Activewear Trends that Will Help You Slay the Fitness Game in 2021!


It’s again time for activewear trends to reign the street-wear clothing scene. In 2021 in women’s activewear fashion just got bigger and better. You can not only expect a diversified trend with underlying functional features but plus size aspect as being given equal importance.

Business owners can get wholesale workout clothes that possess such features. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know about the trends that will make it bog this year!

  1. Women’s activewear has changed over the past few years, especially in case of sports bras.They come in a wide range of variations like padded and non-padded, racer-back, low impact, etc. But if those aren’t enough choices for you, you can now purchase long-line bras too. These bras offer more coverage than your typical sports bra. Although the chest coverage can vary from a high neckline to a deep plunge, the coverage below the breast in a long-line bra extends further down the ribcage than the usual sports bra.
  2. The days of low-waisted pants, jeans, and leggings are not over. However, in 2021, expect to see not just more high-waisted leggings, but also ultra-high waisted leggings. These leggings provide core support and tummy control. Women feel more comfortable wearing these in public after leaving the gym or their studio fitness class.
  3. Seams can be itchy. They can catch on to things. They can chafe your skin. And just as they aid in putting things together and with tailoring, seams can also come apart.Seamless doesn’t mean there are no seams. Instead, it’s the production of merchandise in a circular pattern that reduces the needs for seams. For instance, where there may have been four seams in a pair of leggings that gets reduced to two seams.
  4. You can look good while you work out because fashionable activewear is actually a thing.Expect even more looks in women’s activewear that you may be used to seeing on dresses, pants, and even lingerie. Fashion details like ruffles and contrasting trim, sweetheart necklines, lace, and cutouts will suit the woman looking for activewear that keeps them from looking like every other woman at the gym.


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