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Why Sublimation Clothing Is Here To Stay – The Pros and Cons of Sublimation Printing!

We often see these bright prints especially on the jerseys of the players. This is called sublimation or all-over print which are brighter, more durable and of course cost effective. Digital printing is not only applied to fabrics, but it is also used to print various other objects like key-chain, coffee mugs and bags. If you are in manufacturing business, you must know about sublimated clothes as it is the latest trend in the market. However, it is wise to measure the pros and cons of the sublimation clothes so that you can utilize the technology without wasting money.


So, here are the pros and cons of sublimated clothing which you should have a look at.


Sublimated Clothing

Pros of Sublimated Clothes:

Sublimation or digital printing has become hugely popular for the advantages it offers. Just take a look at what benefits you will enjoy with sublimation garments.


1) Sublimation Is Long-Lasting:

Do you know why the colours in sublimation sweatshirts and hoodies always appear bright and fresh? Well, it is because of the heat-pressing method. The use of heat in this technique turns the dye into a gaseous form and then by pressing it into the fabric fibers, a garment is sublimated. Once the colours reach into each fiber, they turn solid. This is how the colour becomes long lasting through the method of sublimation and no matter how much you wash it, the dye never seems to fade away like the other printing methods.


2) Huge Colour Option:

Unlike screen printing, Sublimation offers huge colour options. No matter what colour you want, will be available with sublimation printing. In most cases, the base material is white as this cannot be created with mixing other colours. But if you want to opt out white, you can choose any colour as the base material.


Sublimated Clothes


3) Intricate Designs Are Possible:

Haven’t you seen those intricate tiger and puppy faces, super-hero images and skylines printed on the sublimated hoodies and sweatshirts? Yes, all those detailing is possible with the sublimation technique. It offers seam-to-seam printing and if you like all-over printing, then sublimation is the best option. The top sublimated clothing manufacturers also offer customization services for those who want to add some personal touch to these products.

Now Let’s Come To The Cons:

Although not many but the cons of sublimation are listed below.


1) Not Good Enough For Large Batches:

While screen printing can be cheaper if ordered in a large number, sublimation can be better for smaller batches.


2) Only Suitable For Polyester:

Yes, the only drawback of sublimation is that it is not suitable for any other material except polyester. Polyester is the only fabric that expands due to heat and takes in the colour through the method of sublimation.


Sublimation Clothing and Changing Trends- What Experts Think!

Few years back when dye sublimation print entered the clothing industry, it created all sorts of positive stir among the wholesalers and retailers. In no time, sublimated hoodies, t-shirts, bottoms and more were under the spotlight on the fashion scene, enjoying a massive following of the urban outfitters.


Fast forward to now, these chic print apparels enjoy just as much market adoration. However, few experts believe that things have stopped growing and that the charm of sublimated clothing seems to be fading. Sublimation Clothing Wholesale

“We definitely see a big change in how people are looking at sublimate wears. The excitement has settled as compared to early days. People have finally come to a phase when they are looking for something fresh,” says a market analyst.


Indeed, many people – at least the fashion forwards – are bored of the same varieties of tops, bottoms and outwears, and they are looking for fresh variations. Another reason why things might be looking downturn in the sublimated apparels niche is because of the changing fashion preference of the end customers. More and more people are doing away with the flashy varieties of wears, settling on range that exudes a blend of casual and bold flavor.


Then again, there are also voices that are rather optimistic regarding the recent trends.


“Yes, in this niche, things are changing fast. But it’s not for bad. The change is good and brings opportunities in heap for the smart clothing business owners,” says an expert of apparel industry. “It’s a clear sign that they (wholesalers and retailers) need to be creative and innovative when personalizing their bulk, as well as in marketing and pricing.” Wholesale Sublimation Clothing

Customers are looking for new and fresh variations—and not that they are bored of sublimated print wears itself. So instead of going blindly and thoughtlessly when purchasing their bulk, clothing business owners must be careful about customizing their bulk; they should personalize the wholesale with distinct flavor and feel that reflects the current fashion trends adequately.


Are you a clothing business owner?


Sublimation jackets, tops and bottoms still dominate the fashion scene. Only the customers’ preference has slightly changed. So if you’re a business owner, understand your customers’ need, personalize your wholesale accordingly and sell big – earn big. Dial a good manufacturer today!


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The Trend of Printed Sublimated Clothing: Reasons to Embrace It This Season

No matter how religiously you follow the style trends circulating in the global fashion scene; there are few fashion statements that are absolute necessity. Similarly, recently the craze of wearing prints has taken the forefront, and it is said that printed clothes must be there in your closet. If you know how to put together a printed outfit, and confidently pull that off, then you will be the diva at any outing. The sublimation printing technology has brought in the realistic printed clothes, using more colors and in a wide array of motifs and patterns.


Spring is here, and you must start something very colorful and bright to present yourself. Be it in the floral sundress, the polka dotted palazzo or the abstract printed off shoulder ruffled top, there are ample opportunities to get hooked to, and you can embrace them for the most outstanding silhouettes. Here are some of the reasons to rock the printed fashion trends this season. sublimation clothing manufacturers

Add color to the boring outfit

If you are wearing the plain white or black dress or top, and want to add something colorful, the sublimated printed vest or jacket or kimono will come to your rescue. Add this to get a wonderfully put-together printed look, and reflect the most hip and happening silhouette.


Much required visual interest

The colorful patters and printed motifs draw attention to your dress by creating the much required visual interest. The simple top can be elevated with the printed colourful pant, and this will completely brighten up the whole silhouette.


Successfully creates longer lines

If you are on the shorter side, you can easily look leaner or get the elongated demeanour through the bright striped dresses. Stripes in different hues create a longer image of yours. Sublimation T-Shirts Wholesale

Get them in any color of your choice

The printed clothes that are produced through sublimation printing process are found in an array of colors, and you can get anything that you choose to wear.


You get patterns for every occasion

Dressing for the occasion is a great thing to stick to, and you can pull off the perfect look for each and every occasion effortlessly. Hence through the sublimation t shirts wholesale pieces or the dresses, you can get hold of anything that would suit your persona. Florals for the beach outings and abstract motifs for the music festivals!


The big and bold for spring

The season of spring is all about adding colors and a vibrant quotient to your persona, and for this you must wear the sublimated clothes. They come in big and bold, or soft and sweet looks form the colourful florals to the black and white stripes.


Thus, make sure to add newly printed clothes to your persona, crafted by the leading sublimation clothing manufacturers, and get any look of your choice.


How to Add Color and Life to Sublimation Clothing?

Wearing the same old type of clothes with repetitive designs and patterns indeed becomes boring. So to give a break from the same usual type of clothes, the designers try and come up with new designs that are mostly innovative prints. These prints are conventionally screen printed on the t-shirt which means that the pattern is stuck on to the shirt. But this method has several disadvantages like the screen print wears off with time making the shirt look very shabby. For this reason, the manufacturers came up with a more sophisticated approach known as sublimation. Here, the dye is converted into gaseous form which is then absorbed by the fabric in the form of the desired design. This makes the shirt color fast and the print does not wear away since it becomes a part of the fabric itself. This newer method has given way to newer patterns and prints that can be replicated so beautifully over a piece of shirts. Some of the noteworthy ones which have made sublimated clothing so popular are as follows.

Cartoons and animated figures

So, which is your favorite cartoon? Popeye or Tom and Jerry? You can get which you want printed on the shirt. The colors and the design comes out so beautifully that it will actually appear as though Tom is running after Jerry or Popeye is eating his spinach. The cartoon characters look real thanks to the precision with which the procedure is done.

Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

Scenic beauty of nature

You can easily replicate nature and its marvelous beauty with the help of sublimation clothing. So the limitless sky and the endless water look even more mesmerizing with the use of sublimation. Fine elements like butterflies and the intricate patterns in its wings can be beautifully brought to life with sublimation.

Images of eminent personalities

Wearing a che guera shirt has always been popular. The trend of wearing shirts with the images of eminent personalities is here to stay. With sublimation, these images look very real and attractive.


If you are a store owner or retailer, then its best to stock up sublimation clothing as these are really in demand. You can procure them directly from sublimation clothing manufacturers as they will be able to give you better prices since you obviously would be buying in bulk.


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What Makes Sublimation Clothing so Popular in Sports Wear?

Sublimated clothing in the newest thing to happen to the textile industry. Now, you can see a surge in the production of sublimation clothing but before evaluating as to what has led to this, let’s first understand this new technique.


What is sublimation?

Generally, your fabric is printed with the ink dye that forms a layer or film over the fabric in the desired pattern. This is popularly known as screen printing. But in sublimation the dye gets converted first into gaseous form. This vapor dye then penetrates the fabric and again solidifies leaving its color behind. This is certainly a more sophisticated approach to printing and has several advantages over the conventional screen printing which makes it the preferred choice when it comes to sportswear.

Sublimation Clothing Manufacturer

Dri-fit fabric

The prime importance of sublimation is that it can be performed on the special technology fabric known as dri-fit fabric. This fabric is made of premium grade polyester that has moisture wicking properties. Hence, if you are sweating it out on field, then this top notch quality material will ensure that sweat is absorbed from your body and released into air as vapor form, keeping you dry, calm and composed at all times. When screen printing is done on this fabric, it blocks the very pores of the material, robbing off all the needed characteristics of the fabric. On the other hand, in sublimation the dye gets adsorbed by the pores. Hence, they are not blocked and the desired features of the fabric remains intact.


Color fast and durable

Unlike screen printing, the print obtained by sublimation does not crack, fade or peel after few washes. These are long lasting with the print looking the same after repeated washes. This makes it very popular among sportsmen whose clothes are constantly going for a wash.


Easy to wash and maintain

This fabric is of relatively low maintenance grade. It has anti stain and anti wrinkle properties which makes them easy to wash and easy to iron. These dry also pretty fast. In a nutshell, sublimation clothing has been a boon for the housekeeping department.


If you want to make a pick of sublimation clothing for your sports team or for any other purpose, then you can contact a notable sublimation clothing manufacturer online. You can get deals at great prices if your order is in bulk.


Sublimated Clothing Gets into Sports and Fitness Apparel

Sublimated clothing has seized its moment in fitness and sports apparel. Championed by eminent personalities like Givenchy (designer) and Will Fry (artist) this style of clothing is fast making its way to the wardrobes of sports and fitness lovers. The process of sublimation printing is all about dyes being transferred from a gaseous to a solid state directly. This is what makes the sublimated prints on hoodies, jackets and shirts look bold, vivid and smart. They have a presence of their own and give the wearer a distinctive style. Available for both men and women, it is being manufactured in bulk by suppliers and wholesalers.

Making a fashion statement

Fashion is an every changing canvas. And if you love to sport what’s new, then the sublimation clothing range are apt for you. Not all are about loud and jazzy prints. Some are subtle, having an interesting matrix of colours. You can choose what suits your mood and personality. If you love working out, then you can wear sublimation fitness outfits and make it to the gym. It adds zing to your look and boosts up your energy level, motivating you to take your exercise even more seriously. And with the symbol of your favourite sports team, you can even given an expression to your loyalty. Logos or abstract designs, anything can be printed through this technology in order to give a personal touch or a unique appeal.

Fitness Sublimated Clothing

Our contemporary sports men and women love to be dressed in such clothes. It allows easy breathing, gives comfort and body agility, essential for a player. Regardless, of being worn as a jacket or a hoodie, these clothes are long lasting, which is a complete value for money. The advanced multi-layer printing technology used saves the print from getting cracked or chipped abruptly. These features take it few notches higher than the generic sportswear and fitness dresses. In addition to that, the vibrant colours add to its visual appeal and acts as a complete mood enhancer.

Getting high-quality sublimation attires

For high quality attires in a bulk there are expert sublimation clothing manufacturers waiting to join hands with you. Like every other service provider, they are also listed online for rapid awareness and easy connection. As you browse, you will come across multiple products in various styles displayed at an affordable price range. Furthermore, you also have the option of making the most of attractive deals, discounts and packages. The process is simple, easy and happens with just a couple of clicks.


Choose Sublimated Clothing Options for the Best in Sportswear

If you are someone who takes an active interest in sports and fitness activities, then you must be well aware of the importance of wearing the right kind of clothing for different games. Whether you are just looking to show your love and support for your favorite team or looking to be an active part of a field sport, you need to have well made jersey and uniforms that are associated with that sport. Sportswear manufacturing has come a long way since their humble beginnings, and today’s sports clothing is made out of the finest pieces of fabric that are further designed with the best inks and printing systems.

Sublimation printing and its features

One of the methods of designing sports clothing that is extensively used nowadays is sublimation printing. The process of sublimation involves transferring a colored graphic image on the surface of the polyester fabric of which a jersey or a piece of clothing is made. This unique method of ink printing is carried out by heat pressing the ink on to the fabric’s surface. The heat actually changes the ink into a gaseous form, which then penetrates the fabric evenly. Sublimation printing can only be carried out with polyester fabric and is not advisable to be done on garments that are made of cotton, simply because the image or graphic can get washed away just after a few washes.

Sublimated Sports Clothing

Benefits of sublimation printing

Since the time when sublimation printing was first introduced, sublimation clothing has found great favor among both professional as well as amateur sportsmen and women. This is so because sublimated clothing stands out for their colorfastness, elegant look as well as durable finishing. The printing method always yields high quality, flawless results no matter the colors or the designs chosen. Sublimated printing also offers people with easy means to develop custom clothing.

Where to get sublimation clothing

Sublimated clothing is nowadays in great demand, particularly among those who are involved in sports and fitness activities. There are numerous online sites that offer people with the opportunity to create their very own sublimation clothes. You can also get in touch with sublimation clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the wholesale market. These wholesalers can offer you a wide range of sublimation clothes in attractive prices. Whether you are looking for sublimated tees, sublimated hoodies or sublimated jackets, these dealers can offer you a wide range of options to choose from.