Facts That Flannel Lovers Must Know!

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The world has completed another round about the sun and the winters are already here. Very soon, there will be the summer season and we would have to take out all the cotton dresses out of the wardrobe again! It is a never ending cycle, yet, there are some specific kinds of clothing material that you must know of. During the winters it is the flannel material and during the summer season it is the polyester one.

You must be wondering why specifically flannel during winters and polyester ones in the summer season. Well, the easy answer to this is flannel is capable of trapping heat within its yarns, thus providing optimum warmth to our body. On the other hand, the polyester ones are lightly absorbent of moisture and also are very comfortable in nature. But apart from these, there are many different kinds of materials and several things to discuss about each of them. Manufacturers dealing with wholesale flannel shirts and garments have an idea how much the entire world craves for a piece of flannel clothing. They are very high quality garments. Sublimated clothes are made of polyester and polyamide; they are man-made in nature and thus exhibit natures that they are made to. They are easily available and very durable as well. Silk is rare and expensive to manufacture as well as buy; whereas cotton is cheap and very light to wear that is perfect for battling the heat. Read on to this blog more to find out all that you need to know about flannel garments.

What to know about flannel?

The entire world is taken aback by the sudden upsurge and boom of designs and quality as well as production and growth of the apparel industry. This has induced great power over reading and directing the trends in fashion. And we all know that with huge power comes huge responsibility. Lets see how this responsibility has been fulfilled in the case of flannel garments.

  1. They are a part of winter garments – The insulation these flannel shirts and garments provide are a special feature of the material. This material is used to manufacture not just shirts and shrugs, but also dresses and pants.
  2. They are highly durable – The double cross yarn of the material makes them very long lasting. You can also have the flannel garments running down from generation to generation.
  3. They are available mainly in patterns – Due to the weaving style and production process; they are available mainly in checked patterns. It is typical of flannel t-shirts and is popular because of these signature patterns.
  4. The color combinations are exciting – Previously the flannel garments were available in duo color combinations like the red and black, and blue and black or white and black. Nowadays new dyes have come into the market, so various colors are exhibited upon this material.
  5. They keep you dry – Yes! Flannel has the capability of keeping you dry even during the rainy season and winters. This is a specialty of the material itself, that they can repel moisture. Even during snows, these can be worn without giving a second thought to it!
  6. Pleasing look – The outlook of the flannel garments are never out of style, they are very fashionable yet very sober. They make one look really smart and on their toes to achieve anything in the whole wide world!

What can you pair flannel with?

Just wearing the clothes is not enough, if you love fashion then you must be wondering what outfits would suit the best with flannel garments. Here is some help…

  1. If you are wearing a simple t-shirt – Get the flannel shirt and use it to layer your outfit. Get a pair of jeans and sneakers and you are all set to go!
  2. If you are wearing a flannel dress – No doubt all you need to go with a piece of flannel dress is a pair of high heels and a sunglass.
  3. If you are wearing a coat – You can wear the flannel coat over a dress or a shirt-pant set.
  4. If you are wearing a flannel shirt – All you have to do is wear a set of trousers and a pair of boots to go with the flannel shirt.

Flannel has been one of the evergreen classics of the clothing industry. They are not just comfortable to wear, but very sober to look at as well. One of the best clothing manufacturers Miami adores a huge collection of flannel wear and woolen wear that are very much necessary to wear during winters. They are the ones to keep catalogs of sublimated clothing and activewear clothing as well along with the flannel ones. So you will not just be mesmerized, you will also be surprised. If you are a retailer/business owner/private label business owner looking to make your customers happy by getting them the best flannel garment collections, go on and place your bulk order now!


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