Best Spring Jacket Style for Men

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The best spring jackets are lightweight and at least a little bit water resistant. These jackets are great for early spring, especially at night, but this transitional season is mostly pretty mild, never too hot or too cold. These jackets are perfect for layering as well.

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  1. You might not know, the Harrington is the quintessential spring jacket. It’s just perfect for this time of year. Lightweight, but more substantial than a windbreaker, and easy to dress up or down, the Harrington checks a lot of boxes. A classic Harrington will have reverse flap button pockets, patterned lining, umbrella yoke, a standing collar and double front zipper.
  2. These days, many manufacturers are selling their modern take on the Harrington, which is basically a bomber jacket. In fact, the line between these two styles has eventually blurred where people use “Harrington” and “bomber” interchangeably. Both styles are great for spring it just depends what details you’re looking for. You can pull off some of the coolest original bomber jacket styles as well.
  3. Slightly heavier than a cotton bomber, the field jacket provides plenty of warmth for spring, especially if you layer up with a sweater or vest underneath. Of course, field jackets can be worn on their own over t-shirts, Henley shirts, polo’s, sweaters and casual button ups. The most versatile colors are navy, olive and tan. Any of these colors will go with pretty much anything else in your wardrobe.
  4.  If you grew up in the 90s then, the term “windbreaker” probably reminds you of those brightly colored nylon pullovers hat made it big in the fashion scene for its uber cool appeal. While those might be cool again every 10 years or so, most people prefer choosing something a little more subdued. A light green windbreaker is perfect for spring. It goes nicely with light blue, brown, khaki and navy.

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