How to Add Color and Life to Sublimation Clothing?

Wearing the same old type of clothes with repetitive designs and patterns indeed becomes boring. So to give a break from the same usual type of clothes, the designers try and come up with new designs that are mostly innovative prints. These prints are conventionally screen printed on the t-shirt which means that the pattern is stuck on to the shirt. But this method has several disadvantages like the screen print wears off with time making the shirt look very shabby. For this reason, the manufacturers came up with a more sophisticated approach known as sublimation. Here, the dye is converted into gaseous form which is then absorbed by the fabric in the form of the desired design. This makes the shirt color fast and the print does not wear away since it becomes a part of the fabric itself. This newer method has given way to newer patterns and prints that can be replicated so beautifully over a piece of shirts. Some of the noteworthy ones which have made sublimated clothing so popular are as follows.

Cartoons and animated figures

So, which is your favorite cartoon? Popeye or Tom and Jerry? You can get which you want printed on the shirt. The colors and the design comes out so beautifully that it will actually appear as though Tom is running after Jerry or Popeye is eating his spinach. The cartoon characters look real thanks to the precision with which the procedure is done.

Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

Scenic beauty of nature

You can easily replicate nature and its marvelous beauty with the help of sublimation clothing. So the limitless sky and the endless water look even more mesmerizing with the use of sublimation. Fine elements like butterflies and the intricate patterns in its wings can be beautifully brought to life with sublimation.

Images of eminent personalities

Wearing a che guera shirt has always been popular. The trend of wearing shirts with the images of eminent personalities is here to stay. With sublimation, these images look very real and attractive.


If you are a store owner or retailer, then its best to stock up sublimation clothing as these are really in demand. You can procure them directly from sublimation clothing manufacturers as they will be able to give you better prices since you obviously would be buying in bulk.


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