Few Tips For Custom Clothing For Summer 2019

Winter is past, spring is here and summer is soon to follow. This is just about the right time to think of something new and something entirely different as far as custom clothing to beat the heat in 2019 is concerned. For those finding themselves in a loss for ideas and wondering if there is anything left to surprise the fashion conscious lot, here are a few tips you can consider…

Choose non-overpowering designs – In is the season, try to introduce those designs that focus more on the wearers than the clothes in itself. In very simple words, focus on simple designs that complement the shape of the wearers while making them more pleasantly visible in a crowd than being a walking talking ramp display. Custom clothing manufacturers UK and USA have already come up with their exemplary catalogues which could serve as an inspiration.

Play with the neckline – You may have had just enough of being covered from head to toe in the past few months. This is thus, the right time to play around with the neckline introducing styles that is slightly off the ordinary. Skip the rounds, Vs and collars and see if you can introduce trend setting masterpieces with asymmetrical, boats and crescents.

Custom Made Clothing Manufacturers

Select materials from a range of cottons and chiffons – Summer and cotton are almost synonymous. Considering the fact that cotton will never go out of style, it is the perfect choice for just about any form of clothing this season. You can choose from a range of different cotton to create infinite effects in your clothing. Besides cotton, you can also use light chiffon in top wear, skirts, dresses etc to add subtle glamour and cool comfort to the wearer’s wardrobe.

Don’t shy away from colors – Custom clothing manufacturers world over have realized the importance of colors and have been giving effect to different combinations to complement the characteristics of the season. Yes, bright and eye catching shades are ‘in’ and you can also brave a range of neon shades on your custom clothing generously or minimally. Paying special attention to pastel shades can do you collection a favor for the better. Interplay pastel shades especially in chiffon is an idea you can build upon.

Add floral prints and motifs – While bold mono tones will never lose their charm or impact all the year round, this is the time you must focus upon all things floral. Whether children, ladies or for the gentlemen, flowers can power the summer wardrobe for all.