Crochet Fashion Trends For 2024 Spring and Summer

idea of crochet fashion trendsTransitional pieces become a necessity as the weather gets warmer and crochet is an amazing instance of such pieces.

Crochet is a beautiful needlework that is made by looping thread with a hooked needle. It involves creating various stitches with various numbers of loops on the hook. Once just a hobby of people turned into a major fashion trend. From tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, and more to bags, hats, and other fashion accessories, the classic, simple yet refined fashion trend is evolving.

Did you know that crochet fashion trend has been there since the 70s? If you do a quick search on Google on 70s fashion, you are likely to find pictures of the famed style icons Cher, Joni Mitchell, and more in crochet.

Crochet has again popped up in the runway shows over the last couple of years and you can be sure that it’s not going to be out of fashion anytime soon. Reputed boutique clothing manufacturers are bringing such pieces that are being loved and adored by people worldwide.

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Wondering How to Wear Crochet?

Well, at first, it might seem a bit intimidating (especially if you haven’t tried any crochet clothing piece before) but the best part is it can be done on a sliding scale. You can start with a basic crochet top or swim coverup in a classy neutral hue and once you are used to them, you can go all-in on a colorful, funky 70s pattern. While a cropped simple crochet top will go perfectly with your favorite denim, a vibrant crochet dress can be a great beach outfit.

Do you want to know about the crochet fashion trends for spring and summer 2024? Read on.

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Crochet Polos

Do you prefer a less boho vibe in your crochet outfits? If yes, you will love the crochet polo. Polo shirts are such that never go out of style and this year, oversized crochet polos are making waves. Whether you pair them with a tailored suit or with basic bottoms, couple them with something more feminine to play with the balance of femininity and masculinity in your look, or style them in a conventionally sporty manner, they will take your look to the next level. You can also have fun with a polo dress crochet piece.

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Crochet Pencil Skirts

Crochet pencil skirts dominated the runways for the spring and summer of 2024. Pencil skirts offer great versatility despite their corporate vibe. You can dress them up or down effortlessly. They can seamlessly transition from day to night. This year, try and maintain a simple shape on top. Partner them with sheer blouses or plain tank tops. Whether you prefer shorter or longer skirts, to add flair, go for slits for sure.

Open Crochet Work

Open crochet work is another trend that is slowly taking over. Also known as lacy open crochet, open crochet work involves using more open stitching in comparison to closed or tighter stitching techniques. Any clothing piece showing an open crochet work is simply superb as it’s easy to layer and keeps you cool. Many manufacturers are experimenting with lacework or mesh designs.

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Crochet Rose Details

While roses for spring may not be anything new, they have been evident in runways and gracing social media feeds. Imagine crochet rose details in different forms. What is particularly exciting about it is the 3D aspect of the roses which makes it a fun and easy motif to add into crochet garments. Rose-adorned blouses have been especially popular. They help celebrate your feminine side.

Crochet Shorts

Crochet shorts is another trend to explore. In 2023, the popularity of mini shorts or no pants was huge and this year, you will be seeing the rise of crochet hot pants. Nothing can be more beautiful. Their beauty lies in the versatility of design. While sometimes you can find more ruffles in them, sometimes they are lacier, and sometimes they are decked up with sequins and crochet belts for added flair.

Crochet White Dresses

As you might know already, the color white is going to be seen everywhere this spring and summer. And, crochet white dresses will be like the icing on the cake. Manufacturers are already showing their creativity and craftsmanship by making available never-seen-before styles and designs.

Crochet Flower Chokers

Flower chokers are statement pieces that have been spotted everywhere lately. They boast of a bold boho vibe. Makers have been bringing different kinds of crochet flower chokers, starting from something basic to something more elaborate. The statement pieces are enhanced with bows and ribbons. With these accessories, you can experiment with styling. Additionally, you can also layer them with other pearl or bead necklaces to achieve a unique look.

When you try these crochet fashion trends this spring and summer of 2024, you look the most refreshing and appealing among all which ultimately results in people around you being absolutely smitten with your beauty.

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