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4 Must Have Qualities to Look for in Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers USA!

When looking for apparel manufacturers in USA, you need to look for some qualities that will help you trust the producer. Now, these qualities range over large departments and it is hard for a new retailer to know what to look for.


This is why we have brought together a list to make your job easier and help you get hold of one of the best wholesale clothing manufacturers USA. Let’s take a look now –

1. A Trustworthy Vibe

It is said that intuition happens when our brain processes information way too fast and we are consciously unable to keep track of that train of thought. That is what happens when you get a gut feeling or vibe – and if you are feeling like a manufacturer seems trustworthy, then in most cases, they do turn out to be. Trust yourself and get to the next quality check!


Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in Las Vegas

2. An Inexhaustible Inventory

Whether you are looking for wholesale clothing manufacturers in Las Vegas or otherwise, an inexhaustible inventory is an absolute necessity for you as a retailer. This is because your stocks will end, and you will need to bring in new collections – it will make things a lot easier if your manufacturer keeps adding more to their inventory.

3. Speedy Delivery System

When it comes to delivery, you need to focus on manufacturers that give you speedy delivery before deadline. This is something you need to have, because when the seasonal apparel rotations near, the ones with the newest collections always capitalize the customer frenzy – and that is something you could definitely use to up your sales.


Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

4. A Quick-Response Customer Service Team

This is extremely important, since a lot of manufacturers maintain contact before your place contact and then procrastinate once orders are placed. While delays might happen in rarest cases, it is important that the producer has a quick response customer service team that will make sure that clients remain assured that everything is alright and don’t get paranoid. One of the things that come in handy during these situations is order tracking and if your manufacturer has the feature, things are going to be a lot easier for you.


These are the 4 qualities you need to check for in an apparel manufacturer before you make a deal and ensure that all the boxes on your checklist are ticked!


Top 5 Red Carpet Look You Can Try for the Next Party

When stars make their glorious entry on a red carpet, it successfully captures our imagination. We too wish to look splendid and effortless. The variety of costumes showcased makes us more attentive than the main event. While some choice of clothes becomes timeless, some are completely forgotten about. Here is a list of 5 Hollywood celebs whose red carpet appearance was as much promising as their careers.


Sharon Stone

If originality and uniqueness was combined, then the result would be as spectacular as what Sharon Stone wore to the Academy Awards back in 1998. Advanced compared to the fashion hype of that time, she wore a loose white oxford shirt with a high waist evening skirt. While the shirt was tucked in smartly, she left a few buttons open exposing the right amount of skin. The unkempt hair and red lips worked well for this brilliant actress, complimenting each aspect of this astute ensemble. Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers USA

Charlize Theron

Tall and beautiful are the two words that can perfectly sum up the talented actress Charlize Theron. She made an appearance in a tangerine gown to the Oscars of the year 2000. The dress was a breakthrough from the conventional black gowns which was quite popular with the stars back then. The silver embellishments both on the dress and on Charlize shined and looked dazzling. The plunging neckline added to its graceful design, which helped her stand out. You can wear this ensemble for a glamorous entry to any party.


Hilary Swank

Academy awards of 2005 not only saw Hilary Swank taking the golden statue home, but her make a sizzling and noteworthy appearance on the red carpet. While the other divas were busy showing a little cleavage, Swank dared to expose her toned back. The backless blue gown henceforth became timeless. Hilary smartly chose to wear her hair in a neat bun to put more emphasis on the bare back. The black clutch and the neutral makeup complemented her guise, rendering her the ultimate classy and sophisticated aspect.


Scarlett Johansson

Less is more! Scarlett Johansson just proved that when she opted to wear a simple red gown to the Golden Globes in 2006. This stellar actress has ascertained time and again that all you need is a little grace and poise to look your best at all times. She flaunted her busts and curves proudly while toning down the accessories and make up. A pair of red heels, silver earrings and nude lips left us all awestruck. Now with wholesale clothing suppliers usa you can look as effortless as our favourite Black Widow does. Wholesale Clothing Suppliers USA

Angelina Jolie

She sizzled the 2008 Cannes when she appeared alongside her husband Brad Pitt in this elegant green dress. She showed off her baby bump and inspired millions of expecting mothers to just take it out in style. She goes minimal with her accessories. A bracelet and a pair of earrings just made her look ethereal. You too can try out this, pregnant or not, for the look is timeless and have been immortalised in the fashion circuits forever.


With a number of wholesale clothing manufacturers usa having assembled garments inspired by these fashionistas, you can too make a star studded entry in the next party you attend. For all the retailers who are looking to update their collection can secure striking discounts when purchase them in bulk.


How Can You Thrive in Today’s Global Apparel Market?

A phenomenal change in the dynamics of the apparel industry is in play and to survive this tide of dramatic changes, apparel companies in the retail sector need to re-structure themselves by 2020. Consumers today are not only looking forward to seeing a whole new level of freshness in the products but also are keen on the whole shopping experience. The global apparel business is exponentially growing and expected to reach double digit by 2020. A majority of this growth is coming from the exploding buying capacity of the consumers who are increasingly viewing clothes as an extension of their personality and an expression of their unique lifestyle. The e-commerce revolution too has a major role to play in the booming growth!

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers USA

1. Children’s fashion market is at $186 billion
2. Menswear is valued at $402 billion
3. Women’s wear is at $621 billion


Since 2015, major shifts in global consumer buying habits have been noted. The retail industry is being shaped by the rise of online shopping and low prices on high-end fashion products. Even though the apparel industry seems to be flourishing significantly, there is huge pressure on business owners due to the reduced profit margins. But the same time when profits are decreasing, consumer expectations and demands are growing stronger than ever. This disparity between the two has boosted the global wholesale clothing market because purchasing bulk products go a long way in helping retail store owners maintain a decent margin of profit while paying less for procuring the products.

The Internet is where the Money Is

It’s OK to set-up a lavish store in a posh mall or shopping center but the chunk of the target audience is glued to the internet and enjoying internet shopping to the fullest because of the ease and convenience of it. Starting an online clothing store is not that difficult, especially with reputed wholesale clothing distributors USA offering great wholesale package deals on a wide assortment of fashion, fitness and sports clothing and accessories for men and women.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors USA

But You Have to be Different…

When we say that starting an online apparel store is not difficult, we really mean it. But it would bring you great business if you can just be distinct from the rest because consumers are always on the lookout for something fresh and new. Wholesale clothing manufacturers USA not only offer a wide plethora of ready-made garments to choose from but also provide custom and private label manufacturing services that allow you to think out of the box, create your own private label clothing brand and eventually, have a separate niche for yourself.


Internet sales has risen to about 23% last year and it is expected to rise at an even greater pace in 2016. If you are an apparel retail store owner and still haven’t woken up to the fact that it is time to re-structure your business model, you might be in for a rude shock.


8 Popular Types of Cotton Clothing

As a material for the construction of clothes, cotton is very popular. It has a unique texture and feeling, and is also super soft in form. Unlike many other materials, it is also highly breathable and allows the skin to stay comfortable and dry. It is a perfect material for the construction of shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, underwear, sweaters and other items to wear. If you have set up an apparel store online, following are 8 of the popular types of cotton clothing you should order from wholesale clothing manufacturers USA.


Organic Cotton clothing
It cannot be found very easily, but is growing more and more popular due to its eco-friendliness. It is reared without the use of any toxic chemicals or pesticides which are generally used for the production of cotton. Naturally there are no allergies or other skin problems to be encountered with this kind of cotton.


Bamboo cotton clothing
Such type of cotton is around 30% organic in form, and is also extremely soft in nature. It is actually made by combining crushed bamboo with organic cotton. It is free of chemicals and is completely natural, which makes it better for nature as well as the skin.

 Wholesale Organic Cotton Clothing

Canton cotton clothing
This is a heavier type of cotton which is used by wholesale clothing manufacturers for the manufacturing of sweaters to be used during winter and fall seasons. This is soft cotton and cannot be torn easily, which makes it last for many years. This kind of cotton is very popular and offers a feel slightly similar to flannel.


Egyptian cotton
This is a luxurious form of cotton which has thinner and longer fibers. As it has strong yarn, Egyptian cotton can be used for making smooth and attractive fabrics.


Cotton twill
It is lighter in weight, and offers a feel similar to flannel. As it is lighter in weight as compared to canton cotton, it is perfect for making clothing for fall season.


Honeycomb cotton
This kind of cotton is light in weight and can dry very fast, which makes it ideal for people living in countries with hot weather conditions.


Oxford Chambray
It is one more kind of cotton which is used for the production of shirts. It is medium in weight.


French Terry cotton
It is a little heavy and its bulkiness lies somewhere between cotton twill and Canton cotton. It happens to be extremely soft in form. Its texture is short and fuzzy.


Deck up Stylishly for a Pool Party with Exquisite Wholesale Clothing: Tips and Ideas

Foods, drinks, crazy friends and an afternoon pool party, what else a sunny summer Saturday needs? With fun and excitement, it is also important to dress up properly with the utmost head turning appeal. Pool parties always doesn’t mean skin show, you can wear anything to feel comfy and confident in your own skin, and with the wholesale clothing manufacturers USA companies crafting sizzling outfits to comply with the spring and summer fashion trends, settling down for a cool-chic look just got easier, rendering a mist magic wardrobe solution.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers USA

Just like formal outings and evening party scenes have their own rules and codes of dressing up, why shall a pool party leave behind? Thus, we get you covered with style tips and ideas to settle down for a pool party attire:


• Rebel chic
Wear an edgy, yet uber-chic look with country side touch in a kaftan or short top (keep the fit loose), with base color being ivory white, adorned with stripes or sleek motifs in subdued contrasting tonal shade. Team this with all white shorts, a strapped neutral sandals and beige hat for the much needed dash of panache!


• Carelessly careful
The other way to style your summer shorts is to team it up with an oversized plain tee, tied in a knot near the waist for the perfect spring appeal. If the top is plain, then go for patterned shorts, and team up with wedges in complementing color. This is definitely the perfect tomboyish look which you can easily get.


• Cover up in elegance
If bikini isn’t your thing, but you still want to try it for the first time, worry not because the well-known wholesale clothing distributors USA companies have introduced elegant cover ups exclusively for the pool party shenanigans. Wear a sleek jet black bikini and lace trimmed flared shorts, and cover up casually with a floral printed shrug or a sheer colorful layering for the ultimate feminine appeal. Tie up your hair in a top-bun with simple flip-flops as your footwear!


• Let’s play dress up
Love dresses? Bunk the shorts and do a little white dress with flair and verve. Nothing looks better than a silky smooth or chiffon white dress during the spring or summer. This angelic dress in asymmetrical hemline with minimal designs and loose fit, will render you the Bohemian feel, especially when teamed with a colorful floral wreath around the head.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors USA

• Food, drinks and denims!
Denims never disappoint, isn’t it? Hence, your idea of wearing a denim pant to a pool party too can work well if worn with a novel touch. Instead of a simple tee, slip into a embroidered pink crop top, with slim fit ankle length or flared tattered denims, with beige ballet flats for a casual yet swanky party get-up.


• Peek-a-boo!
Flaunt your toned figure with confidence in a sheer kimono in light color or a see-through transparent top in black. You can either go for denim shorts or miniskirts the finishing touch. But if the top or kimono is slightly on the longer length, then ditch any short or skirt and go bold and fearless! Match a good pair of sunglass and metallic stilettos for a notched-up stance!


Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit Ideas in Trendy Clothes for Women

Date nights are all about impressing your guy with a charming persona and obviously a stunning appeal with a great looking outfit. A proper dressing will bring out your smartness and confidence for a romantic ensemble on the date, with your head-turning appeal making your guy go all ga-ga over you!


Sporting an elegant stance on a date night has become easier with the global designers and wholesale clothing manufacturers USA companies crafting sizzling outfits for the girls, especially on this Valentine’s Day.


Scroll down for stylish entities to go for on this 14th Feb at your much-awaited date night :

1. Poised gracefulness

Carry a unique feminine stance with ease by ditching that flowing maxi dress and slip into a simple chiffon white shirt, tucked in with an elegant flared dark colored knee-length skirt. Punctuate this get-up with a sleek clutch and pointed heels.

2. Boho-chic

Reveal your sporty side with a casual Boho-chic stance, cinching on casually crafted, loose fitted full sleeve animal printed silky dress adorned properly with high-rising lace boots in classic brown. This will reveal your mischievous side, effortlessly.

Women Wholesale Clothing Distributors USA

3. Crop it up

If you love black and wondering to bring a fresh approach instead of wearing the usual black dress, then dress up in a sleeveless cropped tank, with a lacy mini or midi skirt, with maximum hotness delivered and pop of color being added by a statement necklace in a contrasting tonal shade.

4. Cocktail scenes

When it is a cocktail cruise party he is taking you for, bank on a sweet little cocktail dress from the array of global wholesale clothes at the retail outlet. Go for a strapless, flattering cocktail dress in bright colors like reds, yellows or pinks, complemented with sleek ballet heels.

5. Knitted gets a fresh appeal

With a mild windy weather outside, you definitely wouldn’t want to cover yourself up totally, so, you can bank on a knitted mini with minimal shimmers and glitters, in subdued colors like ivory white, grey or soothing pink, teamed with ankle length strappy sandals in a darker shade.

6. Funky shenanigans

Another way to opt for an elegant fun attire is to pair up black shorts, with creamy white silky blouse, designed with ruffles on the neckline, and colorfully printed wedges. Add zest to your look with a sling bag taken in a criss-cross manner.


Thus, with the fresh new Valentine’s special brought in by the top-notch wholesale clothing distributors USA companies, looking fabulous and wow-worthy on a date night has just got easier!


Exciting Trends in Skirts Brought in by Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

Every now and then you will get to explore a variety of skirts breathing new life to the fashion scene. Being a completely girly affair, skirts tend to spruce up the feminine subtlety of yours. Be it in an elegant way to a sporty or even in super-chic way, skirts are versatile and never disappoint.  If you are on a shopping spree and want to try out something apart from the regular pants and dresses, then flaunt your curves beautifully in a skirt. Keeping this huge demand in mind, wholesale clothing distributors USA companies are making ingenious efforts to bring in new designs and add verve to the category of skirts.

 Maroon Knee-Length Formal Skirt


Here is a list of the wardrobe essentials in terms of skirts that one should definitely own:


Once it is spring or summer, miniskirts become the staple of a girl’s closet. Wearing them on a weekend or a party has always been quite convenient and stylish. Apart from the regular ones in solid colors, leather minis are the fresh entrants ranging from plain to embellished with studs and buttons, these widely  add a street smart flavor to your styling. You can definitely go for the A-line single colored or flowy printed ones to enhance your charm. However, to slip into the right footwear to render proper refined finesse to your legs.


Maxi skirts
A feminine look in a flowing maxi skirt is impeccable. Being a classic trend of the 80’s and 90’s, these ones will never fade away from the fashion scene, witnessed mainly in florals and silky fabrics. Carrying an elegant appeal, these look highly applaud able with crop tops recently, teamed up with a sling bag.  If not, go ahead with a full sleeved body hugging plain tee tucked in with a sleek belt and roam around like a complete diva.


Plum and Black SkirtSlit skirts
Slit skirts connote something very highly fashionable and sexy. Get intoxicated in your own style by slipping into the modern slit skirts, with tiny slits on the side or even at the middle. They come in a range of length varieties and thus choosing becomes easy according to your comfort level. So, trying out some skin show in a very subtle and refined way was never this easier before, considering the proper boots or stilettos that you can easily choose to accentuate your look.


Pleated skirts
Look uber hot and alluring with a range of pleated skirts brought in by several wholesale clothing manufacturers USA ventures. Girls, who intend to sport a very girly and delicate look, go for these and become the head-turner easily by experimenting with a wide array of designs in length and patterns, even color palettes. Made up of fluid and smooth fabric, they easily flow down to your legs without hampering your comfort level.


Your collection of skirts is incomplete without denims. Get the classy yet sporty look effortlessly by slipping into denim skirts of various cuts, designs and lengths. Today while embellishments are in, the washes still produce a wide range of color shades for the perfect denim look.


Pencil Skirts
Heading towards an office meeting or a formal party? Nothing beats a dark colored pencil skirt with A-line cut. Retailers are sprucing up their stocks with a variety in these, from zippers to buttons and even a tiny silt in the middle. So, add zest to your professional life by sporting a smart pencil skirt and a classy blazer of your choice.


Thus, retailers and business owners are enhancing their collections of skirts very easily and regularly with the fresh inventory of the wholesale clothing distributors USA companies.


Is There More to Wholesale Clothing than Just Its High Quality and Price?

Time and again small clothing businesses are advised to buy their wholesale clothing USA from top and recognized manufacturers, but they often undermine that advice and buy from the first company they find. They fail to realize that there’s lot more to manufacturers and clothing business that just the price and quality of wholesale.


Beyond high quality and price
Yes, the end consumer care only about the quality and price of clothes, which means you should too. But this shouldn’t restrict you from looking beyond these two; to grow and optimize your business, and to edge your competitors.


Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer


Private label– Prominent wholesale clothing manufacturers USA offer private label clothing items, which those average-Joe wholesalers don’t. This option provides you the opportunity to expand your business exponentially. You can have your own private label clothing lineup without any hassle, in no time; meaning- clothing brand of your own.


Customization– Customizing the wholesale has become very important. This option helps in satisfying individual customers sufficiently and out-standing the competitors effortlessly. Top manufacturers and suppliers offer this option, others don’t.


Promotional clothing– Some manufacturers specialize in this niche. They understand the ‘its and bits’ of this marketing technique. They not only offer the best promotional clothing portfolio with quick and easy personalization option, but their team of leading and experienced professionals also offer advise and suggestion as how to promote the products or services in the most efficient way.


Corporate branding– Corporate branding is a whole different thing than promotional clothing. Different strategy and method needs to be adapted when marketing a brand name; and good manufacturers knows exactly how to do that.


Wholesale Distributors Clothing


Distribution– Distribution is the most important aspect in clothing business. To get the best of the bulk, one needs distribution and delivery quickly and efficiently. And top wholesale distributors clothing in USA excel in that.


So next time when you go out to buy wholesale clothing USA, you should look beyond the high quality and price. They are undoubtedly very important, but there are few other things that would help you grow and expand your business without much of the hassle, really; all you need to do is buy from top and trusted wholesale clothing manufacturers USA.


Glam up Your Boutique with Short and Smart outfits from the Wholesalers!

SUPER CLASSIC BLUE MEN’S TROUSERWomen are moving their fondness towards the short and smart fashion apparel from the long ones like jeans, long skirts and maxi dresses. A little black dress is much more popular than its longer counterparts. To be precise, short, cute and the smart looking outfits have now taken the centre stage in the global market. Young girls to middle-aged women, everyone is trying out the latest fashionable short outfits which not only keep them comfortable in the rising heat but also make them look stunning.


Therefore, if you are a retail store or a boutique owner, then you must invest on the short apparels if you want more customers to visit your store every day. Here are the top 5 smart and sexy dresses which you must include in your list.


Hot pants:
When it comes to the latest fashion trends, how can you exclude hot pants from the catalogue? Chiefly crafted with denim fabric, these hot pants are a favourite among the fashion conscious ladies who love to flaunt their sleek and smooth legs and stay cool in the warm weather. Hot pants are easily available with any of the top wholesale clothing manufacturers USA. The smart designers are coming up with various prints of hot pants and also using other fabrics like cord or cotton which are bringing more options for the customers. You can mix all types of hot pants in your assortment so that your store can cater to all kinds of taste.


FLORAL BODYCON DRESSShort Bodycon Dresses:
Women blessed with the right curves are trying out the bodycon dresses and thus it is becoming popular among the ladies of this generation. Whether it is party or a date, girls are choosing to look sexy and smart in these short bodycon dresses that can highlight their feminine curves. Thanks to the wholesale clothing suppliers USA who are manufacturing stylish range of bodycon dresses using various colours, glitters, prints and fabrics to make the assortment as large as possible. So, get in touch with the top wholesalers and get hold of the chic short bodycon dresses for your fashion boutique.


Knee-Length Pleated Dress:
Knee-length pleated dresses are pretty much in fashion nowadays. As the manufacturing companies are coming up with a variety of pleated dresses in floral prints, abstract patterns and other small and intricate embellishments, women are equally growing fond of these. If you want to enhance the appeal of your own retail clothing store, then you must add these dresses to your stock.


Mini Pencil Skirts:
Pencil skirts have always been in fashion and now female folks are choosing the shorter and the smarter versions of these dresses. The sleek and smooth pencil skirts can accentuate the lower parts of a woman making them look curvier and more glamorous. Check out the catalogue of the top manufacturers and you can find a wide range of short pencil skirts to rev up your retail store.


So, get ready to shuffle your stock and add some new items which can really notch up the style quotient of your fashion store.