Fashion Activism will Headline 2017—Are Retailers Prepared?

For long, top designers and brands have been toying around with the idea of blending fashion with activism. And, in fact, many Fashion Weeks, over the course, took the initiative to bring this idea into the mainstream and into the wardrobes of the consumers—but with little success. However, if the market pundits and top bloggers are to be believed, fashion activism is about to make a big mark on the clothing scene in 2017. And the retailers better be prepared for it!

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What is Fashion Activism?

Simply put, it is fashion as activism; or using fashion as a mean to deliver political, social and humanitarian message to bring about a change, or its idea into the spotlight. And contrary to what many critics claim, given style has become an integral part of our lives, fashion activism has been more than effective in the past, bringing issues like feminism, equal pay and environmental conservation right into everyone’s attention.


Top clothing manufacturers playing a big role

And while activism through fashion is making its big mark on the global scene, top wholesale clothing manufacturers are at its anchor. Few of them have introduced some rather exceptional range of fashion, fitness and lifestyle wears throughout 2016 with social messages at their centre. Plain t-shirts with texts in the middle are the most common staple in this niche. However, new varieties of organic fabric-made custom hoodies, joggers and dresses too made the right noise this past year, still going strong with a targeted section of consumers. Global Wholesale Clothing

What the retailers should do?

The trend of fashion activism is still at its initial stage. And the retailers can easily keep up with it with good wholesale clothing distributors USA based by their side. Being smart is a key here when it comes to personalizing their global wholesale clothing collection. The retailers must have a decent knowledge about their target audience, their social and online behavior, and the right strategy to leverage on social media to make the most of this emerging global craze.


Are you a clothing business owner?


If you’re an apparel retailer, stay toe-to-toe with the trends of fashion activism in 2017. First, dial a good global wholesale clothing manufacturer.