8 Popular Types of Cotton Clothing

As a material for the construction of clothes, cotton is very popular. It has a unique texture and feeling, and is also super soft in form. Unlike many other materials, it is also highly breathable and allows the skin to stay comfortable and dry. It is a perfect material for the construction of shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, underwear, sweaters and other items to wear. If you have set up an apparel store online, following are 8 of the popular types of cotton clothing you should order from wholesale clothing manufacturers USA.

Organic Cotton Clothing

It cannot be found very easily, but is growing more and more popular due to its eco-friendliness. It is reared without the use of any toxic chemicals or pesticides which are generally used for the production of cotton. Naturally there are no allergies or other skin problems to be encountered with this kind of cotton.

Bamboo Cotton Clothing

Such type of cotton is around 30% organic in form, and is also extremely soft in nature. It is actually made by combining crushed bamboo with organic cotton. It is free of chemicals and is completely natural, which makes it better for nature as well as the skin.

Cotton Clothing Manufacturers

Canton Cotton Clothing

This is a heavier type of cotton which is used by wholesale clothing manufacturers for the manufacturing of sweaters to be used during winter and fall seasons. This is soft cotton and cannot be torn easily, which makes it last for many years. This kind of cotton is very popular and offers a feel slightly similar to flannel.

Egyptian Cotton

This is a luxurious form of cotton which has thinner and longer fibers. As it has strong yarn, Egyptian cotton can be used for making smooth and attractive fabrics.

Cotton Twill

It is lighter in weight, and offers a feel similar to flannel. As it is lighter in weight as compared to canton cotton, it is perfect for making clothing for fall season.

Honeycomb Cotton

This kind of cotton is light in weight and can dry very fast, which makes it ideal for people living in countries with hot weather conditions.

Oxford Chambray

It is one more kind of cotton which is used for the production of shirts. It is medium in weight.

French Terry Cotton

It is a little heavy and its bulkiness lies somewhere between cotton twill and Canton cotton. It happens to be extremely soft in form. Its texture is short and fuzzy.