanky numbers and alphabets imprinted on the outfits, like the newspaper print or images of mathematical calculations.


Sublimation Clothing Wholesale


Tribal patterns
Get the uber-cool bohemian chic look with tribal prints inscribed on your outfit. This indigenous creativity on the part of the designers have been backed well by sublimation printing technology. With a complex and medley of color pallets used, these exotic designs get all eyes glanced at you!


Photo prints
This is another very unique style of getting the photos of your favorite singer, actor, sportsperson or any other personality printed on your tee or top to get a supremely fashionable appeal. They look quite artistic and if sublimated in details can definitely turn you into a fashionista overnight!


Recreation of urban-life
Sublimation clothing has also given way to striking scenes of the real-raw urban life to get imprinted on your outfits. From the transportation modes, to slices of lives and even sceneries, everything gets a place on your garments. Why not look eccentric for once and be the centre of attraction?


Thus to cope with the new trends of fashion, retailers are banking on the top notch sublimation clothing manufacturers to enhance their collections and woo the customers.


Customizing Sublimation Hoodies Specifically to Meet Your Male Customer Preferences

Jackets and hoodies are one of the most stylish clothing items; but what makes them even more stylish is the personalization option that top and trusted sublimation clothing manufacturers offer. Meaning, the small businesses have the liberty to customize nearly everything of their sublimation jackets wholesale in accordance to theirs and their customers’ demands.

 Sublimated Hoodies Manufacturer

Customization helps in targeting specific customer base more easily and conveniently. This, subsequently, speeds up the sale by a considerable margin.


Predominance of men customers
Without being sexist, it is no secret that men wear hoodies more than women. So, small businesses should customize their bulk, most of the time, keeping in perspective the needs, demands and likings of men. Like for instance, light color hoodies or jackets won’t do well among male customers; they prefer darker shades. Also, like light colors, different designs or unnecessary patterns is not a popular choice for men’s hoodies.


For men customers, there are three safe zones in customization department of hoodies and sublimation jackets wholesale that are very safe-


1. Sports;
2. Movies;
3. Video games;


Imprints or graphic relating to popular sports on jackets and hoodies are a very safe and popular choice. Men love to show their rooting to any sports or team; and sports like basketball, football and soccer have their prevalence and craze around the seasons. The name of particular teams or players would do well; as well, the graphics of, say balls, are another good choice.

 Sublimation Hoodies Wholesale

Movies related prints on jackets are yet another great choice. Superheroes and action movies are adored by men around the world; like X-men and Fast and Furious series, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, and even Harry Potter has gone great with the sublimation t-shirts. So there are no reasons to believe that they won’t do well on sublimation hoodies and jackets.


Combat action-packed video games that are visually rich are the favorites of men. Call of Duty series are the love of all, while these days the new ‘Chivalry- Medieval Warfare’ are on everyone’s mind. So graphics of popular video games, say its characters or any accessories, would sell perfectly on hoodies and wholesale.


The number of imprinting possibilities in the above mentioned three ‘safe zones’ in quite uncountable. All you need to do is just connect with the right sublimated clothing wholesaler who offer detail customization options in the first place.


The Major 5 Tools that Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers Must Have!

Sublimation technology is the evolution that manifests the latest fashion era through the style and advantages it offers. In this age, when everyone wants to put little effort and achieve something big, sublimation clothing is the perfect choice of fashion as it makes one look good, effortlessly. This is the reason why today’s audience is embracing the vibrantly printed sublimated clothes with open arms. Starting from shirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants to socks, caps and scarves – almost all sorts of clothing and accessories are now being adorned with sublimation printing technology.


BLING BOLD SUBLIMATED JACKETHowever, there are various reason behind its popularity. Whether it is the longevity of the colours or the multiple options in patterns, sublimation has been reigning both the spheres of sports and fashion. But what are the main ingredients that the manufacturers use to sublimated clothes? It is very important to know if one wants to start his or her own clothing line. Here are list of tools that are needed in sublimation printing.


1) Computer, The Basic Element:
Without a computer, sublimation printing is impossible. You must install a graphics software such as Corel Draw or Adobe Creative Suite to create the patterns you want to draw on the fabric. Choosing polyester fabric will simplify your job. Most of the reputed sublimation clothing manufacturers nowadays own several computers and myriad softwares to generate different types of designs to print on their products. The advanced colour management system built in the software helps the designers to choose the right shades that their customers have asked for.


2) An Inkjet Printer:
A supportive and compatible inkjet printer is necessary to print the patterns on the fabric. Without an inkjet printer, sublimation printing can’t be executed properly. These printers offer very quick and high quality printing within a short time. This methods are also economical for the sublimation clothing wholesalers and those who want to start their own brands with sublimated clothes.


Mostly two types of inks are used for sublimation printing; namely Artainium and SubliJet. For printers like Epson and Ricoh, SubliJet is suitable but Artainium is not applicable in both. These inks are almost same with minimal difference in the colour adjustments. For using Artainium, oe must have Corel Draw or Photoshop in their system and on the other hand, SubliJet is suitable for all the printing softwares.


4) Heat Press:
Sublimation is all about infusing the colour into the fabric through heat pressing. For this reason, you will need a heat press or a silicone wrap within an oven to sublimate the clothes.


5) Colour Correction Software:
As there are chances of colour mixing in sublimation printing, you will need to correct the inks with the colour correction software available online. Photoshop, Corel Draw or Power Driver – all these softwares can help you correct the colours.


So, those who are planning to start their own business in clothing line, can easily opt for sublimation clothing using the above tools.